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Playing Big: Beyond the Borders

In Landmark Education’s Team Management Leadership Program, Jorge Flores-Wells’ created a project to empower the relationship between Mexico and the United States.

The name of Jorge Flores-Wells’ game in the world is “Playing Big.” The possibility of the game is leadership, love and sharing. The intention is to “create an empowering context and a bridge among people to take a stand for Mexico´s image around the world.” Read more

Mentoring Miracles

This story is about Catherine Cassidy’s team game in the world (created in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program) to create partnership and ease among health care professionals in hospitals.

Many people remember Catherine Cassidy playing Dorothy in the skit of The Wizard of Oz that Team San Diego presented in front of 800 people in Chicago. Cassidy told me, “That was a really, really big breakthrough for me, being able to speak in front of large groups, and doing that has created that I am able to be with any conversation. Talking in front of groups has helped me with my communication and being a leader at work. I am now comfortable expressing positive things, being vulnerable and fully self- expressed, and being authentic all the time. I got that from TEAM and from being in the skit”. Read more

The Elijah Initiative

This story is about The Elijah Initiative, Marcos Elizondo’s Game in the World that he created while taking part in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.

“I take a small step. I walk to the front of the room. In this auditorium there are more than 800 people. The only thing I have with me is a dream in my heart. I share with the people that each day 4,500 children die on the planet from a lack of clean water to drink. And before these 800 people I declare that I am going to do something to stop this from happening. I tell them I do not know how I am going to do it, I do not know what will be required, and this is something I am standing for and going to change. Read more

Belleza, Cambio de Imagen, Transforma Vidas

Después de trabajar hasta tarde durante la semana y todos los fines de semana, por lo general la industria de los salones cierra la tienda cada lunes para dar a sus empleados un día libre. Esto no es asi encierto salón en Miami! El último lunes de cada mes Serenity Hair & Spa de Miami, Florida, abre sus puertas a un grupo muy especial de clientes. Una vez al mes un equipo de estilistas, maquilladores y manicuristas que trabajan en Serenity Hair & Spa como voluntarios trabajan ese día y transforman cuerpos y vidas de un grupo de mujeres que viven en refugios. Este es el juego propietaria del salón, Debbie Smith en el Equipo de Landmark Education, Gestión y Programa de Liderazgo. Read more

"Mexico Movimento" – Get Mexico Moving

Paola Bortoluz from Team Mexico knows how to get a party started. Her “Party” is about celebrating the power and joy of making a difference. Through Mexico Moviemento, Paola has created a way for the entire country of Mexico to get up and DO SOMETHING!

Using her experience from Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program, Paola asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if people who wanted to get involved had an easy way of making a difference? Read more

Excellence with Impact

Tim Meyer, a participant in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program in Vancouver, has created ‘Excellence with Impact: Saving Lives’, a project designed to give cancer patients and their families knowledge and power in dealing with a cancer diagnosis, building teams to bring next-generation diagnosis technologies to people:

How's My Driving?

Paul Bliven of Los Angeles was inspired by being in a car accident to take action against aggressive driving. As his project in Landmark Education’s Team, management and leadership program, he is working with filmmakers in the creation of a documentary, “How’s My Driving”, which demonstrates the consequences of aggressive driving – visit the website for the How’s My Driving film.

Beauty Makeovers Transform Lives

After working late hours during the week and all weekend, typically the salon industry closes up shop each Monday to give their employees a day off. This is not so for a salon in Miami! The last Monday of each month Serenity Hair & Spa of Miami Florida, opens her doors to a very special group of clients. Once a month a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists who work at Serenity Hair & Spa volunteer for the day and transform the bodies and lives of a group of women from the A Safe Space woman’s shelter. This is salon owner Debbie Smith’s game in the Landmark Education Team, Management and Leadership Program. Read more

Por l'Amor de Mis Hijas – Balancing Mind, Body and Soul

Lucia Grajales, of Team Mexico in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program, has created a safe space for children to discover themselves newly and for their parents to learn new ways to be great. Her Game In The World, “Integrated Health” was created as a gift to families to have them explore what a “healthy child” really is: one whose emotional, physical and spiritual selves are in total balance. Lucia is providing the keys for parents to identify and address well-being challenges that are beyond a physical ailment. Her intention: Creating awareness and responsibility in our children for their well being. Read more

Share Your Plate

“Share Your Plate” is the name of Mark Tafoya’s Game in the World, created in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program. Chef Mark, as he also calls himself, is a man who loves to cook and feed people. The possibility of his game is nourishing the body and the soul.

A professional chef by trade, for Mark, food is not just something to eat, but an avenue to bring people together. The intention of this game is love, grace and harmony. “People are too often starving unnecessarily and there is enough food to feed everyone,” Mark says. Read more