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The Oshun Project – Rigorous Contribution to Haiti



At-ten-TION! For-ward MARCH! Pre-sent ARMS!

One may associate these strict military commands with the rigor you experience when you have Akeisha Johnson on your team as Team 2 Team Lead. She has her collection of all Team, Management, & Leadership Program (TMLP) design statements, Communication distinctions, and any tool you need at her fingertips ready to pass along to someone unknowingly craving for the information. She interrupts conversations, an accepted common practice from Team 2’s, to insert the integrity that’s missing. Nothing is left ambiguous with Akeisha holding us accountable.

Imagine what you can accomplish using this rigor in your life outside of Landmark. Akeisha applied her skills and tools to her Game in the World called “The Oshun Project”. The Oshun Project is a project in Haiti which empowers communities to rebuild their villages in a sustainable fashion. The first project started during her Team 1 term where she installed a water filtration system in Haiti. In partnership with Chavanes Casseus, Director of MP3K in Haiti, they provide education classes to inform the community how to best use their filtered water. Additionally, they deliver filtered water to nearby schools in the town of Rhe, Camp-Perrin.

Being unstoppable is no longer a concept for Akeisha; she experiences herself as unstoppable simply by being in action and having conversations.

I was standing in front of a group of about 100 people in rural Haiti celebrating installing a water filtration system that I caused for a community plagued with cholera and I was in tears. Realizing that I had achieved what I had envisioned 8 years prior.

When I first thought of doing projects in Haiti I was an undergrad and thought that empowering Haitians would empower me, but I had NO CLUE how I would do it. It was when I did Landmark’s SELP 6 years after I thought of the idea, that I had the blueprint for putting something together to make a difference for Haitians. In the program I identified that our work would empower communities already up to doing things. What our program would do is partner with these communities and bring sustainable resources to them. In SELP and later in team, I got coached around creating structures for what I wanted to accomplish. That’s how we installed a solar-generated filtration water system for over 15,000 people in a remote area of Haiti. Once I understood that what there was for me to do is tap into communities of people and then map a plan and take action on it, I was on my way!

Playing big games also mean we get hit with BIG breakdowns. So I ask Akeisha, “What’s the biggest breakdown you had and how did you overcome it?” Breakdowns are not experienced as breakdowns anymore for Akeisha because she’s gotten used to them and all it means is that something is missing.

Until people started dying.

During the installation of the water filtration system, it was rainy season high in the mountainous southwestern region of Haiti (specifically Rhe, Camp-Perrin). There’s a large river bed that the people in the community need to cross to access the market. The river bed overflows and they lose about 5 to 10 people every season when local Haitians cross this river bed. This was a breakdown that knocked out the rigorous, unstoppable Akeisha. She was scared and thought herself an idiot for thinking she could make a difference in a place like Haiti that had so many problems, where others have thrown their hands up and given up on. She felt responsible for the loss of these people’s lives.

Fortunately, with the skills she’s acquired through Landmark’s programs and, more importantly, her two coaches, she’s able to regain herself and get back into action. Her coach Clay Kilgore, who is also the program’s fiscal sponsor and Team SF’s former Classroom Leader, is the one who made the difference for her by reminding her of her commitment and the possibility she created. Her Team 2 coach, Elizabeth Miller, also reflected back to Akeisha her possibility and outcome. Additionally, her committed colleagues, Margaret and Bee, helped her see who she is for others.

Following this incident, she decided to expand on her project. She is now opening a market at Rhe, Camp-Perrin so the locals will have access to groceries and other necessities within their own community and taking out the necessity to cross the dreaded river bed. The market is being created as a social enterprise with the revenue going towards local school kids’ tuition.

When Akeisha first created her game, she knew it was big and didn’t think she would accomplish it. It didn’t seem real to her until she started talking to people and found team members. Akeisha and her team keep each other accountable and, a mere idea manifested into reality for herself and the families in Haiti.

The Oshun Project’s new website launches May 30th, please visit them at!

Photos supplied by Akeisha Johnson, with her commentary:

IMG01205-20140326-1146 (1)

Frantz St. Forte is the chief operator to the water filtration system and the Executive Secretary of MP3K, the organization The Oshun Project is partnered with in Haiti. He also conducts the educational classes to inform community members on best uses for the filtered water.

IMG01201-20140326-1144 2

Water to be delivered to local schools distributed by MP3K.


