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Altruism? No way! Or Yes way.

Kamela Laird
Team San Francisco – T2Q4 (T2Q3 when interviewed)

Interviewed on Oct 2, 2013 by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – T1Q1
Written on Feb 9, 2014 by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – T1Q2

My very first weekend on TEAM in San Francisco started out fairly frustrating when we were constantly restoring integrity about EVERYTHING; I was just fed up. I hated restoring integrity because I only heard make wrong of the individual, make wrong of others, and make wrong of TEAM. I was getting ancy in my seat, sighing, and getting annoyed (while withholding!). People (who I now know as Team 2’s) kept interrupting the Team Leader from sharing her agenda…..rrRRrrr…..I couldn’t sit through this much longer. Then, Kamela gets the attention of the room by saying “one conversation over here”. She explains that she understands this process may seem frustrating and time consuming and explained that the Team, Management, and Leadership Program is one program that doesn’t have a manual because it’s entrepreneurial. There is no structure in a sense so we get to create what we want in TEAM. And sometimes it’s grueling and necessary to go through the process of restoring integrity.

My jaw literally dropped; JUST LIKE THAT Kamela restored my listening and participation in the weekend. She was able to ‘get’ the listening of those of us who were withholding (like me!). I thought “how did she do that?!” If this is what I’m going to get out of TEAM, then I am in the RIGHT place!

Kamela has consistently articulated her generous listening of TEAM and it is with awe and respect that I write this article. I hope you find this interview inspiring for you and your Game In The World.


What is the possibility of your Game In The World?

My possibility is being limitless generosity. I ask myself this question all the time to keep myself on track; it’s like a personal compass. Am I being limitless generosity right now? If I’m not, then I catch myself and redirect my listening to be more intentional and more generous.


What is your Game In The World?

Team 2’s play a different game than Team 1’s. One of the components of our game is being of service to others. So I started looking at what it means to be of service to others. In Landmark, we have being of service distinguished as being of service for no reason other than to just do it, not doing it to get something out of it, not doing it to make someone else feel good, not doing it to repay a favor… just to be of service and for no other reason. This led me to discover that my game was to empower others to fulfill on their dreams. My game is called Dreams Fulfilled – to be of service to others and to empower them to take actions to fulfill on their dreams. And in empowering, there’s a component of acknowledgement that occurs in every conversation.


How did you select your people to coach and how’s the experience been for you?

Dreams Fulfilled is mostly family – my mom, my dad, and my sister. I made a difference in having their dreams fulfilled. It’s amazing to have my sister listen to me in a way that she can have her measures fulfilled on. They all respect me highly as a coach and that didn’t exist before. All three of them took the Landmark Forum as a result of their new listening of me. The Landmark Forum came into my family through my stand in Team 2. Love occurs at a whole new level now. There are less barriers to hide behind and more honest communication.


What structure did you have in place for your Game Leaders and what were their dreams?

I set up weekly calls to coach six Game Leaders spread over five different games. The structure of our calls involved discussing breakdowns and breakthroughs with regards to their weekly measurable promises and results. In the beginning, we set up what they want to accomplish in the next three months. We create a possibility, an outcome, and measureable results for each game. Team 2 games are set up like Team 1’s GITWs. Every week I touch base with my Game Leaders and discuss whether they won or lost their measures for that week. It’s really about service and what’s really important to my coachees. I empower them to fulfill on their promises. It’s about coaching people to take actions to fulfill on what’s most important to them in their life.

My first Game Leaders are a couple who are business partners. They met in a prestigious design school in Atlanta and they left their prestigious jobs to pursue their business in branding and packaging design work. They are creating a nest egg for their marriage and to have babies. They created a game on gaining clients in the adult beverage and beauty industries. They generated clients, built a new website, and created financial milestones that allowed them to be in Turkey for a long vacation.

My next Game Leader is my father. He created a project around fundraising for a spiritual university where he’s a faculty member. Historically he hates fundraising. It was put on him because he’s a go-getter and an effective worker. So he agreed to take it on. He assessed how much the university needed, which was about $170K. He was overwhelmed by the amount needed. However, since he’s done the Forum, he said let’s be unreasonable and aimed for $250K instead. I saw what was ahead for me; I needed to be able to coach him around something that didn’t sound fun and sounded rather daunting. Using the technology of creating a possibility and creating outcomes, I was able to coach him to go for it! He embraced Landmark technology and kicked ass raising a total of $333K. He raised above and beyond his unreasonable goal! Each week I coached him, there were a lot of breakthroughs, including securing one generous donor who doubled other donations.

