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Possibility Press

Anuj Singhal, a participant in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program in Vancouver, has created a project to bring a new context of possibility to the media, going beyond what he was ever capable of doing himself.

Life Is A Legacy

When Fred and Esther Hendrickson retired, they moved to a senior community in Plymouth, Indiana near their hometown. The community was created by a man who took six blocks of blighted real estate, tore it down and built brick buildings with sliding doors that opened into a courtyard in the middle. The goal was to provide seniors with a comfortable place to retire.

In 72 years of marriage, the Hendrickson’s raised a family, survived the Depression and a World War. When they were married in 1919, cars were just being developed. There were no televisions, microwaves, computers, calculators, icemakers, or washing machines. They didn’t even have indoor plumbing in the early years. It was a different world.

In retirement, Fred liked to sit in his La-Z-Boy and tell stories to his grandchildren.

He was old and bald, his granddaughter Sharole Beckman remembered. He was funny, witty and smart. He painted a picture of wherever he was in his mind, she said, recalling her childhood. I would rather be with him than my friends.

Forty years later, the experience of listening to her grandparents share the wisdom they gained throughout life inspired Beckman to create a project so that other children and grandchildren will have an opportunity to get related to their families in a way that will live on for generations to come.

People often die with their song unsung, Beckman said. We live life; work hard, get it all figured out and then we get old, retire and die. [Often] all that experience, knowledge, wisdom, and insight is never shared. I see an incredible resource of information, wisdom, and love that needs to be tapped.

As part of her participation in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP), Beckman created Life Legacies, Generations Connected, a game that will give people the opportunity to sing their songs and tell their stories.

It’s a big game with a lot of players. I am enrolling friends, colleagues, senior agencies, said Beckman, who is in her first quarter on Team 1. She intends that by December 2012, there will be a Life is a Legacy presence in every state.

She has assembled a team to create an interactive web site called LifeIsALegacy.com. For a small fee families will be able to access user friendly templates and create their own stories that will profile and showcase the lives of seniors as well as future family members and the difference each one has made. It also will serve as a social networking site allowing families to stay in touch out.

Her team is conducting interviews of seniors, profiling their lives, dreams, wisdom, and advice. They are encouraging seniors to share their victories as well as heartaches, demonstrating that experience is the best teacher. No matter how challenging life can be, the human spirit is victorious.

The provoking questions on the templates bring seniors present to the value of their lives as they recall and share. The questions and answers are designed to enrich the lives of the family members and create a role model and foundation for the youth, however two of the questions may have the greatest impact on both the storyteller and the reader.

The first question, As a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up? is designed to connect people to their dreams and gain awareness to the value and legacy of the life they did pursue and that it’s not over till it’s over.

The next question, Did you ever realize that dream? looks at how easy it is to get off track from what our heart really desires, settling for something less in the name of being realistic.

What we want to look at here is the possibility that the life we created and the choices we made, that took us in another direction, were just as valid and had an impact, not only in our lives, but others – like the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, said Beckman.

Her goal is to have future generations enriched with the
knowledge and lessons from their ancestors through this virtual story book of memoirs that the entire family will treasure for generation to generation.

What everyone has to show for life is who they’ve been that can leave an impression on generations to come. All too often children’s dreams become short lived. With the Internet, mobile phones, and 24-hour news cycles, children are much more aware of, and concerned with, problems facing our society. Beckman believes that many children skip the magical childhood adventures that come from creating something from nothing.

Today’s children jump from babies to adults. They are not allowed to be children anymore, said Beckman. A generation or two ago, parents and grandparents taught us to create. They taught us ways of being – they taught us to say please and thank you, to be civilized.

Today’s family members operate more independently than in the past where everyone ate together, prayed together, played together, and parents knew the parents of their children’s friends.

The team has marveled at the answers children give when asking, ‘What do your grandparents do?’ Often the answer is, ‘They shop and buy me things.’ The Life is a Legacy project will transform that point of view.

They don’t know who their grandparents are, Beckman said. I want children to experience some of the joy that I carry with me, my strength, integrity, self esteem, and ability to dream — I inherited it. The vision my parents and grandparents instilled in me was a result of getting to know them and spending time. Through LifeisaLegacy.com, they’ll be able to visit and re-visit the rich history of loved ones and truly see the contribution as a legacy.