This building is where the local market will go. The building requires finishing (this is what we are working on completing now). A section of the building is where the filtration system is. Like a specific window in a store.  –Akeisha

(Building a local market in Haiti.)

BONE APPETIT Provides Meals on Wheels for Pets

Brian Daly Check

What’s worse than getting by on one meal a day? Having to share that meal with your only companion; the one that only you acknowledge as significant. This is the breakdown Brian Daly became fully aware of and decided to create a plan for transformational impact. Through Landmark’s distinctions and teamwork, his concern has translated into an initiative he titled BONE APPETIT.  BONE APPETIT provides thousands of pounds of food to the “furry” companions of the elderly population in Los Angeles who depend on the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels program for their nourishment.

During our conversation, Brian shared how although St. Vincent Meals on Wheels is one of the largest privately funded programs providing meals in the United States, they had not been able to gain traction in providing adequate food to the four-legged companions of these homebound seniors. The carefully designed meals that should have provided adequate nourishment to the recipients were not fully effective. The seniors were sharing their meals with their pets so their companions would not go hungry. The impact is higher incidences of additional care to the malnourished seniors. The intended benefits of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels were diminished significantly while the food being shared was not providing the correct nutrients for the senior or their pets. A veritable lose-lose situation. Brian tells how through the Team, Management, and Leadership Program (TMLP) he has been able to effectively provide where government and NGO’s have been ineffective.

One Man + One Idea + TMLP = Impact

What is your Game in the World?

There are impoverished seniors in Los Angeles that receive their nourishment through St. Vincent Meals on Wheels and they have cats and dogs. And what I found was that many of them were sharing their meals with their pets. So I set out to create a program to provide food for pets as well.

What are the possibilities for this Game?

Well, the greatest possibilities through BONE APPETIT are that tummies are being filled and proper nourishment is happening for impoverished seniors and their animals. We know from the research that St. Vincent Meals on Wheels has done is that people who receive proper nourishment have improved chances of healthy living that is increased by about 83% versus people who don’t eat properly everyday. Those who don’t have adequate nourishment are considerably more susceptible to illness than those that are eating properly.

What are some of the breakdowns that you have had and how have you overcome them?

The stories were so compelling to me that I thought they would resonate with everybody I knew. I believed that everybody would want to raise their hands and help out; that really wasn’t the case at all. So what I found was that maybe 5% of the people in my world were truly willing to participate. And that was probably due to my expectation first and foremost. Then there was my own personal breakdown of just having “life” come along and occupy me, so I had to maintain my integrity by really focusing my attention on my Game; I kept dropping the ball, you might say. When I wasn’t achieving what I had hoped, I thought “Why the hell am I doing this? Nobody really cares about this but me.” So that kind of “morass thinking” got in the way. People in my world who had agreed to help didn’t follow through. So there was a lot of hope on my part with expectations that people were going to keep their word. Right?  I would say about 10 people gave their word to support my Game and really go for this service and at the end of the day, there were about 3 people that really did.

Is there anything about this program that you want to make more visible?

Yes, before I started this project, I just figured with Medicare, and this and that and the other, that seniors were just taken care of; it really isn’t like that. There are a lot of people in this world who are alone, who have no one, who have no money, and who don’t have enough to eat. And it is not only heart-breaking, it is a bit shocking to me! If you think of a country like, let’s say Mexico, because of the poverty there, people live in family communities. Whereas here, we are all in our own little worlds in our developed country, we have our own apartments and our own homes. As a result of that, there’s a lot of “alone-ness” among elderly people. There is a big portion of the population that is forgotten, whether they have pets or not. I met with St. Vincent Meals on Wheels yesterday and they were talking to me about the different communities they have yet to reach, like the Russian-speaking community, the LGBT community, and the Chinese community. They know the need exists in all of them and they want to find as many people as they can because their goal is that no one goes to bed hungry. So that is what I find so staggering—it’s 2014 in Los Angeles, California and so many people go to bed hungry…

What do you want to be acknowledged for?

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels had tried many times to put together a food for pets program and the most they had been able to generate was $800 in donations. And now BONE APPETIT has collected $21,000! So obviously I made a difference. In addition, we are getting food from Centinela Feed at cost; also Petsmart made a donation separately of $4,000 (they also want to provide dog food and cat food at cost.)

What is the outcome you are generating for your Game in the World?

The outcome is that Variety Magazine has done a story on me; that came out of left field, I didn’t expect that and since then, I have been contacted by a company called The American Society on Aging that wants to interview me as well for some of their publications. So the word is out! In an ideal world, what I would like, is for the people that receive assistance from Meals on Wheels in every city in America to be nourished properly.

