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pagesWhat do you think about a book on toddlers by toddlers? That’s Pattey Boyde’s Game in the World. It’s called Pages. As a grandmother, she noticed how much children have to teach adults about playing and she decided to author a book that captures the ways of beings of toddlers; a book about toddlers by toddlers.

For Pattey, children represent freedom and full self-expression Children can teach us adults how to play; how to be honest and play honestly, reminding adults what it’s like to play as children again. In turn, Pattey says that the book, Pages, gives toddlers a chance to contribute through their own words and their own art work.

Since designing her Game in the World, Pattey has discovered that the journey is different than the target or the goal and the game is about playing. She finds that Pages, her dream of authoring a children’s book, has given her a sense of being fulfilled, with the ability to pursue her dreams in many areas of her life. She sees it’s possible to live a life of no regrets.

Pattey Boyde, Team Vancouver