This quarter he’s creating a non-profit healing clinic linked to the spiritual university where he works. My dad is a medical doctor and practices alternative medicine. He wants to bring prophetic healing to everyone in the world. The university already supports a student practicum healing clinic that has patients from around the world. They perform Skype healings with people in Africa. It’s happening in a global scale. His dream is to create this healing that spreads across the world to heal people from cancer and heart disease. Touching lives at a global level. [Fast forward to February 2014: Kamela’s dad is focusing on the opening of his new healing clinic, the Shafiyy Institute, which will see its first patient this month!]

My sister is my next Game Leader. She created a game to find ‘the one’ for marriage and kids. She’s 32 years young and through the course of this game, a family friend recommended a London lad for her. My sister started dating him via Skype and it’s been 6 months of online dating. Two weeks ago she flew to London and met him for the first time. She met his mom, dad, sister and his community. They both agreed to continue going forward with the relationship. And now he has a trip booked to visit California to meet us, her family. She definitely has her eyes on this man. [Fast forward to February 2014: Kamela’s sister got engaged a couple months ago and just left for England to move in with her fiancé. They are getting married next month in England!]

My next Game Leader is a friend from college who now lives in Chicago. She works at a Catholic high school as the Extracurricular Activities Director in charge of all the clubs at the school. She’s guiding each student leader to create their Dreams Fulfilled inside the club. She recently took the Landmark Forum as well. Using Landmark style integrity and communication, she is asking the student leaders and the faculty representatives to commit to their promises and to hold their clubs to account. She has been a teacher for years and her passion resides in empowering youth through school channels and integrating those channels with the surrounding community. She loves seeing teachers create a brighter future through empowering the students.

My final game is around expanding a Reiki healing practice. My friend is a Team graduate and a Reiki Master Healer, which is the top ranking for the Reiki Healing method. He is developing a healing clinic. Since my dad is also creating a healing clinic, I combined the coaching calls for these two Game Leaders so they get to have conversations with each other. I created team around this conversation in hopes of having them support each other. Each week as a group we discussed what’s working and what’s not working with their game plans. Then one week I witnessed a breakthrough in their communication – they set up an additional conversation offline. I was really present to causing “others to others” communication.


What has been your experience in being of service to others?

It’s not tangible! Or, it is tangible but hard to articulate. There’s a level of power I have in life that I didn’t have before. It’s humbling and I’m careful to not abuse that power because I can create with my words. I consider everything I create for myself and am careful to say what I want and careful to not sarcastically say what I don’t want because then that gets created. I gained the “power to create” by being on Team and I have the opportunity to continually see my impact around the world. I didn’t focus on this at all in my first year on Team. Team 2 is a completely different program. I see how the space changes when I walk into it. I’m conscious of what I leave behind and am creating a legacy with the number of lives I touch.


How do you use distinctions from The Communications Program in your coaching?

Recreation is present on all of my coaching calls. It’s important for my Game Leaders to have what they’re up to reflected back to them, whether it’s a breakdown or a breakthrough. To have their breakthrough reflected back to them, they can get how big they truly are. And for breakdowns, they can see for themselves how to resolve the breakdown. Recreating them allows them to expand and move into the next level.

Coming from everything nothing is another distinction so I am present with my Game Leaders. I get behind whatever they are creating for themselves. This is their world and I’m in service to them. I can’t come in with an agenda because then I’m coaching them towards what I want and not what they want. I’m always getting back to nothing to clear the space to support them and their world (and their word!).


What breakdowns did you have and how did you overcome them?

When coaching my mom in a previous quarter earlier this year, she wanted to get research for the student healing clinic. She needed a statistically sound survey, which meant collecting a large population of data. She started interviewing clients but didn’t reach her goal in terms of number of people to interview. I helped her see that before the game, there was NO movement. So even though she is not as far ahead as she wanted the survey and data collection is in motion. We don’t stop at the breakdowns because breakdowns happen every day. Going forward we look at how we can make promises that we can fulfill on. We acknowledge and complete the breakdowns then make new promises based on concrete feasible opportunities.

I am so present to the lives transformed through Landmark’s Communications Program distinctions and look forward to my remaining quarters on the Team, Management, and Leadership Program. It is heart-warming to have this structure in place that mirrors back to us how incredibly miraculous we really are and opens the space for us to manage breakdowns.