What is the NEW way of seeing yourself while playing in your Game in the World?

The new way is that I don’t get defeated by the GAP,I don’t get defeated by the Breakdowns, where in the past I would have. And I almost did give up. But using the distinctions I have acquired in SELP and TMLP, I picked myself up and dusted myself off and continued on.

How have you triumphed over your past?

How I triumphed over my past is by (pause) I am moving the emotions out of the way by making this all a game and just sticking to my goal. I am in the Team Management and Leadership Program, so the distinction of creating a game is having a goal and unfolding it, so that I have mamageable Milestones to reach; this game allows me to break a big task down into manageable units. And so that is how I am applying the distinctions of Team towards this game, so instead of feeling defeated because I didn’t complete one thing, I know that I can pick it back up and keep going in the same direction and know that there will be breakdowns and there will be Gaps along the way. I can recalibrate if I need to and get back on-track. A lot of my outreach was through social media, if you post something on Facebook and you think you are going to get action you are sadly mistaken. People need a deeper level of “relatedness” to want to participate versus just reading a posting on Facebook. So,I re-calibrated and instead of reaching everybody through a posting, I made my requests individually to each person I knew through Facebook Instant Message. Initially I thought, I posted this on Facebook and everybody is going to see this and sign up and it’s going to be wonderful. And then it dawned on me, I see these postings all the time and although I may “like” them, liking them is not really a “call to action.” But when someone says to me through Instant Messenger, “Hey, Brian, here is something I am interested in and would you take a look at this, and participate if you like,” then I am much more compelled to do so. The other thing that I wanted to say is that, because of Landmark, I was committed to this, but not attached, and I learned where I was attached. You know, I had attachments with BONE APPETIT which I didn’t even realize. I shifted away from those attachments and then that opened up the space for me to just be committed and let it work out the way it worked out. And it was through that commitment that I was able to achieve my goals.

What has been your experience in being of service to others?

What has happened as a result of this program is that I have been able to “dance in the conversation” with the folks at St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels and as a result I am able to help them with some of their other programs where they have run into blocks or barriers. So, for example, yesterday they asked me if I could help them with their fresh fruit program because the cost of fresh fruit has gone up considerably. They buy it already cut up because it costs them less to buy it cut than it does to hire people to cut and pay workman’s comp. It went from 47 cents per pound to 64 cents overnight. So they wanted to do a “drive” to fund that gap, right? And I said I would love to create some teams in the Donor world; people who want to utilize social media to engage their world and enroll them in joining us to address that need. So the distinction that came about there was the “dancing in the conversation.” In other words, instead of me have a firm “agenda” for yesterday’s meeting that was solely about pets, we danced in the conversation and came up with solutions based on my communications with them for another need that they have. As a result, they have asked me to make a presentation at a fundraiser on the 27th to enroll and register people in creating teams to go out to the world and enroll people in supporting St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.

What structure did you have in place for your Game Leaders and what were their dreams?

I asked each of the leaders to go out and raise a thousand dollars; some said that they would ask each of the people they asked to raise $500. Those leaders that participated all together raised about $5000. They had expectations like I did, that it would be easy to get people to donate and it wasn’t at all. But just the same they went out, they were committed, and they kept talking to people. One key element that we offered donors was the opportunity to make a $10 text donation instantly from their cell phones. Whenever these folks were in a social setting, they would tell people about BONE APPETIT and our goals; then ask everybody in the crowd to pull out their smart phones and text the word “Meals” to 22022 and get that $10 donation. And the truth is that most of our donations were in the $10 region. The good news is that $10 buys enough cat food for a cat for a month! And people really felt empowered that their donation could make that much of a difference

To date BONE APPETIT has delivered over 4,000 lbs. of pet food to 278 homes. The existential expansion comes from supporters simply raising their hands to donate their time and resources to the cause. In Los Angeles, a photographer joined forces with “The Beauty Bus,” an organization of hair stylists and makeup artists from the entertainment industry, to photograph these people with their beloved pets to immortalize their incredible bond and friendship in photos – something these people would normally never get to experience. Also a Veterinarian has offered to proved basic, easily accessible veterinary services for the owners.