The ultimate goal of this project, is Life is a Legacy Living Centers, communities that allow seniors to retire comfortably and lead active lives contributing to the community, like the community her grandparents lived in when she was a child. The best stories from LifeIsALegacy.com will be published in a book. The proceeds from the website and book will go to subsidize the living centers.

The experience of creating a team to connect generations has left Beckman inspired by people’s willingness to be generous and selfless as a result of sharing a cause that is greater than one’s self.

There is no end to resources that are out there if we keep asking, “What’s next?”

For Beckman, what’s next is completing her game of allowing people to share their legacy with generations to come. And by playing this game, she will add a piece to her legacy as well.

Feed the Little Tummie

Imagine feeding 200 children with only $50. To some of us, this sounds like a dream. However, Nidhi Malik from Team Toronto has turned this dream into reality. Her Team Management and Leadership Program
Game In the World, Feed Little Tummies, provides food for poor children who live in the slums of India.

Nidhi enrolled friends and acquaintances in the United States, Canada and India into her game by sharing her possibility of Love, Abundance and Cherished Childhood. She uses what she calls “Feed Little Tummies Magic Jars” to collect the funds. In one conversation she raised $50. These contributions were sent to Nidhi’s parents and in-laws, her team players in India, who purchased food from a local store. On three separate days in January and February, food was distributed directly to approximately 200 children in need on each occasion.

Nidhi’s commitment is to have gatherings to raise $50 every two weeks and to empower others to raise awareness and start their own “Feed Little Tummies Magic Jars.” She has created a team with members in Toronto and Los Angeles who are raising funds through magic jars in their homes. Currently her team has raised $900 since January 2010. Her vision is to enroll a corporation in India to expand the project through sponsorships.

Before joining the Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP), Nidhi was very afraid of rejection and what her friends and family might think of her. Her reasons and circumstances kept her from living her dream.

“When I became a parent I dreamt of a world where all kids are cherished and loved. I wanted to create a hunger free world for children,” Nidhi said. “I thought that there is nothing I can do right now because of all my own responsibilities. How can I help these kids so faraway?”

By participating in TMLP, “I get that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. This is a game that I would have taken on later in life but the Team Management and Leadership Program inspired me to take on my dreams right now,” said Nidhi.

Slums are commonplace where Nidhi was raised, in a suburb of New Delhi, India. “Families that live in the slums come running when they see food,” she said. Nidhi understands the daily struggles of children who are raised in poverty.

“Their experience of life is one of being unappreciated and unwanted. I am a stand that every child be taken care of,” she said. “If children are fed they will go to school. They do not have to work or beg to feed themselves. People can take advantage of hungry children and make them do illegal activities.”

Asked about what she envisioned for all children in India, Nidhi replied, “Anyone can entice you with one meal, but if you know that food is consistently available, then education, health and the arts would be considered more than basic amenities. If children did not have to worry about food, they could start making a difference for themselves and others.”

Through her game, Nidhi is doing more than feeding children in her home country. She is nourishing the future of India and demonstrating that any and all of us can make a difference anywhere in the world.

All Together Now – Transforming Special Education

Five years ago Denise Clarke found her calling when she started teaching her first functionally non-verbal student. Serving students with complex physical and communication needs has given Denise a sense of fulfillment, while inspiring her to begin a conversation around taking education of special needs students to a different level.

As a result of the training she received in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP), Denise took on the position of Academic Program Director at Standing Tall Inc., a private school for special needs students who are functionally nonverbal.

The particular education that has been delivered at her school is known as “Conductive Education,” often described as rehabilitation through learning. Developed by Dr. Andras Peto in Budapest, Hungary, in 1948, this unique and intensive group method of special education expects and demands active learning and participation by the child in attempting to overcome his/her motor disability, which could include cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, cerebral vascular accidents, and others.

Trained “conductors” work as generic therapists. The conductors are responsible for facilitating education, utilizing concepts of goal directed activity, verbal regulation, and group dynamics. The method is a kind of occupational therapy based on the idea that a damaged brain can be retrained for problem solving.

The child’s active learning, within this group, is supported by “rhythmic intention” — using counting, songs, and rhythmical games — to provide the child with a basis of normal movement. This engages the child’s inner language in order to independently voice motor directions to him or herself, and ultimately incorporate these motor patterns into everyday life. Conductive Education focuses on the whole person, recognizing physical, social, intellectual, and emotional aspects of learning. Focus is on functional skills such as dressing, feeding, and walking.