Creating a Legacy for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program

Heather Gollyhorn
Team San Diego, Team 1, Quarter 4

Team San Diego is the possibility of “Passionate Partnership and Unstoppable Leadership with an outcome of Ever-Expanding Contribution”.

Interviewed and Written by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – Team 1, Quarter 1

Valerie Paz was also on the call
San Diego Center’s TMLP Classroom Leader & Regional Performance Champion for India


What are you creating for Team San Diego and for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program?

I am passionate about expanding our Team in San Diego as well as TMLP worldwide. Currently we have a team of 6 – five Team 1 members and one Team 2 member. Going into the next weekend as we stand today, we will not have a Team 2 represented [1]. Instead of following the old model of merging, which by definition is to blend or cause to blend gradually into something else so as to become indistinguishable from it, which insinuates not ever going back to a separate team. Instead Team San Diego is creating with Team Orange County a strategic alliance. The benefits of us creating an alliance is to have Teams support Teams such that each team contributes to one another during this transitional process. In the end we are all ONE BIG TEAM. During this time Team San Diego would then have the opportunity to continue expanding as well as develop courses in the San Diego Center.

[1] For those who don’t know, Team 1 Quarter 4’s need to skip a quarter before they can join Team 2. So during the Atlanta quarter, Team San Diego would not have a Team 2 because their current Team 2 member is on Quarter 4.

What is not being said that you want brought forward?

I want TMLP to ask ourselves, “Why is the program declining?” Team members are dropping off. I want to look at that. I am in inquiry with my team around this question. When we are passionate about our lives and when it’s all working, we are sharing fanatics. When we stop sharing, life stops working. When integrity is out, nothing works. When we give our word and do not fulfill on it, the program ends! At the weekend, we create our quarter and life happens in between those weekends. I personally have to keep myself present to the accountability statement by Werner Erhard.

”With a promise, you create a condition that supports your commitment rather than your moods. When motivational dialogue comes up about your preference versus your commitments, and you disregard the dialogue in favor of doing what you said you would do, solely because you said so, you distinguish yourself from your psychology. In that moment, you are your word as an action, rather than only as an idea you have.”

I invite everyone to get GROUNDED in this accountability statement; it is so powerful! Give your word responsibly – do the critical thinking, then make a promise or not. There is power and freedom when you give your word and fulfill on it.

We have a little saying on Team San Diego, “It’s so selfish it works for everybody.” How can such a ground-breaking entrepreneurial program diminish?! Let’s be so selfish that we honor this program as it is designed to be delivered. When first quarters come out to be greeted, I see the next set of World Changers.  We are the future of world that works for everyone. We are all here to have our lives work, the future work, and the world work.  So let’s get to work, and have fun doing it!

What do you want Team San Diego be acknowledged for?

From a Performance Champion’s view, Team San Diego would like to be acknowledged for having the highest Registration-to-Participant ratio in the Western Region. We are ranked in the top 6 teams that are marginally effective in producing the Communications Curricula nationally. Let’s celebrate the huge accomplishment for Team San Diego!

What is the possibility you are creating for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program?

I am the possibility of being the voice for San Diego’s Team, Management, and Leadership Program, honoring the design of TMLP, and delivering lives fulfilled.

I accept the request to cause the growth and expansion of our team and also the growth and expansion of TMLP by more than doubling the attendance to 2000 people by 2016.

What do you believe is the access to this program ever-expanding?

I am in T1Q4 and have held EVERY accountability on team, some even twice. This quarter I am accountable for Game in the World and Landmark Forum. The opportunity and access for ever-expanding contribution worldwide is through our Games. I currently hold daily GITW calls where we expand our games so far beyond what we currently know, beyond the reaches that make an impact so far out there that we will never see the recipients. We ensure that the design of Game in the World is in the OTHERS to OTHERS domain. Team San Diego has taken on that we are the communication for which our Games in the World exist, but not as individuals. Then, and only then, do we gain access to teamwork and the domains of speaking and listening. I acknowledge my teammates for taking on this conversation fully with me. We, as a team of 6, are World Changers. Our GITW calls have now expanded to include Team Seattle. [3] It’s been such a contribution to have Team Seattle joining our GITW daily call. Thank you Sarah Mosley for creating Team and Teamwork that knows no boundaries.

