Seymour Schwartz – Healing PTSD Through Play – Team North America – Orange County CA, Las Vegas USA

Author: Seymour Schwartz
Title: Healing PTSD Through Play
Center: Team North America – Orange County USA
Keywords: PTSD, Play Therapy, Theater, Partnering, Community Colleges, Hospitals, Inspiration, Action, Structure, Clinic

TMLP Weekend: August 2018

Laughing out loud for the first time in 3 years after being depressed over my wife’s death, I began taking theater classes and exercising. As a licensed Social Worker I created Play Therapy for a veterans suffering from PTSD. Now I am on a mission to create a clinic for PTSD using this effective methodology of Play Therapy. The Team Management inspires me and gives me the structure to put this into action. Through exciting enrollment conversations I am easily creating teams. I am currently partnering with California Police department, Long Beach Veterans Hospital and Orange County Community College. We are building a test group to justify this treatment. Our commitment is building play therapy clinics serving thousands of patients!