While this method has proven to be very successful in developing functional skills, Denise saw an opportunity to build on this model and take it to a different level. To do this, she created a game called, “All Together Now,” with the goal of creating an outcome where all students are excited, inspired, and eager to share what they’re learning; teachers have access to having all students fulfill on their possibilities; families are thriving inside of what is possible; and all people experience each other as unique, undeniable, and valuable contributions to society. Denise’s team members for her game included three of the “conductors”/teachers at her school, two other professional colleagues from other schools who are experienced teaching similar special needs students, and a parent of the one of the students at her school.

The idea is to adapt New York State Education Standards so that it can be incorporated for use by special education teachers. Training to become a “Conductor” has traditionally been focused on child development education. “All Together Now” intends to expand that model to include training on how to actually teach the subject matter mandated by the New York City Dept. of Education. Thus far the results of her game include the development of a modified curriculum based on the standardized NYC Dept. of Education elementary school curriculum. This is being implemented by the staff at her school in all academic areas. Different bodies of the staff are coordinating, collaborating, and creating new opportunities for action. Students are no longer distracted and tuned out. They are engaged and focused. Their level of comprehension has markedly improved.

Up until now students exposed to the traditional Conductive Education methodology could be expected to be alert and excited, but not have much to be excited about. They were missing a context to be intrigued about. They were ripe and ready to take on the world, but without the context of how the world actually works. With the introduction of the revised education and training regime of the “All Together Now” program, students are now participants in their own life. They are no longer spectators.

As an example, there is one little girl in Denise’s school that was extremely distracted prior to the introduction of the modified program. She would have a big beautiful smile for everyone; she appeared to be a happy, sweet, warm child. However, there was no way to discern what she actually knew or what she preferred. Now, after being exposed to the modified learning techniques of “All Together Now,” this child uses her eyes to point out icons that are used to express her answers to questions. She can communicate non-verbally by reaching out for items. She can change her facial expressions to give yes or no responses to questions. She uses her voice by making sounds to give more substance to her answers.

Other students are similarly more alert and responsive and eager to show what they know. As Denise said, “They now look directly into my eyes while they express themselves non-verbally, and they use their bodies to express their excitement—this was not something these students did before.”

The future that is being created is that “Standing Tall Inc.” and other similar private special needs schools will successfully cause the modification of the public school’s special needs students’ curriculum practices, policies, and staff development, thereby bringing an empowering context to how all students are educated.

Through Denise’s experience with her game, and with her training and development in the Team Management and Leadership Program, she was able to transform the conversations she had “inherited” about special education. She found that by creating multiple outcomes in single conversations, and causing conversations between others that created new and exciting opportunities, she could begin creating a different and more rewarding experience for not only her special education students in her school, but for educators and students in the New York City public school system.

“I was able to give up my resistance and fear of failure, and in so doing, get the opportunity to celebrate the success of my students. What’s more, the power I now feel is reflective in all areas of my life. If life is given by the quality of my relationships, then I now consider my life extraordinary.

Her experience of leading Feel the Connection has also shifted from having a project outside of herself, to being the clearing for the possibility that the organization fulfills. She now experiences herself as powerful and able to take on being accountable with ease. “It has shifted from being a game to being myself.”

by Larry Smith


divaGloria Webster’s Game is called “The DIVA Series.” Through her coaching work with women over the past thirty-five years, Gloria noticed that the word “DIVA” traditionally represents “girly girl” and other gender stereotypes. Gloria created a new meaning for the world “DIVA” through an acronym: DIVA stands for Discovery, Imagination, Victory (over the past) through forgiveness, and being Authentic. It is a self-discovery process consisting of conversations, music, and journaling that in Gloria’s words, “guides women back to what they want.”

Gloria says the process is ideal for women close to age forty. She feels that most women have childhood dreams they’re passionate about, but that “life gets in the way,” leading them to other choices in life that are not an authentic expression of themselves. Gloria has found that women around forty are often at a crossroads; they still have twenty or more years left in the prime of their lives and are often very willing to re-examine their life’s journey in the grand scheme of things. The DIVA Series gives women the opportunity to rediscover themselves and find that passionate dream.

Gloria created The DIVA Series through her participation in the Landmark Forum. She is currently in the process of designing training modules and teaching other women to become trainers for The DIVA Series process.

