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Wondrous Women

Kelly Taing of Landmark Education’s Team San Diego has created a very interesting community…a community of hot wives. “The Hot Wife Club” is a community of women helping each other to live their dream life while having their own identity after marriage and children.

Ms. Taing was inspired to do this project when she began creating her dream life. While creating herself as a wife and mother, she became present to how other women struggle with their relationships and sometimes even let themselves go physically and emotionally. In her vision of her future self, Kelly chose to create her self as being a ‘hot wife’ and “The Hot Wife Club” was born. Read more

Age Looks at Aging

In this fast paced world of extraordinary inventions, sophisticated travel, and high tech communication devices; we’ve lost touch with one of our most valuable resources.

Brian Braff noticed a missing concerning the way our society looks at our senior citizens. His interest in the subject of aging started long before joining the Team Management Leadership Program with Landmark Education. Despite the numerous articles, books and documentaries about the older segment of society, none were created from the vantage point of the people who were aging. Read more

One Great Neighborhood

When Jenina Lepard knocked on Cecilia Rossiter’s door last year, the two women had no idea that they had the same commitment to being responsible and knowing how one can make a difference in the world.

Cecilia shares, “We became friends. Jenina’s Bahá’i faith demands members to be in communities and have communities work for everybody with nobody left out. She had the desire to create a strong, vibrant neighborhood, and I wanted to build a community where I lived. Therefore, I created a Game in the World, supported by my participation in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program, where I was committed to creating community within our neighborhoods.” Read more

Hear's to Your Greatness

Mark Blondy, a participant in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program, has created a project, ‘Hear’s to Your Greatness’, where he interviewed people and really listened to them in such a way that they are overcoming obstacles in their lives. Before the program, Blondy relates, he would hear people without really listening to them. See more in the video below.

Living the Dream

In the year since his marriage, Team Mexico Landmark Education TMLP participant Javier Rosas and his spouse, Mickey, have experienced a real breakthrough in their relationship.

“We realized we were playing only within the space of our own partnership,” declares Javier. “Giving up the idea of being selective about whom we spent our time with has made us present to being openly related to all others.” Read more

Kitty Connect

Animal lovers, unite! Rebecca Godo, from Landmark Education’s Team Detroit, has created a game for all to play, be they animal lovers or animal not so much’ers. Everyone in the conversation is inspired by the genius of this game.

Rebecca loves animals and doesn’t relish the idea of any animals forced to survive out in the elements. “I want all animals to have permanent and loving homes. However, that can’t happen until we get the pet population under control.” Rebecca sees a far-reaching piece of her game as “Worldwide animal population control, with municipalities all working together. Pet population control then becomes one HUGE worldwide community effort.” Read more

Pies the Limit

The team game in the world created by Amrita Ahuja in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program has a delicious focus: the simple baking of pies. Amrita shares about how she created a team to come together and bake pies, bringing joy to the residents of an addiction and elderly residential home in Vancouver.

Students Creating Futures

Through Gale Holmlund’s participation in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program, she designed a Game in the World where she has been able to create a new model for education in an “urban suburban” community, just outside the inner city of Chicago.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if there were high schools where the students were treated as equal members, as part of a team, involved in creating remarkable futures for themselves? Where, when a student is confronted and reacts, there is no repercussion, no disciplinary action, no principals called? Instead, the student is allowed to leave, think about what happened, and return to the classroom ready once again to participate on the team. Read more

Change 4 A Buck

Out of participating in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program in Los Angeles, Bryan Marks has created ‘Change 4 A Buck’, an organization dedicated to putting philanthropy in anyone’s hands for just a dollar a month.

The Change 4 A Buck team researches different grass roots projects making a tangible difference in a variety of different areas, and gives people the chance to choose from a range of options where their dollar a month goes, and gives people tools to create teams and spread the word so that a huge number of people are giving. Marks says that before taking part in Landmark Education’s TMLP, he was resigned about being able to truly make a global difference. Check out Change 4 A Buck and watch the video below.