What is the TMLP?

The Landmark Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP) is a two year training program that develops your ability to organize and lead teams to produce extraordinary results. It’s for people who think big, dream big, and seek to turn their ideas into reality.

In the TMLP, team members create projects, called “Games in the World.” You dream up the game and then, with the support of teams, bring it into existence.

The program builds on skills acquired through participation in The Landmark Forum, the Communication: Access to Power, and Advanced Communication: Power to Create courses, all prerequisites to joining the TMLP. Participants attend five weekends in their global region, as part of their four quarters of training, as well as team calls, classrooms and meetings in their local Landmark Center to fulfill their training and development.

Team 1 – Creating Teams & Teamwork

The first year of the program is called “Team 1” and is divided into four quarters. During each quarter, you create a Game in the World in an area of your life that matters to you. In the process of bringing it into existence, you learn skills necessary to create teams and teamwork in any situation. These skills will serve you in all aspects of your life, for the rest of your life.

As a participant in TMLP, you are also responsible for organizing and producing Landmark’s Communication Courses. This affords you countless opportunities to step into a leadership role, build a team, and manage a team. Through the training and development, you learn how to generate a high level of performance in yourself and others.

Your Skills Grow Exponentially

As a Team 1 program participant, you train and develop yourself within any role you choose. In most cases, you build a team — often of four to eight people — to produce results. Your skills in communicating with and managing people expand dramatically. You learn how to partner with others, set up meetings in a fast-paced environment, resolve conflicts effectively, elicit promises, hold people to account for their word, build consensus, and lead your team into action.

Team 2 – Causing Effective Leadership

The second year of the TMLP program, “Team 2”, is available to those that complete Team 1 and wish to further expand their knowledge of managing and leading teams. The emphasis is on leading multiple teams, by causing other’s leadership. Team 2 program participants are responsible for the Team 1 member’s success, to do so they are trained in inspiring leaders of teams to take action and produce breakthrough results. By developing and training others, coordinating and orchestrating games, and rising to new challenges, participants learn to maintain a high-level of performance and call forth powerful, effective action from others.

Others Skills Grow Exponentially

As a Team 2 participant, you train and develop yourself through training others. In most cases, you lead four or more leaders, as they produce results. Your skills in causing communication and leadership in others grows exponentially. You learn how to bring out the greatness in others, cause them to achieve results beyond their beliefs, and perform miracles in the world.