[3] Program Manager and Center Manager approvals required to join.

What is your Game in the World?

Through my year of participation in TMLP, I created “My Year of Retirement” game. It demanded teamwork. Yes I am already an entrepreneur through and through, so why join TMLP? I was committed to replace myself within my own company! I will be fully retired from Rapid Results Bodywraps and living in a new city close to my family by December 1st, 2013. I can have it all! I won that game.

So what’s my new Game? I am creating another business called A Getaway Home that represents investors in the Acquisition, Interior Design/Staging, Management, and Advertising of vacation homes. I provide consulting and advising to help investors and board members understand their potential for revenue, equity growth, tax shelter advantages, hands-free management, and an opportunity to go PLAY at any home within the network.

The context for TMLP is an entrepreneurial program so many of us come in with the intention to expand our businesses. GREAT! So what I have created for myself and my Team is to take that conversation to another level by asking ourselves: “how does our business contribute to the world?” If we are contributing to everyone worldwide, the business will naturally expand because people are enrolled in what we’re doing. Business expansion becomes a natural byproduct of…something.

When I sat with this, it came to me – philanthropy. The most conventional modern definition is “private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life“. Sounds like a GAME IN THE WORLD. 🙂

My game is the development of the philanthropic division of A Getaway Home! As a result of the philanthropic conversation, I have now created Veterans on Vacation, a program committed to connecting Wounded Veterans to Donated Vacation Home days. The intention of the program is to impact the suicide rate of our Veterans, which currently stands at 18 veterans a day. That is the largest travesty to happen on America Soil, in my opinion. Veterans on Vacation offers a space for families to reconnect and allow veterans to integrate back into the family dynamic in an environment filled with fun, family, and freedom. How does this happen? The owners of A Getaway Home donate 6 to 10 days per year in their vacation homes to a veteran and his/her family.

My Game is dedicated to my family – my son Tyler and two brothers (who are all active United States Coast Guards), my father (a Vietnam War Veteran), my ex-husband (a Desert Storm Veteran), both my grandfathers (who are retired Marine and Army members). I am touched and inspired to have my family involved and who they are creating themselves to be for others.

So, how is my game progressing after 6 weeks? There is an ROTC class of high school students creating our presence such that Veterans on Vacation is known across America. It is being created with the Marine Corp Trials (the Marine’s Wounded Warriors Olympics) to have the Veterans on Vacation program become an award to the winners in February 2014. I am also speaking with the USO on Oct 7th as one of the final measures to have this program adopted by a National Organization. I feel blessed that my game will live beyond me and the number of lives touched […Heather pauses…and then continues as her voice cracks] will be exponential. I am clear that if I remain the entity for which that game exists versus the communication (a conduit) for it to EXIST in the world, I will keep the game small! Letting this Game live so far out there that I will never know who I touch is my gift to the world.

Creating Conversations for Healthy Habits

Bonnie Smith’s game that she created in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program involved putting together a team of people to promote healthy living, including a day of healthy habits seminars. Titled ‘Creating Conversations for Healthy Habits’, Smith’s game was inspired by her life experience losing weight and getting healthy – Smith is passionate about ending obesity and giving people the opportunity to live healthy lives.

Drawing on her own experiences with weight loss and wellness, Bonni Smith created a powerful project dedicated to creating healthy conversations during her first year in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP).  Working with a team of health coaches, Bonni coordinated with her local hospital to create a day of talks and demonstrations called Conversation for Healthy Habits with the goal to unite people in a conversation for good health and wellness.

Bonni shares, “as an obese child I felt alone and frustrated and didn’t feel I had the appropriate knowledge or resources to create balance in my life or a strong feeling of community to help me along the way. Conversation for Healthy Habits is a cooperation of people from different callings who are up to empowering each other as leaders and creating health and wellbeing for the community.”

Since the initial event, she continues to host weekly Habits of Health classes at the local hospital. Bonni continues to find new outlets for her program, including working with the Girl Scouts of America in Broward County, Florida. In fact, they have requested Conversation for Healthy Habits to be a part of the curriculum in alignment with Michelle Obama’s initiative to end childhood obesity. And she’s not stopping there! Bonni is committed to have Conversation for Healthy Habits a part of other communities. She is working with professional associations in human resources and the medical field to incorporate “lunch and learns” and is focusing on physician offices as a resource for the community to fight obesity and bring Conversation for Healthy Habits to everyone.

