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Making Happiness Most Important

Anna Choi’s team game in the world in Landmark’s Team, Management and Leadership Program was to create a sustainable happiness economy, creating economic initiatives that create satisfaction rather than simply profit. Projects include building schools in Ethiopia that teach critical skills, and speaking at a 2012 TEDx conference. Watch below.

Healing Puget Sound

Jeanette Dorner continues her efforts to restore the watershed around Puget Sound so that salmon can continue to breed there. Her project started three years ago with ten rain gardens built to filter storm water that was polluting salmon streams, and has grown to over 600 rain gardens, with 12,000 more planned over the next six years. Her efforts, which include a variety of means to restore the watershed has been featured in national media, including The New York Times.

Zenfully Delicious Empowers Those With Chronic Illnesses

Jennifer Iannalo had a very personal motivation when she created ‘Zenfully Delicious’ as her game in the world during Landmark’s Team, Mangement and Leadership Program. Suffering from Fibromyalgia, Iannalo was supported by a team of people to make better lifestyle choices, dramatically improving her ability to live a happy and fulfilling life in spite of her condition. She realized that not many people have the support of the kind of team she did, so her project brought her team to the world – coaching and lifestyle support at the Zenfully Delicious website for people with gluten intolerance, fibromyalgia, and other forms of chronic pain.

Creating Conversations for Healthy Habits

Bonnie Smith’s game that she created in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program involved putting together a team of people to promote healthy living, including a day of healthy habits seminars. Titled ‘Creating Conversations for Healthy Habits’, Smith’s game was inspired by her life experience losing weight and getting healthy – Smith is passionate about ending obesity and giving people the opportunity to live healthy lives.

Drawing on her own experiences with weight loss and wellness, Bonni Smith created a powerful project dedicated to creating healthy conversations during her first year in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP).  Working with a team of health coaches, Bonni coordinated with her local hospital to create a day of talks and demonstrations called Conversation for Healthy Habits with the goal to unite people in a conversation for good health and wellness.

Bonni shares, “as an obese child I felt alone and frustrated and didn’t feel I had the appropriate knowledge or resources to create balance in my life or a strong feeling of community to help me along the way. Conversation for Healthy Habits is a cooperation of people from different callings who are up to empowering each other as leaders and creating health and wellbeing for the community.”

Since the initial event, she continues to host weekly Habits of Health classes at the local hospital. Bonni continues to find new outlets for her program, including working with the Girl Scouts of America in Broward County, Florida. In fact, they have requested Conversation for Healthy Habits to be a part of the curriculum in alignment with Michelle Obama’s initiative to end childhood obesity. And she’s not stopping there! Bonni is committed to have Conversation for Healthy Habits a part of other communities. She is working with professional associations in human resources and the medical field to incorporate “lunch and learns” and is focusing on physician offices as a resource for the community to fight obesity and bring Conversation for Healthy Habits to everyone.

Bonni’s project was highlighted in a one minute video that she made and was presented with other videos of projects at a quarterly meeting of the TMLP. She’d never made a video before, but after watching some instructional videos on YouTube, Bonni reports, “I got that anything worth saying can be done in one minute, which taught me how to get to the point.”

Determined not to lose her new skills, she now creates videos for other people up to making a difference in health and wellbeing, including one for a funeral home that holds classes on bereavement and gratitude. This has fostered new partnerships and goodwill. Bonni shares, “it gets really exciting when the game goes viral. You just don’t know where your commitment is supposed to take you.”

As a result of the teams and communities she has created, Bonni has become a respected expert in her community and has stepped into several advisory boards that open up new avenues for Conversations for Health Habits. Her clients are continuing their healthy living conversations and some have even begun to coach people in their communities. In a nutshell, she is creating new communities and teams around what’s important in her life all the time.

“Teams are the only way to get something accomplished and I am clear from my Team training that it is never about me.  I am always grateful and acknowledge the people that show up in my life. So many things are opening up — it’s so outrageous and humbling —it’s as if the community was just waiting for me to do this.”

Landmark's Newest Course, Direct Access, Now Available

People connected to Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program may be interested to learn that Landmark Education has opened its newest program, titled Direct Access: Creating and Living a Future You Really Want.

The two-day program is designed to use recent work from the field of neuroscience to have people immediately and naturally taking action towards goals that they care about. The program, which comes out this fall, features multimedia elements as well as a lecture/discussion format over a Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm each day.

There is also a promotion available with the course where the first people who register in each city will receive a free iPod Shuffle, and registrants are also entered into a drawing with the chance to win a year of personal coaching. Visit for more details.

Age Looks at Aging

In this fast paced world of extraordinary inventions, sophisticated travel, and high tech communication devices; we’ve lost touch with one of our most valuable resources.

Brian Braff noticed a missing concerning the way our society looks at our senior citizens. His interest in the subject of aging started long before joining the Team Management Leadership Program with Landmark Education. Despite the numerous articles, books and documentaries about the older segment of society, none were created from the vantage point of the people who were aging. Read more

Kitty Connect

Animal lovers, unite! Rebecca Godo, from Landmark Education’s Team Detroit, has created a game for all to play, be they animal lovers or animal not so much’ers. Everyone in the conversation is inspired by the genius of this game.

Rebecca loves animals and doesn’t relish the idea of any animals forced to survive out in the elements. “I want all animals to have permanent and loving homes. However, that can’t happen until we get the pet population under control.” Rebecca sees a far-reaching piece of her game as “Worldwide animal population control, with municipalities all working together. Pet population control then becomes one HUGE worldwide community effort.” Read more

Bringing Freedom and Ease to Dating

Out of her commitment to reduce arguments and divorce in families with children, psychotherapist Bryce Bronstein created the dating model, a game in the world she created out of taking part in New York’s Team, Management and Leadership Program. The project aims to keep relationships and dating distinct, and bring a new level of freedom and ease to dating for people.

Mentoring Miracles

This story is about Catherine Cassidy’s team game in the world (created in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program) to create partnership and ease among health care professionals in hospitals.

Many people remember Catherine Cassidy playing Dorothy in the skit of The Wizard of Oz that Team San Diego presented in front of 800 people in Chicago. Cassidy told me, “That was a really, really big breakthrough for me, being able to speak in front of large groups, and doing that has created that I am able to be with any conversation. Talking in front of groups has helped me with my communication and being a leader at work. I am now comfortable expressing positive things, being vulnerable and fully self- expressed, and being authentic all the time. I got that from TEAM and from being in the skit”. Read more

The Elijah Initiative

This story is about The Elijah Initiative, Marcos Elizondo’s Game in the World that he created while taking part in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.

“I take a small step. I walk to the front of the room. In this auditorium there are more than 800 people. The only thing I have with me is a dream in my heart. I share with the people that each day 4,500 children die on the planet from a lack of clean water to drink. And before these 800 people I declare that I am going to do something to stop this from happening. I tell them I do not know how I am going to do it, I do not know what will be required, and this is something I am standing for and going to change. Read more