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We Create Health

Imagine a world where energy is concentrated into the creation of health rather than in battling illness. It is time to move from a world of duality to a world of unity fusing to its inner beauty. Communing with our inner self opens us to a magnificent world of wisdom. Imagine a health centre reflecting our own inner beauty.

I have a dream that has lived inside me for a long time, I carry it preciously, and as the veil lifts I feel in my very inner self that it draws near to being a concrete reality. I have no longer any doubts. Moved by the vision of creating health, I registered in the Team Management and Leadership Program in February 2007.

My name is Suzanne Raynauld. I have been trained as a nurse in community health. The profound desire to take care of others has always guided my actions. Important health problems with my shoulders brought me to Reiki, a sacred art of transformation, letting life’s energy circulate within us. I became A Reiki Master in 1991. As the Director of the Centre de Santé-Reiki Lanaudière, founded in 1992, I am devoting my life to Reiki in the Japanese tradition. After so many years in nursing spent facing illness day-to-day, and with my desire to leave as a legacy a world of peace and love, I truly got that my mission is the creation of health. But how to realize that dream?

Then a vision came to me—that of creating a model centre for holistic health inspiring a world of health. What a vision! I have been working on this project since 2005 and I have gathered around me a team of 7 persons, a group of natural health practitioners and business people meets on a regular basis. The long term goal—within 5 years—is to implement a pilot project based on the Centre’s operations and to develop an extraordinary environment which will allow each and everyone to take charge of their own being and create their own health. We are currently creating a unique business model which can be franchised and exported. Our product is the creation of health at every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our services include Reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, energy harmonization, memory integration, EMF Balancing technique, psychotherapy, life coaching, business coaching, human potential development, Yoga, MLC method, palmistry, herbal therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy; aromatherapy, health bistro, painting and works of art exhibitions, meditative gardens, library, light-therapy, meditation, healthMusic, sauna and others,…

I let myself be inspired by the vision of sacred space where individuals, organizations and the entire collectivity discover the access to their inner power. The moment has come when together we can build, when each of us is the carrier of this New World, when it is time to make this a reality first within us then letting it spread like a contagion of love to those around us and to the whole planet. Learning in each moment to celebrate life within us and around us is the beginning of endless beneficial change.What could be more marvelous!

— Suzanne Raynauld T1Q4 Team Montréal