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Creating a Legacy for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program

Heather Gollyhorn
Team San Diego, Team 1, Quarter 4

Team San Diego is the possibility of “Passionate Partnership and Unstoppable Leadership with an outcome of Ever-Expanding Contribution”.

Interviewed and Written by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – Team 1, Quarter 1

Valerie Paz was also on the call
San Diego Center’s TMLP Classroom Leader & Regional Performance Champion for India


What are you creating for Team San Diego and for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program?

I am passionate about expanding our Team in San Diego as well as TMLP worldwide. Currently we have a team of 6 – five Team 1 members and one Team 2 member. Going into the next weekend as we stand today, we will not have a Team 2 represented [1]. Instead of following the old model of merging, which by definition is to blend or cause to blend gradually into something else so as to become indistinguishable from it, which insinuates not ever going back to a separate team. Instead Team San Diego is creating with Team Orange County a strategic alliance. The benefits of us creating an alliance is to have Teams support Teams such that each team contributes to one another during this transitional process. In the end we are all ONE BIG TEAM. During this time Team San Diego would then have the opportunity to continue expanding as well as develop courses in the San Diego Center.

[1] For those who don’t know, Team 1 Quarter 4’s need to skip a quarter before they can join Team 2. So during the Atlanta quarter, Team San Diego would not have a Team 2 because their current Team 2 member is on Quarter 4.

What is not being said that you want brought forward?

I want TMLP to ask ourselves, “Why is the program declining?” Team members are dropping off. I want to look at that. I am in inquiry with my team around this question. When we are passionate about our lives and when it’s all working, we are sharing fanatics. When we stop sharing, life stops working. When integrity is out, nothing works. When we give our word and do not fulfill on it, the program ends! At the weekend, we create our quarter and life happens in between those weekends. I personally have to keep myself present to the accountability statement by Werner Erhard.

”With a promise, you create a condition that supports your commitment rather than your moods. When motivational dialogue comes up about your preference versus your commitments, and you disregard the dialogue in favor of doing what you said you would do, solely because you said so, you distinguish yourself from your psychology. In that moment, you are your word as an action, rather than only as an idea you have.”

I invite everyone to get GROUNDED in this accountability statement; it is so powerful! Give your word responsibly – do the critical thinking, then make a promise or not. There is power and freedom when you give your word and fulfill on it.

We have a little saying on Team San Diego, “It’s so selfish it works for everybody.” How can such a ground-breaking entrepreneurial program diminish?! Let’s be so selfish that we honor this program as it is designed to be delivered. When first quarters come out to be greeted, I see the next set of World Changers.  We are the future of world that works for everyone. We are all here to have our lives work, the future work, and the world work.  So let’s get to work, and have fun doing it!

What do you want Team San Diego be acknowledged for?

From a Performance Champion’s view, Team San Diego would like to be acknowledged for having the highest Registration-to-Participant ratio in the Western Region. We are ranked in the top 6 teams that are marginally effective in producing the Communications Curricula nationally. Let’s celebrate the huge accomplishment for Team San Diego!

What is the possibility you are creating for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program?

I am the possibility of being the voice for San Diego’s Team, Management, and Leadership Program, honoring the design of TMLP, and delivering lives fulfilled.

I accept the request to cause the growth and expansion of our team and also the growth and expansion of TMLP by more than doubling the attendance to 2000 people by 2016.

What do you believe is the access to this program ever-expanding?

I am in T1Q4 and have held EVERY accountability on team, some even twice. This quarter I am accountable for Game in the World and Landmark Forum. The opportunity and access for ever-expanding contribution worldwide is through our Games. I currently hold daily GITW calls where we expand our games so far beyond what we currently know, beyond the reaches that make an impact so far out there that we will never see the recipients. We ensure that the design of Game in the World is in the OTHERS to OTHERS domain. Team San Diego has taken on that we are the communication for which our Games in the World exist, but not as individuals. Then, and only then, do we gain access to teamwork and the domains of speaking and listening. I acknowledge my teammates for taking on this conversation fully with me. We, as a team of 6, are World Changers. Our GITW calls have now expanded to include Team Seattle. [3] It’s been such a contribution to have Team Seattle joining our GITW daily call. Thank you Sarah Mosley for creating Team and Teamwork that knows no boundaries.