When you think about it, these people are homebound and in many cases, do not see other people except for those that deliver their food to their front door. Their only companions are their little furry friends. We like to think that we are brightening their lives by making sure that everyone, including their pet, is healthy. Through endless support we can gather a team of people with different skills and contributions and the possibilities for improving these people’s lives are truly endless.

 Author and Interviewer: W.J. “Bill” Beatty

Creating a Legacy for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program

Heather Gollyhorn
Team San Diego, Team 1, Quarter 4

Team San Diego is the possibility of “Passionate Partnership and Unstoppable Leadership with an outcome of Ever-Expanding Contribution”.

Interviewed and Written by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – Team 1, Quarter 1

Valerie Paz was also on the call
San Diego Center’s TMLP Classroom Leader & Regional Performance Champion for India


What are you creating for Team San Diego and for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program?

I am passionate about expanding our Team in San Diego as well as TMLP worldwide. Currently we have a team of 6 – five Team 1 members and one Team 2 member. Going into the next weekend as we stand today, we will not have a Team 2 represented [1]. Instead of following the old model of merging, which by definition is to blend or cause to blend gradually into something else so as to become indistinguishable from it, which insinuates not ever going back to a separate team. Instead Team San Diego is creating with Team Orange County a strategic alliance. The benefits of us creating an alliance is to have Teams support Teams such that each team contributes to one another during this transitional process. In the end we are all ONE BIG TEAM. During this time Team San Diego would then have the opportunity to continue expanding as well as develop courses in the San Diego Center.

[1] For those who don’t know, Team 1 Quarter 4’s need to skip a quarter before they can join Team 2. So during the Atlanta quarter, Team San Diego would not have a Team 2 because their current Team 2 member is on Quarter 4.

What is not being said that you want brought forward?

I want TMLP to ask ourselves, “Why is the program declining?” Team members are dropping off. I want to look at that. I am in inquiry with my team around this question. When we are passionate about our lives and when it’s all working, we are sharing fanatics. When we stop sharing, life stops working. When integrity is out, nothing works. When we give our word and do not fulfill on it, the program ends! At the weekend, we create our quarter and life happens in between those weekends. I personally have to keep myself present to the accountability statement by Werner Erhard.

”With a promise, you create a condition that supports your commitment rather than your moods. When motivational dialogue comes up about your preference versus your commitments, and you disregard the dialogue in favor of doing what you said you would do, solely because you said so, you distinguish yourself from your psychology. In that moment, you are your word as an action, rather than only as an idea you have.”

I invite everyone to get GROUNDED in this accountability statement; it is so powerful! Give your word responsibly – do the critical thinking, then make a promise or not. There is power and freedom when you give your word and fulfill on it.

We have a little saying on Team San Diego, “It’s so selfish it works for everybody.” How can such a ground-breaking entrepreneurial program diminish?! Let’s be so selfish that we honor this program as it is designed to be delivered. When first quarters come out to be greeted, I see the next set of World Changers.  We are the future of world that works for everyone. We are all here to have our lives work, the future work, and the world work.  So let’s get to work, and have fun doing it!

What do you want Team San Diego be acknowledged for?

From a Performance Champion’s view, Team San Diego would like to be acknowledged for having the highest Registration-to-Participant ratio in the Western Region. We are ranked in the top 6 teams that are marginally effective in producing the Communications Curricula nationally. Let’s celebrate the huge accomplishment for Team San Diego!

What is the possibility you are creating for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program?

I am the possibility of being the voice for San Diego’s Team, Management, and Leadership Program, honoring the design of TMLP, and delivering lives fulfilled.

I accept the request to cause the growth and expansion of our team and also the growth and expansion of TMLP by more than doubling the attendance to 2000 people by 2016.

What do you believe is the access to this program ever-expanding?

I am in T1Q4 and have held EVERY accountability on team, some even twice. This quarter I am accountable for Game in the World and Landmark Forum. The opportunity and access for ever-expanding contribution worldwide is through our Games. I currently hold daily GITW calls where we expand our games so far beyond what we currently know, beyond the reaches that make an impact so far out there that we will never see the recipients. We ensure that the design of Game in the World is in the OTHERS to OTHERS domain. Team San Diego has taken on that we are the communication for which our Games in the World exist, but not as individuals. Then, and only then, do we gain access to teamwork and the domains of speaking and listening. I acknowledge my teammates for taking on this conversation fully with me. We, as a team of 6, are World Changers. Our GITW calls have now expanded to include Team Seattle. [3] It’s been such a contribution to have Team Seattle joining our GITW daily call. Thank you Sarah Mosley for creating Team and Teamwork that knows no boundaries.

