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Marshall Muller- Team Detroit, Team 1 complete

Marshall Muller’s passion is renewable energy; he’d worked in it all his life and always wanted to make an impact in the world. He had invented a process for creating solar cells at half the cost. However, before he could finish, Marshall was laid off as a research scientist and ran out of money for his solar cell invention.  This is when he used the knowledge he gained from the Team Management and Leadership Program. 


Instead of quitting, Marshall persevered and created a Game in the World called Love and Light, where affordable, renewable energy would be available for all people, bringing the lowest cost solar panels to everyone. Using the Team Management and Leadership program, he created a complete management team and enrolled them in his mission to make this outcome a reality. 


Once the team was set, they began to create a business plan and develop a portfolio of patents. After two years of working to implement Love and Light, the team has an investor and is on the road to signing a two million dollar deal that will expand and enable the development of this transformational solar energy technology. The next steps for the team are to go from development to manufacturing, the next level of producing results.  


Marshall believes that sharing Love and Light with the world will bring about understanding where we see it is possible to come together as caretakers of our planet.


littlegeek1Little Geeks is based in the belief that literacy through technology is a basic human right. Andy Walker, the creator of Little Geeks, is determined to level the computer and internet playing


littlegeek2field so that every child has access to computer technology and the internet, giving them access to the world community.

The foundation supporting Little Geeks was begun two years ago as a project designed from a vision of love, inclusion and knowledge for every child in Ontario. It is committed to leveling the playing field for children without the economic means to have a computer. Hundreds of children in Ontario are now connected to the internet and to the world through their computers.

Any child between the ages of 7 and 17 who shows an economic need will get a free computer with a one-year internet subscription and free technology assistance to get started.

Little Geeks gets its referrals from agencies, from schools or just the ordinary person discovering the project on the internet. They are proud to declare they have not turned away a single child.

Andy Walker says he created Little Geeks because he himself found success in college when his parents gave him a computer. His computer success allowed him to become a television personality, an author of four books, and eventually to create a successful company. Technology literacy launched Andy into a world of abundance.

Two years ago, at the inception of Little Geeks, Andy began to wonder if a kid like himself, coming from an average background, could achieve great things through technology, what could be possible for somebody coming from an underprivileged background? He saw computer technology as a way for each of us to go far beyond our communities into a world where anything was possible. So Andy created Little Geeks, believing that technology literacy and a connection to the internet was a basic human right.

While Andy had already achieved success in his career before he began Little Geeks, something was missing for him in his life; a sense of fulfillment and joy was lacking. Since then, with the creation of Little Geeks two years ago, he has experienced fulfillment he never imagined. He’s met the woman of his dreams, he’s happily married, and he sold his company, making him financially free. With Little Geeks, he says he continues to expand the tangibles of what he always wanted in life–love, marriage and money–but even more important, the intangible quality of being fulfilled. He believes everyone who makes contribution the main focus of their lives will discover fulfillment beyond anything they’ve thought possible.

Little Geeks has been recognized in dozens of media outlets across Canada and on the internet but none of this was predictable. Since beginning Little Geeks two years ago, Andy and his team have been stopped numerous times; they ran out of money, they lost their premises, they were criticized in the media and they even considered shutting the project down. But Andy has discovered in his commitment to Little Geeks that big breakdowns cause big breakthroughs. For him, the barriers they ran into were merely signs he was on the right track and he used those problems to remind his team to get back to where they started – their commitment to love and inclusion through knowledge.

What’s next for Little Geeks? To expand the game nationally and internationally. He sees computer literacy being available in every city and every continent, every government, at every level. He has visions of sharing his game with the UN and the G8, and especially with the leaders of African nations. He envisions Little Geeks creating communication everywhere, creating instant communities around the globe that keep furthering education, a planet where we are all in communication.
Andy Walker – (completed Team 1 November 2008, Toronto)

Joyful Tribe Restores Salmon

Jeanette Dorner is a Landmark Forum graduate and a participant in the Team Management Leadership Program. She is also the Salmon Recovery Program Manager with the Nisqually Tribe in Washington State. The program she has created, “Joyful Tribe,” has led to $3.5 million in donations for resoration projects in the Nisqually watershed that help revive salmon populations. The projects have included the contruction of logjams that raise the water level to the nearby floodplain, and the return of dead salmon to the waters to provide nutrients for younger salmon and nearby vegetation.

Part of the project has involved a huge tree planting project near the watershed, since salmon thrive in shady conditions. This year, over 19,000 trees have been planted in the Nisqually estuary as part of the project. 

Dorner has used her team building skills in the program to coordinate a powerful team of people to manage all the programs and volunteer activity, increasing her staff from five to seven this year.

To read more about the salmon resoration efforts in the Nisqually watershed, visit the Eatonville News web site. 

TMLP Participant Causes Global Innovation Conference

C.K. Lin, a participant in Landmark Education’s Team Management Leadership Program and Associate Director of International Research Advancement at University of California, Santa Barbara, has assembled a team of visionary leaders, researchers and educators who are committed to building high-impact enterprises on the cutting edge of Technology and Education.

This team came together earlier this year in Taiwan, thanks to the sponsorship of six universities there, to have the first international Convergence of Global innovators conference–A series of lectures for 300 Taiwanese innovators addressing everything from nanocomposites for photovoltaic devices to synthetic materials for in-vivo diagnosis and treatment of diseases. These subjects may seem esoteric, but they have impacted a variety of key scientific endeavors, including the next generation of computers being made by IBM.

The conference series which began in Taiwan is designed to bring innovators together across oceans, borders and disciplines to discuss the challenges facing the world today. The Convergence of Global Innovators is dedicated to this mission because they believe that researchers can accomplish more by working together and that change happens when ideas are matched with means. Meetings have happened so far in Taiwan, British Columbia and Singapore and a meeting in China is being planned for later this summer. Here are some of the specific objectives of the Convergence of Global Innovators:

  • Transforming international collaboration into a competitive edge
  • Inspiring the next generation of research
  • Fostering the global mindset of higher education
  • Obtaining a deeper understanding of tomorrow’s technology

For more information on these technologies, go to http://globalsolutions2008.com/blog, or join the global innovators at http://www.ucsb-cogi.com.

Website for Musicians to Distribute their Own Music

My name is Derek Dearden and I have been running my own business, developing software and designing computer systems for over twenty five years.

I would have claimed to be entirely content with my life – after all, I could generate a comfortable income doing work that I enjoyed and arranging the structure of my day to suit myself. But the reality was that most of the projects I was spending my time on did not really satisfy me.

When I was listening to a friend of my son playing a piece of music that he had composed, I suddenly thought “This is much better than a lot of the music you hear on the radio or can buy in the shops, but what chance does he have of breaking into that world? And how poor a deal would he get if he did?” I realised that with today’s technology, it would be possible for people like him to put their music in front of a Global audience. I created the idea of a website where musicians could just put up their music and it would be available to all the world. I saw that it would be possible to offer this without creating an artificial scarcity for the sake of the publishers’ inflated profits, and that there could be a simple and fair scheme for channeling the income back to the musicians. What would have been predictable before I joined this Program was that this would have remained merely a nice idea that I was sure I would do “someday”. With the training, the coaching and the support that it provides, I got my website – beatbiz.net – up and running within three months of joining and I’ve now got about a hundred musicians from all over the world contributing to it and hundreds of visitors every day; and this is only the beginning!