Daniel Prete – Children’s World Foundation – Team North America – Toronto Canada

Author: Daniel Prete
Title: Children’s World Foundation
Center: Team North America – Toronto Canada
Keywords: Communication, Education, Fundraising, Empowerment, Action, partnership, Cambodia, Peru, India, Schools

November 2018

I am surrounded by 20 children witnessing a 12 year old teaching a 3 year old. Empowering children at an early age of 3. We are implementing this education into existing schools and building new schools. With the Team Management and Leadership program I share my vision with intention and cause opportunities for action. We created a partnership with a community in Cambodia to fund a new school for 200 students. Our commitment is to raise $150,000 by September of 2019. Our plan is to expand in Peru and India by 2020. Educating children with empower and unity.