A friend of Gloria’s, who was a nurse, recently completed the Discover Workshop which is part of The DIVA Series and is now going to culinary art school and “living life to the fullest.” Out of the conversations around the DIVA processes other product lines have emerged including “DIVA Jewelry” and “DIVA Skin Care.” There’s also a “DIVA Dictionary,” where participants invent new DIVA language. One example is the word “DIVA-licious.”

For years, Gloria wanted to start a business, but didn’t have the courage to take the first step. Team Management Leadership Program has provided for Gloria with a new lease on who [she is]” and “making [her] dream a reality.”

As for the future, as part of The DIVA Series, Gloria will be leading a retreat in Puerto Rico in September of 2009. She now has a team of six people helping her create the training modules and she’s promising to have these complete by the Newport Beach weekend.
Gloria Webster, Team Washington, DC

We Create Health

Imagine a world where energy is concentrated into the creation of health rather than in battling illness. It is time to move from a world of duality to a world of unity fusing to its inner beauty. Communing with our inner self opens us to a magnificent world of wisdom. Imagine a health centre reflecting our own inner beauty.

I have a dream that has lived inside me for a long time, I carry it preciously, and as the veil lifts I feel in my very inner self that it draws near to being a concrete reality. I have no longer any doubts. Moved by the vision of creating health, I registered in the Team Management and Leadership Program in February 2007.

My name is Suzanne Raynauld. I have been trained as a nurse in community health. The profound desire to take care of others has always guided my actions. Important health problems with my shoulders brought me to Reiki, a sacred art of transformation, letting life’s energy circulate within us. I became A Reiki Master in 1991. As the Director of the Centre de Santé-Reiki Lanaudière, founded in 1992, I am devoting my life to Reiki in the Japanese tradition. After so many years in nursing spent facing illness day-to-day, and with my desire to leave as a legacy a world of peace and love, I truly got that my mission is the creation of health. But how to realize that dream?

Then a vision came to me—that of creating a model centre for holistic health inspiring a world of health. What a vision! I have been working on this project since 2005 and I have gathered around me a team of 7 persons, a group of natural health practitioners and business people meets on a regular basis. The long term goal—within 5 years—is to implement a pilot project based on the Centre’s operations and to develop an extraordinary environment which will allow each and everyone to take charge of their own being and create their own health. We are currently creating a unique business model which can be franchised and exported. Our product is the creation of health at every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our services include Reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, energy harmonization, memory integration, EMF Balancing technique, psychotherapy, life coaching, business coaching, human potential development, Yoga, MLC method, palmistry, herbal therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy; aromatherapy, health bistro, painting and works of art exhibitions, meditative gardens, library, light-therapy, meditation, healthMusic, sauna and others,…

I let myself be inspired by the vision of sacred space where individuals, organizations and the entire collectivity discover the access to their inner power. The moment has come when together we can build, when each of us is the carrier of this New World, when it is time to make this a reality first within us then letting it spread like a contagion of love to those around us and to the whole planet. Learning in each moment to celebrate life within us and around us is the beginning of endless beneficial change.What could be more marvelous!

— Suzanne Raynauld T1Q4 Team Montréal

Step by Step

Becca Carr-Hopkins and Andrea Howe met by chance at a TMLP classroom in London. Andrea was visiting from Washington DC, and thought it would be fun to experience TMLP in a foreign country. Becca, one of 53 London TMLP participants, stood up at one point and shared about her Game in the World. In an instant, a global connection was created: both realized they were using technology to transform difficult step-family dynamics into experiences of relatedness and love. What followed was a blossoming friendship, as well as a shared commitment to make a difference for step-families all over the world.

Becca hatched the idea for Step by Step at her second TMLP weekend in November 2007. Her relationship with her soon-to-be step-daughters — Olivia, 13 and India, 9 — had taken a nose dive and Becca saw that weekend just how numb she was; in fact, she realized she’d given up on things being any different. The girls had decided they wouldn’t be coming to the wedding (Becca’s to their dad), and they were increasingly reluctant to come and visit on the weekends.

Standing in the possibility of Love and Communication, Step by Step was born. Becca and her partner each have two children from previous relationships. Becca’s ex-husband had already remarried, so her biological children had a step mum, step grandparents, and step aunts and uncles. In a conversation with her ex’s new wife, Becca saw a common ‘what’s so’ with being a step mum that just doesn’t get talked about. “Lecia had felt rejected by my kids, just like I had felt rejected by my partner’s kids,” Becca recalled.