Bonni’s project was highlighted in a one minute video that she made and was presented with other videos of projects at a quarterly meeting of the TMLP. She’d never made a video before, but after watching some instructional videos on YouTube, Bonni reports, “I got that anything worth saying can be done in one minute, which taught me how to get to the point.”

Determined not to lose her new skills, she now creates videos for other people up to making a difference in health and wellbeing, including one for a funeral home that holds classes on bereavement and gratitude. This has fostered new partnerships and goodwill. Bonni shares, “it gets really exciting when the game goes viral. You just don’t know where your commitment is supposed to take you.”

As a result of the teams and communities she has created, Bonni has become a respected expert in her community and has stepped into several advisory boards that open up new avenues for Conversations for Health Habits. Her clients are continuing their healthy living conversations and some have even begun to coach people in their communities. In a nutshell, she is creating new communities and teams around what’s important in her life all the time.

“Teams are the only way to get something accomplished and I am clear from my Team training that it is never about me.  I am always grateful and acknowledge the people that show up in my life. So many things are opening up — it’s so outrageous and humbling —it’s as if the community was just waiting for me to do this.”

Team Games in the World – Chicago

The following video presents team games in the world – community projects – created by people taking part in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program, and were presented in a short video presented in June 2011 in Chicago. The projects covered include efforts to save the salmon in the Pacific Northwest, creating healthy habits to get American Healthy, a retreat to celebrate recovery from addiction, and more.

Landmark's Newest Course, Direct Access, Now Available

People connected to Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program may be interested to learn that Landmark Education has opened its newest program, titled Direct Access: Creating and Living a Future You Really Want.

The two-day program is designed to use recent work from the field of neuroscience to have people immediately and naturally taking action towards goals that they care about. The program, which comes out this fall, features multimedia elements as well as a lecture/discussion format over a Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm each day.

There is also a promotion available with the course where the first people who register in each city will receive a free iPod Shuffle, and registrants are also entered into a drawing with the chance to win a year of personal coaching. Visit for more details.

Wondrous Women

Kelly Taing of Landmark Education’s Team San Diego has created a very interesting community…a community of hot wives. “The Hot Wife Club” is a community of women helping each other to live their dream life while having their own identity after marriage and children.

Ms. Taing was inspired to do this project when she began creating her dream life. While creating herself as a wife and mother, she became present to how other women struggle with their relationships and sometimes even let themselves go physically and emotionally. In her vision of her future self, Kelly chose to create her self as being a ‘hot wife’ and “The Hot Wife Club” was born. Read more

Age Looks at Aging

In this fast paced world of extraordinary inventions, sophisticated travel, and high tech communication devices; we’ve lost touch with one of our most valuable resources.

Brian Braff noticed a missing concerning the way our society looks at our senior citizens. His interest in the subject of aging started long before joining the Team Management Leadership Program with Landmark Education. Despite the numerous articles, books and documentaries about the older segment of society, none were created from the vantage point of the people who were aging. Read more

One Great Neighborhood

When Jenina Lepard knocked on Cecilia Rossiter’s door last year, the two women had no idea that they had the same commitment to being responsible and knowing how one can make a difference in the world.

Cecilia shares, “We became friends. Jenina’s Bahá’i faith demands members to be in communities and have communities work for everybody with nobody left out. She had the desire to create a strong, vibrant neighborhood, and I wanted to build a community where I lived. Therefore, I created a Game in the World, supported by my participation in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program, where I was committed to creating community within our neighborhoods.” Read more

Living the Dream

In the year since his marriage, Team Mexico Landmark Education TMLP participant Javier Rosas and his spouse, Mickey, have experienced a real breakthrough in their relationship.

“We realized we were playing only within the space of our own partnership,” declares Javier. “Giving up the idea of being selective about whom we spent our time with has made us present to being openly related to all others.” Read more

Kitty Connect

Animal lovers, unite! Rebecca Godo, from Landmark Education’s Team Detroit, has created a game for all to play, be they animal lovers or animal not so much’ers. Everyone in the conversation is inspired by the genius of this game.

Rebecca loves animals and doesn’t relish the idea of any animals forced to survive out in the elements. “I want all animals to have permanent and loving homes. However, that can’t happen until we get the pet population under control.” Rebecca sees a far-reaching piece of her game as “Worldwide animal population control, with municipalities all working together. Pet population control then becomes one HUGE worldwide community effort.” Read more