November 2018 TMLP Weekend Video

Team & Beyond is super excited to share Team Management and Leadership participants showcased in our November 2018 quarterly training with you!

Author: Richard Pearl
Title: Bridge Building
Center: Team Europe & Middle East – London, United Kingdom
Keywords: Youth, Student, Bridge, Mentoring, learning difficulties

Author: Meghna Barjate
Title: Aur Tree Plantation
Center: Team India – Aurangabad, India
Keywords: Environment, Trees, Sustainability, Pollution, Jungle, Government

Author: Simon Bouchard
Title: Consensus
Center: Team North America – Montreal, Canada
Keywords: Communication Education, Game, Peace, New Possible Paradigm of Communication

Author: Juan Giaccardi
Title: Crossfruit
Center: Team North America – Mexico
Keywords: Small farmers, Agriculture, Self Sufficient, Community, Latin America, Crossfruit, demand networks, farmer networks, agrotherapy tourism

Author: Arien Van Oosterhout
Title: The Great Cosplay Race
Center: Team Australia & New Zealand – Melbourne, Australia
Keywords: Public Play, Costumes, Fun, Race, Community, Joy, Passion, Excitement

Author: Daniel Prete
Title: Children’s World Foundation
Center: Team North America – Toronto Canada
Keywords: Communication, Education, Fundraising, Empowerment, Action, partnership, Cambodia, Peru, India, Schools