Furthermore, Becca discovered that the children were facing common challenges. “It turns out that my kids had had the same stuff going on as my partner’s kids, my sister’s kids and my friend’s kids,” added

With the childrens’ encouragement, Becca created Step by Step: an Internet-based resource for step-family members to share their experiences. “The kids decided they wanted to build a website so that other kids around the world could find out what being in a step family was like and be reassured if they were worried.”

The website www.stepbystepguide.co.uk was built by a family friend and went live on 15.2.08, and now needs to be developed further. It features stories and poems written by 15 kids and adults, all part of or connected to Becca’s family in some way. The site also includes a family tree that depicts the connectedness between all family members.

Becca says, “The best part of all of this was the extraordinary conversations we all had in our families about being in a step family. The things that were said were not always easy to hear, but all of the conversations took our relatedness to a whole new level and were absolutely magical to be part of. I was left feeling very proud of our kids, and present to how great they are and what an extraordinary family we have created.”

The kids have also gotten a huge amount from being part of the project and seeing their work live on the internet and could be heard exclaiming, “Yeah we did it”, when they looked the site up.

What’s possible in the world as a result of Step by Step? “Aside from Olivia and India choosing to come to our wedding – a miracle in itself — our kids got to experience themselves as young people that can and do make a difference, now.” says Becca.

And what could you build with that?! A new Team Game of course…

— Becca Carr-Hopkins, Team London

To read about what Andrea Howe created around step-families out of her partnership with Becca, check out this previous Team Leadership story.

“Sing, Express!”

What would my game in the world be? I knew quickly it would be a singing or musical event among senior citizens and residents from nursing homes and skilled facilities. Their children and grandchildren will be watching their loved ones perform in a “recital”, a great term my committed colleague, Sean Peterson, offered.

Creating milestones was the hardest thing to do, especially starting from the end. I learned that “just doing it” in the face of not knowing whether it made sense, caused several possibilities – unimagined – to come true (miracles, in short). Standing in the possibility of the game of being alive, inspired, whole and complete made sharing the vision easy and clear. Conversation with Grace Lengkeek, Activity Director of Artesia Christian Home, went natural and free flowing. She expressed that she had been thinking of the same game for her residents. When she took it on and owned the game, I was elated. Seeing her fulfilled, fulfilled me! It’s like watching a little girl run off with my toy that I shared, she kept it, and I didn’t cry. This game showed a true leader, obliviously loving, caring, generous, her participants would ask her “what were they singing again?” and she’d whisper…then they sang and sang…who says they have dementia? Some played the piano, accompanied another to sing, a legally blind woman showed her knit work and ceramic pottery.

I had a hunch that singing causes relaxation, who disagrees? But my bigger hunch was it relaxes the mind of the elderly to a degree that they start sharing their life stories. During the enrollment stage of this game, I shared this vision with Salermo. He left the room quickly when I asked if he sang. He came back with a dusty guitar and started serenading me, then told of courtship days with beautiful Nellie. In the week prior to the event, Salermo was admitted to an emergency room (he was a frequent visitor). On his first day back at home, coming from nothing, I invited him again…he said he would take the bus if he had to. I proposed that his children give him a ride (Unity among family was my underlying commitment).

That didn’t happen (I meant the ride), but, I know opportunity had opened for this family. I, Carmelita, learned generosity quickly and provided the ride. Salermo was an astounding entertainer. He sang three serenade songs in his own language and entertained us with his life stories. Stories we would not hear of if he did not participate.

At the break, I have witnessed what Power to Create did. I was clueless, but, I declared that this Game will show the three generations honoring and celebrating each other, there’s magic in singing, the family experience of love, contribution, fun, relatedness, generosity. They were singing — Row, Row, Row Your Boat, or whatever. This one mom was singing an unfamiliar song with her operatic voice, and her son was lip syncing, enjoying her.

I hid when confronted by something “gigantic” which was not so big after all. I was about to quit when the other home could not deliver one day before the event, and Meg, my coach, supported me to be with what is so…no matter how small the crowd could be, it still made a big difference to the lives of who were there last night, and those who were there spiritually. Thank you for your stand. My report came in late, I chose to sit, watch an old favorite movie, instead of sharing my experience and excitement with you – and that’s what I give up, being stingy in sharing my wins!

I have not experienced so much love and generosity. It’s like a miracle for me! Giving up being right created the miracle of partnership – people took care of themselves and came up with other ideas. (Arlin, the back-up lady, will give this idea to a lot of homes to have more people invited.)