[3] Program Manager and Center Manager approvals required to join.

What is your Game in the World?

Through my year of participation in TMLP, I created “My Year of Retirement” game. It demanded teamwork. Yes I am already an entrepreneur through and through, so why join TMLP? I was committed to replace myself within my own company! I will be fully retired from Rapid Results Bodywraps and living in a new city close to my family by December 1st, 2013. I can have it all! I won that game.

So what’s my new Game? I am creating another business called A Getaway Home that represents investors in the Acquisition, Interior Design/Staging, Management, and Advertising of vacation homes. I provide consulting and advising to help investors and board members understand their potential for revenue, equity growth, tax shelter advantages, hands-free management, and an opportunity to go PLAY at any home within the network.

The context for TMLP is an entrepreneurial program so many of us come in with the intention to expand our businesses. GREAT! So what I have created for myself and my Team is to take that conversation to another level by asking ourselves: “how does our business contribute to the world?” If we are contributing to everyone worldwide, the business will naturally expand because people are enrolled in what we’re doing. Business expansion becomes a natural byproduct of…something.

When I sat with this, it came to me – philanthropy. The most conventional modern definition is “private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life“. Sounds like a GAME IN THE WORLD. 🙂

My game is the development of the philanthropic division of A Getaway Home! As a result of the philanthropic conversation, I have now created Veterans on Vacation, a program committed to connecting Wounded Veterans to Donated Vacation Home days. The intention of the program is to impact the suicide rate of our Veterans, which currently stands at 18 veterans a day. That is the largest travesty to happen on America Soil, in my opinion. Veterans on Vacation offers a space for families to reconnect and allow veterans to integrate back into the family dynamic in an environment filled with fun, family, and freedom. How does this happen? The owners of A Getaway Home donate 6 to 10 days per year in their vacation homes to a veteran and his/her family.

My Game is dedicated to my family – my son Tyler and two brothers (who are all active United States Coast Guards), my father (a Vietnam War Veteran), my ex-husband (a Desert Storm Veteran), both my grandfathers (who are retired Marine and Army members). I am touched and inspired to have my family involved and who they are creating themselves to be for others.

So, how is my game progressing after 6 weeks? There is an ROTC class of high school students creating our presence such that Veterans on Vacation is known across America. It is being created with the Marine Corp Trials (the Marine’s Wounded Warriors Olympics) to have the Veterans on Vacation program become an award to the winners in February 2014. I am also speaking with the USO on Oct 7th as one of the final measures to have this program adopted by a National Organization. I feel blessed that my game will live beyond me and the number of lives touched […Heather pauses…and then continues as her voice cracks] will be exponential. I am clear that if I remain the entity for which that game exists versus the communication (a conduit) for it to EXIST in the world, I will keep the game small! Letting this Game live so far out there that I will never know who I touch is my gift to the world.

Family Matters

Jaime Ramirez
Team Pacific Northwest
Team 2, Quarter 3

Possibility: Being Unstoppable and Unconditional Love.

Outcome:  People have the effectiveness, aliveness and accomplishment that lasts a lifetime.

At the San Francisco Weekend, the Global Leaders were talking about the importance of family. It was then that Jaime first realized how important it was share his experience of Team with his family. He believes in making dreams come true and having his family win at their own games was important to him. Here are four games around family.

His first game is to cause an Introduction Leader for Portland’s Family Division. Team, through Jaime’s coaching, is causing a participant in the Introduction Leadership Program to be candidated as an Introduction Leader so she can fulfill her dream of leading Introductions for Teens and young people. The game is to have her leading the Power to Create Evening Session on October 29th. She will then be qualified to lead Introductions for Family Division.

For his second game he is putting together a movie about his work with Persons with Disabilities. He has a friend, Russ who has shared with him the possibility to display a movie trailer, online. Together, Jaime and his friend are putting together a 3 minute preview of his movie. This is being done to show others and have them enrolled in the possibility of this film. The due date for filming and submitting this trailer is October 31st. We are now in process.

Third game is really the most important game. Jaime’s mother, Maria has a dream of creating a beautiful home. Jaime has really got how important this is to her. He has created the possibility, with her of the whole family working on as a team to fulfill her dream of a beautiful home. Together they will reorganize and recreate a family home that reflects her, newly found Joy and happiness. She says that she wants to do this because she wants to create something special to leave for his brothers to live in. Her goal is to have the family home look like it did when she and Jaime’s dad first purchased it.