[3] Program Manager and Center Manager approvals required to join.

What is your Game in the World?

Through my year of participation in TMLP, I created “My Year of Retirement” game. It demanded teamwork. Yes I am already an entrepreneur through and through, so why join TMLP? I was committed to replace myself within my own company! I will be fully retired from Rapid Results Bodywraps and living in a new city close to my family by December 1st, 2013. I can have it all! I won that game.

So what’s my new Game? I am creating another business called A Getaway Home that represents investors in the Acquisition, Interior Design/Staging, Management, and Advertising of vacation homes. I provide consulting and advising to help investors and board members understand their potential for revenue, equity growth, tax shelter advantages, hands-free management, and an opportunity to go PLAY at any home within the network.

The context for TMLP is an entrepreneurial program so many of us come in with the intention to expand our businesses. GREAT! So what I have created for myself and my Team is to take that conversation to another level by asking ourselves: “how does our business contribute to the world?” If we are contributing to everyone worldwide, the business will naturally expand because people are enrolled in what we’re doing. Business expansion becomes a natural byproduct of…something.

When I sat with this, it came to me – philanthropy. The most conventional modern definition is “private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life“. Sounds like a GAME IN THE WORLD. 🙂

My game is the development of the philanthropic division of A Getaway Home! As a result of the philanthropic conversation, I have now created Veterans on Vacation, a program committed to connecting Wounded Veterans to Donated Vacation Home days. The intention of the program is to impact the suicide rate of our Veterans, which currently stands at 18 veterans a day. That is the largest travesty to happen on America Soil, in my opinion. Veterans on Vacation offers a space for families to reconnect and allow veterans to integrate back into the family dynamic in an environment filled with fun, family, and freedom. How does this happen? The owners of A Getaway Home donate 6 to 10 days per year in their vacation homes to a veteran and his/her family.

My Game is dedicated to my family – my son Tyler and two brothers (who are all active United States Coast Guards), my father (a Vietnam War Veteran), my ex-husband (a Desert Storm Veteran), both my grandfathers (who are retired Marine and Army members). I am touched and inspired to have my family involved and who they are creating themselves to be for others.

So, how is my game progressing after 6 weeks? There is an ROTC class of high school students creating our presence such that Veterans on Vacation is known across America. It is being created with the Marine Corp Trials (the Marine’s Wounded Warriors Olympics) to have the Veterans on Vacation program become an award to the winners in February 2014. I am also speaking with the USO on Oct 7th as one of the final measures to have this program adopted by a National Organization. I feel blessed that my game will live beyond me and the number of lives touched […Heather pauses…and then continues as her voice cracks] will be exponential. I am clear that if I remain the entity for which that game exists versus the communication (a conduit) for it to EXIST in the world, I will keep the game small! Letting this Game live so far out there that I will never know who I touch is my gift to the world.

Climb Any Mountain

Kim Crossman, Team London – T2Q2

Interviewed by Jennifer Douglass (Team PNW – T2Q1) on October 14th, 2013

What is the name of your game?

Climb Any Mountain

Tell me more about Climb Any Mountain.

We are transforming what is available for people with learning disabilities and mental illness in South Africa using global practices.

Possibility:  The possibility of being loving, generous and fun!

What gave you initiative to start this game?

My younger sister, Cara, needed to move out 2 years ago.  All that was available in South Africa was residential care that is essentially institutional.  The choice and voice that Cara had always had over her life was no longer possible.  It was heartbreaking to stand by and watch. I saw that the only way to ensure for certain that Cara, and others like her, get to live lives they choose in the absence of family being available, is to transform the conversation and services across the country.

When did you start this project?

I established the not-for-profit company, Climb Any Mountain, in August 2011 (since achieving charitable status in August 2012).  Initially I raised funds to prop up existing service offerings in South Africa – looking to provide work opportunities or creative opportunities for engagement of people with learning disability and mental illness, who were living within already established services.

It was at the end of my year on Team (One) that I got to see that this was insufficient; and I saw clearly what really needed to be done.  It both terrified and excited me. But by then (a year on Team) I had gotten to know myself as someone who could transform a country.  The moment I declared this, things really started to happen.

Tell me more about the game and what your intentions are for the future.