I have seen three generations singing to each other, honoring each other through music. One guest couple said, “This is a great idea!” when I declared this is going to be statewide. I am waiting to have an appointment with a congresswoman, Linda Sanchez. I say it will be a contest in different categories, one resident said “That’s silly!’ and her children said “Nope!”

I think the win is: the message was delivered – HOLDING THE SPACE FOR LOVE IN THE WORLD, LOVE COME HOME!

— Carmelita Tiongson-Manzanares, Team 1, Quarter 2, Team Los Angeles

Raw Beauty

Landmark Forum Graduate Ginny Dixon is a participant in the Team Management and Leadership Program and her Team Game in the world for this last quarter is called Raw Beauty. Dixon has been travelling the world and making a living through her photography for over 20 years, winning two Pulitzer prizes for her work with the Los Angeles Times. During that time, she has participated in a variety of powerful projects that make a difference, including a photographic tribute to breast cancer survivors. In this game, she uses her skills to set up photo shoots for women with disabilities to give the experience of being a fashion model.

Wave for Peace

The WaveThe Wave for Peace enters the Super Bowl Feb. 3rd, 2008

Who I am is the possibility of peace, love and inspiration.
Hi, my name is Linda Gancitano. I am on Team Florico and this is my Game.

1 year ago:
Who would have thought 3 months after the Landmark Forum that I would be committed to world peace in this lifetime? This possibility arrived in the mountains of Colorado. I was watching the Free Hugs Campaign on YouTube. The inspiration came from that experience and caused me to envision a world of peace. And what that looked like for me was that for one moment in time the entire world be present to peace.
I knew I had only 3 months for my Self Expression and Leadership Program project to get this idea into action. The vision came and I saw the event – The Wave for Peace enters the Super Bowl on Feb. 4th 2007 in Miami, Florida.
In every sporting event, the spectators perform the wave. Well, this particular WAVE would have a purpose and intention. This wave would be the Wave for Peace. Billions of people across the world would be watching this event. What better way to get the message across to the world?
The Wave for Peace didn’t happen last year at the Super Bowl.

We all know that life doesn’t always turn out the way we would like it to but what came from that intention was that three schools in Broward County had a Week of Peace. The Week of Peace brought awareness to our environment, our homes and communities. We had an incredible TEAM of teachers and students that created this event at each of the school. Over 2500 students on Jan. 31,2007 went out to their football fields and participated in the Wave. The Wave for Peace was seen from the air by a helicopter. Other media sources covered the event such as NBC, Telemundo TV, and the Miami Herald.

There was a peace rally 3 months later where one city had people at a stadium standing for peace. We may never know the impact of what that event caused for those students but what we do know is that the fights and suspensions were down for the week at our school The most important question we asked the students daily was “How can each one of us make a difference in our own lives to bring peace?”

Present day: Team Management and Leadership Program Weekend, Denver, CO, November 2007
One year ago this vision for world peace lingers. I joined TMLP in Denver, Co. where over 600 Landmark
Graduates were attending this event. I was informed that I have a Game in the World to put into action. I also was informed that I would create a TEAM of people to play this game. Our TEAM is looking for other people that are up to world peace.
What I hadn’t anticipated was that we are all being confronted with our own greatness, integrity and power. Communication is an access to power in creating the world we want to live. What I am getting from this experience is that peace is a way of being and we get to choose in every moment of our lives. Who are we going to be in the present moment and next moment no matter what? The GAME is still expanding and my request of TEAM Landmark is who can further this game so that on Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3rd, 2008 in Arizona every person in the world is present to world peace as a possibility now!

Future: Global Weekend Los Angeles, CA, February 2008
1.Video of the Wave for Peace is captured during the Super Bowl Feb. 3, 2008, and shown to all TMLP participants at the Global Weekend.
2. People from all over the world were contacting the NFL, TV network and Landmark to say how incredible the event was for them and how it transformed their lives
3.World Transformation is realized. Every country is supporting each other in creating the possibility of peace, health and happiness!!

One Event, One TEAM, One Message for One Moment

The Wave for Peace enters the Super Bowl Feb.3rd, 2008

The Vision
In every sporting event for years, people have been participating in the Wave which usually goes in the clockwise direction. The vision is to have the Wave go in a new direction. This new direction will represent Peace. The Wave for Peace would be the symbol of “What If?” What if we do something different and choose to live in a world of Peace? A wave for change is the wave for peace

How can you further the game?