They have started restoring one of the bathrooms, repairing a hole in the floor and the broken toilet. There is a light fixture that has been dangling from the ceiling and junk that has been surrounding the house. The light fixture has been repaired and the junk taken away. As well, the part of the house that was  once  damaged by a fire is now cleaned up and restored.

Now it is time for working with her to create what she really wants the house to look like and to focus in on one task that she can create team with my family to fulfill. Jaime’s mother is well on her way to fulfilling her dream of a beautiful home.

Jaime’s fourth game is with his sister, Melisa. She wants to earn an income to help her husband to provide a pretty home and life style that would make them happy. She also dreams of making little girls feel like Princess’s with dresses she has sewn. With Jaime’s coaching and support she has established a business out of her home The business is known as Boutique de Treaux and she is presently the sole seamstress. She can sew a little girl’s dress in thirty minutes. She sells them from her home through outside orders and online at Ebay.

She and a friend, also a seamstress, attend Fairs and Markets and set up booths for the display and sale of their clothing. Thanks to Jaime being a stand for his family fulfilling their dreams and bringing team to it.

To Jaime, the greatest advantage of having team leaders playing their games, and him, having caused their effective leadership in creating teams and team work is that they will really accelerate the rate at which their dreams come true. Everyone’s games are unfolding at different rates and regardless, having   taken  what he’s getting from team 2 and contributing that to each of them, gives them to extra boost they need to fulfill their dreams come true.

Jaime concludes to the following to his life. “I now know myself as someone who, around him, their dreams come true.”

These are Jaime’s words about how Landmark has influenced his life. “Through the Team Management and Leadership Program I now realize that I can have Team moving, rather than doing it all myself. I have a greater capacity to make others dreams come true, as well. I now know myself as someone who, around him, people’s dreams come true.”

Reclaiming Communities

Have you ever driven through a city neighborhood filled with vacant lots and boarded up buildings?

What do you see?

Trash. Dirt. A wasteland of gray. There is a sense of despair. Dissolution. Desperation.

When Larry Smith sees vacant urban lots, he sees possibilities.

He sees jobs. He sees communities. He sees public access parks and smart green neighborhoods. Smith feels hopeful. He is excited.

Smith has been driven to make a difference since high school. He went to UCLA in the mid-1970s and studied ecosystems, but he got burnt out from that experience.

“I was going to make a difference at any cost,” he said. “That has negative impacts that negates the difference

Smith spent his career working in public infrastructure. A year ago he lost his job “really because I wasn’t successful in creating teams even though I was accomplishing a lot.” He immediately joined Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP).

Since March 2009 when he founded Atlas Green Works, Smith’s game in TMLP is coordinating a diverse group of public and private organizations to revitalize a contaminated 10-acre lot in a poor community in south Los Angeles County.

The Brownfield site will be converted into a public park and the revenue generated from an adjacent privately developed 5-acre industrial solar energy park will provide the funding for operations and maintenance. The plan also includes a job training center focused on green technologies located at the
park and operated by the non-profit division of Atlas Green Works.

Converting a Brownfield to something usable requires various public agencies conduct investigations and issue permits. It is critical that someone facilitate the project and bring all the pieces together. Otherwise the project can easily “languish and things fall through the cracks,” said Smith.

“Projects like this don’t get done because there isn’t a single stakeholder whose sole purpose is to make sure the project comes to fruition,” he said.

Enter Atlas Green Works. With the training from the Team Management and Leadership Program and his passion for making a difference, Smith has put together a team. The team combines the non-profit Los Angeles Conservation Corps, which is providing grant funding with the for-profit engineering company Weston Solutions, which is providing investment capital as well as engineering support. Other team members include LA County’s Regional Planning Board, the State of California Department of Health Services and the public relations firm Adi Liberman Associates.

“It can be hard to get a team together.” Smith said. “You need some entity to do things in a non-standard fashion. You have to do things outside of the box.”

He views this park as a demonstration project to show people what is possible. His goal is to replicate this project throughout the US and the world.

“I’ve learned a lot from TMLP about building a team. It has required me to apply the distinctions of communications,” Smith said.