Climb Any Mountain has established a partner (The Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society) who has provided land for us to build the first of its kind supported living facility for people with learning disability and mental illness in South Africa.  We’re calling this the Transitional Living Centre (TLC) and this will be a stepping stone for individuals to move out of institutional care into independent living space (1-bed, 2-bed or 4-bed apartments) where they get to master life skills through supported programmes.

Our next step is to roll out this blueprint across South Africa, with a target of 10 TLCs within the next 3 – 5 years.  We have met with the South Africa Federation for Mental Health and are in the process of securing partners within each of the 9 provinces across the country.  Key in this phase is extending our conversations with local and national government.  We want to ensure that disability grants and subsidies extend to these services so that they continue to be accessible for all.

And step 3 is developing supported housing programmes out in the community so that people can progress to living a life in and amongst the family and friends that matter to them, with the appropriate level of social services and personal support.

How do you keep things going in regards to funding?

Climb Any Mountain is run by a group of extraordinarily committed volunteers, so our overheads are low.

Some of our funds have come from individuals and small teams who have taken on climbing their own metaphorical mountain, whether it’s taking on a triathlon or marathon for the first time, walking across the UK or trekking through jungles.  This never fails to move and inspire me.

Because we need to raise a substantial amount (£1million) for the first TLC we’ve had to look beyond this for this type of funding and it has been serendipitous the people we have met along the way.  To date we have £600k pledged.

In addition, we are holding our inaugural annual Gala Dinner and Auction fundraiser on the 25th October this year, aligned with World Mental Health Day which was on the 10th October.

We’re at an exciting growth point where we need to start to look now at structuring our organisation and our funding for the longer term.  This will involve more engagement with companies for Corporate Social Responsibility, and with Foundation Trusts and Philanthropists.

How did you use what you learned in the Team, Management and Leadership Program to contribute to your life?

Before the Team Management and Leadership Program I used to work 14 – 16 hours days and almost every weekend.  I travelled constantly – flying from one end of the earth to the other for work assignments.  I wasn’t in a relationship, even though I really wanted to be.  I had so much I wanted to do outside of just working, but my conversation was that I didn’t have the time to do it all.

Since doing the Team Management and Leadership Programme, I have been promoted 3 times in my workplace and doing a much bigger job that spans our global operations. The difference is that I now work 9 to 5 and never work on weekends.  I have taken part in two triathlons and have vitality again. I am engaged to be married to my dream man (yes, he does exist!). And I have created a thriving charity that is transforming a country.

For me, my life is now living proof of the promise that at the end of team you will naturally go to cause teams and teamwork in everything that you do, and that you will do this with freedom and ease and having love and affinity present.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the Team, Management, and Leadership Program or Landmark?

I am so grateful for having being introduced to Landmark.  My life was not going to turn out the way it has, not that there was anything wrong, but I just wasn’t present to that it is possible to create your life the way you want.  Life as a result has been so much more fun, and there has been so much less suffering!

The Team Management and Leadership Program is the most rigorous, on-the-court training I have ever had.  I spent a lot of money and time on an MBA degree several years ago.  While it was a fabulous degree to do and certainly leveraged my career and knowledge base, it does not compare in terms of what the Team, Management and Leadership Programme has given me regarding the practical capability to manage, lead and cause teams to deliver results effectively.

Humankind: Drawing Parallels


Imagine what the world would be like if everyone had access to education.  This is the inspiration behind the project Humankind: Drawing Parallels by Hackney resident Bernadette Cronin.

Humankind: Drawing Parallels is raising money for the global educational charity Room To Read by inviting people around the world to submit a drawing about what is important to them in their lives.   These drawings will be collated into designs printed onto fabric bags for sale, the proceeds of which will go to Room To Read.

The intention is for people around the world that participate, view the images or hear about the project, experience each other as one humankind.  Reaching as many people as possible, the project hopes to break down fear and prejudice that is so often portrayed by the media against other people that are ‘not like us’.

“I’m inspired by people recognizing they share the same dreams as someone on the other side of the world that they’ve never met; that they can see themselves in each other, that parallels are drawn to what is common among humankind, that people can contribute to a project to learn more about what is in the hearts of other people and feel related to everyone they come across in the world,” says project creator Bernadette Cronin on why she started the Humankind: Drawing Parallels project.

Website address:

Drawings uploaded by November 10 will be in the running to be selected for the printed designs.  Submissions on the website to date include the areas of family, love, education, environment, endangered animals, life balance, people living in harmony together, music and health.

Room to Read charity “envisions a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.”

Contact Information:
Bernadette Cronin
Email:   Website: