Communication Curriculum


Communication Course: Access to Power

Be heard, be known, listen—be effective in communication

Gain access to a new world of communication – where language is not merely a bridge, a response, or a way to deal with the world, but rather what brings that very world into being. Through this course, listening and speaking—actions that we would normally think of as ordinary and commonplace—take on new dimensions and provide unexpected power. They become the instruments of creation.

Communication known this way becomes inseparable from who we are and what we bring to our world. It moves people. It transforms both the speaker and the listener. It allows you to be heard and known in new ways that generate partnership and affinity.

Completion of The Landmark Forum.

Advanced Communication Course: The Power to Create

Communicate in ways that create new futures

In Communication: Access to Power, the first course in Landmark’s Communication Curriculum, we created a new realm of possibility in communication. The Advanced Communication Course: The Power to Create takes the next step. In this course, we examine our patterns and permanently dismantle the mechanisms that have kept them in place. Free of these mechanical ways of being, possibility becomes our starting place—our playing field. We find ourselves with a new level of effectiveness, prowess, peace of mind – an opportunity and power to communicate in ways that create new futures in our relationships, families, jobs, and community.

The Advanced Communication Course provides the structures and tools that allow you to replace old patterns with new practices of listening and speaking – practices that leave you reliable and masterful in generating new possibilities in every aspect of your life.

Completion of The Landmark Forum and Communication: Access to Power.