“If you are creating a team, it’s important that people are enrolled in the possibility. It’s always about enrollment and registration,” said Smith.

Before joining TMLP, Smith said although he was able to accomplish a lot of things, it came at a high emotional cost. “I wasn’t really in a space to be with the communication taking place.”

Now Smith comes from a context of listening. “It’s important to learn what people are committed to. To make sure each member of the team gets what matters to them. If they don’t, it won’t work.”

You might have to talk to lots of people with many not interested. He found being clear in his communication is much better than having someone join the team only to find out later their priorities are different.

As Larry Smith completes his year on Team 1, “possibility is really coming home.” Atlas Green Works is moving forward with long term plans to improve a disadvantaged Los Angeles neighborhood, with a possible future of taking this game global.

by Steve Schapiro

Find Your Voice

Katherine Filer began stuttering when she was a child. By the time she was in high school the problem worsened. Everyday communication was a struggle – talking on the phone, ordering food at restaurants, saying how much gas she needed in her car, or simply introducing herself. The words didn’t come out of her mouth fast enough. It took her five minutes just to say her name.

She felt anxious as people grew impatient waiting for her to speak. She couldn’t say what she needed or wanted. Since she couldn’t express herself, she couldn’t develop friendships. During school, she avoided social situations. The impact was that she felt isolated and alone.

Fast forward 20 years in the future. Karen is standing in front of a room presenting a workshop to 250 people for the National Stuttering Association. She leads introductions to the Landmark Forum. She has found her voice and her calling.

As part of her participation in the Team, Management, and Leadership Program, Filer developed her own workshop with her friend Deb Chamberlin called, “Find Your Voice – Find Your Power.” The purpose of this 5-session workshop being held over five weeks is to help others who have barriers to expressing themselves – no matter what they are. Being shy, reserved or inhibited are barriers to self-expression. But also talking too much without saying anything important is an obstacle to true communication. “I’m committed to everyone’s voice being heard, not just those who stutter. I’m dedicated to helping people speak their truth, so that they’re heard powerfully in the world,” said Filer. 

Her evolution from someone who was unable to speak, to talking in front of large groups of people and leading others happened over time. As a young woman she hoped that one day she would wake up and be able to talk freely. But when she was 23 she realized that wasn’t going to happen, unless she did something about it. So, she looked through the Yellow Pages and found a speech therapist who helped her push through her fear and frustration.

After five years of diligently working with her therapist, Filer found her voice. She learned how to say what she wanted to say, when she wanted to say it, to whomever she wanted to say it to! Inspired by her new found love of language, Filer started the Tri-County Fluency Group in New Jersey, a support group for other people who stutter. By creating a community of people who shared the same challenge, members were able to develop more confidence to speak.

The local tri-county fluency group was so successful it was made into a chapter for The National Stuttering Association to provide more exposure for people across America who stutter (see below for more information).

Although Filer was making a difference for people, she often did things alone. “Before being in the Team Management and Leadership Program, I was like a star doing it by myself,” she said. “When I joined Team I saw a possibility to create things in my life that I want to create, like the workshop. I knew I could do much bigger things with a team.”

The difference is showing up not just in creating her project, but in all aspects of her life. Her friend got engaged and asked Filer to host two showers. In the past, she would have been running around, trying to get it all done by herself and complaining she didn’t have enough time.

With the training from the Team Management and Leadership Program, Filer has a new level of relatedness, being present to people in the moment. She created two different teams, one to plan each shower.

The night of the shower, the parent of the bride came up to me and she was so proud,” said Filer. “She didn’t think she could help because she speaks Spanish and isn’t confident with her English. So we created a team to help her design the invitation and she got to know herself greater than she knew herself before.”

Filer has had the same experience. “I don’t get to play small. Team listens to me as a big person,” she said. “I believe for me it’s about letting other people contribute to me.”

Creating teams and allowing people to contribute to her is creating the space for Filer to be fully self-expressed and make a difference in the world by sharing herself. In addition to the workshop, she is writing a book about her process of learning to be a powerful communicator in spite of stuttering.

For more information and resources for people who stutter go to:

www.friendswhostutter.org, which is a National Organization that offers support for children and teenagers who stutter, or www.nsastutter.org, which is the National Stuttering Association’s web site to support, self-help and advocacy for all people who stutter.

by Djuna Wjoton