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Being a Beacon for Peace

On Friday evening November 30th, the Peace Illuminations Light Project was launched. Tens of thousands of Los Angelenos were given the gift of a lighting art installation on a building on La Brea Boulevard. The installation was a stunning and dramatic piece on the concept of Peace – the word. Peace was presented in multiple languages including: English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Chinese, French, German, etc.

The building was lit for a total of 11 nights, broadcasting a message of peace to the cities of West Hollywood and Los Angeles. A billboard donated by ClearChannel was placed on the corner of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights Boulevards letting drivers and passersby know of the lighting project and of the website (

The project launch included a community kickoff event hosted at the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center. With community choirs singing to dancing from little Russian girls dressed in country-western garb to the West Hollywood Master Chorale performing, it was a festive event!

The project stimulates a conversation on the nature of peace in our large and diverse city, Los Angeles, drawing together and causing teams from various walks of life. The Mayor of West Hollywood and the City Manager attended the launch, as did many members of the community. Corporate and private monies and in-kind donations were contributed to sponsor this event including funds from Target, Combined Biz, Clear Channel Outdoors, West Hollywood Gateway and a variety of generous individuals.

Leaders and teams came together to take control of various aspects of this project, such that there is almost no “doing” on my part – I simply had enrollment and registration conversations, then ongoingly maintained enrollment in the various groups involved.

They have been the ones causing the project and miracles to occur. They experience themselves as contributing enthusiastically to making a difference in the community.

What exists in the world is excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment among many individuals.

People are proposing enlarging the scale of this project from lighting one building to lighting multiple buildings to lighting buildings in multiple cities worldwide. We are looking to see how to enroll others in agreeing to take on the project and raise funds for it.
This project can grow larger and brighter each year.
I am building opportunities for communication on the nature of peace through the media of language and art and doing so in a way which is generous and non-threatening to any and all human beings. The intention is to cause a shift in the way human beings interact with one another on a large-scale level. It’s an opportunity for groups of people to come together in a positive way creating a new realm of communication through a magnificent display of art and light.
— Natalie Bergman, Team Los AngelesÂ

Global Green Indigneous Film Festival

While the environment has become an issue that is front and center for most of us, for the indigenous peoples around the world, it has always been an issue of primary importance. Landmark Education Graduates Mary Velarde and Veronica Tiller created a the Global Green Indigenous Film Festival in association with its 15th annual environmental conference next spring, the National Tribal Environmental Council (NTEC), a non-profit based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will launch its new own Global Green Indigenous Film Festival from April 18-20, 2008.

The National Tribal Environmental Council is an organization that has been working to “enhance each tribe’s ability to protect, preserve and promote the wise management of air, land and water for the benefit of current and future generations (from website),” and currently has a membership of 184 tribes.

“For nearly 20 years, NTEC has been working with and assisting tribes throughout the country to protect, regulate and manage their environmental resources,” said Jerry Pardilla, NTEC’s executive director. “An international film festival of this caliber adds a new dimension that will bring innovative ideas together as a means for protecting the environment that the global community can benefit from.”

The festival will be held at El Museo Cultural in Santa Fe, in partnership with the New Mexico Tourism Department.

Raw Beauty

Landmark Forum Graduate Ginny Dixon is a participant in the Team Management and Leadership Program and her Team Game in the world for this last quarter is called Raw Beauty. Dixon has been travelling the world and making a living through her photography for over 20 years, winning two Pulitzer prizes for her work with the Los Angeles Times. During that time, she has participated in a variety of powerful projects that make a difference, including a photographic tribute to breast cancer survivors. In this game, she uses her skills to set up photo shoots for women with disabilities to give the experience of being a fashion model.

Ask Me Why I'm M.A.D.

The following story was written by Ernie Vidovic as he participated in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program, Team 1, in Toronto in 2007.

One of the most special people I have ever come across was Maddie Babineau. Maddie lost her battle with cancer on May 15, 2007. Her courage, strength, and wisdom touched people deeply. Maddie’s smiles were contagious. She was known as the girl who gave away her wish.

Through the Children’s Wish Foundation, Maddie gave her one wish away to kids in Africa. By building a school in a rural community in the Maasai Mara, Maddie helped children receive the gift of education. She further raised funds to bring water to the community by building a well and continued to fundraise on her own so she could realize her ultimate dream of fully adopting this Kenyan community.

After the Team Management and Leadership Program Weekend in Newport Beach back in June 2007, I was inspired to create a run of some sort involving teens. It was my daughter, coincidentally named Madison, who suggested we use this run to carry on her schoolmate’s legacy. I loved this idea and created a Game in the World entitled “Run Like You’re M.A.D (Making A Difference)”. Through sharing, I immediately had two team members, my daughter and Maddie’s mother, Sharon Babineau!

This run has spawned an enormous interest within the teenage community and within the schools. I have a team of more than 30 people working at creating the magical event. People are literally showing up and demanding to join the team. What these people truly see is possibility –for themselves, their students, their families, and, most notably, for the children who live in poverty with no access to education or clean water.

Unbelievable results! Unbelievable conversations! Brian Melo, Canadian Idol winner is hosting the event. The Free the Children Foundation is our prime supporter. We’ll have press coverage on CNN and CBC programs highlighting Maddie.

It’s about being on a rampage for communication! And,the winning is easy. My game wins because it is not about me. For three quarters, I played small – as an identity.The second I gave that up, ridiculous results were produced. OUR event is planned for the first week in May 2008. It promises to have over 7000 teens making a difference and “Being” Leadership. Young teens, Maddie’s best friends, and teachers – witnessing people see themselves M.A.D. – making a difference – has caused enormous fulfillment in my life. All this and seeing my own daughter stepping into her leadership and excited about something so huge has left me in awe of the results. Speaking the words, being in communication, and watching it unfold just because I said so. Succulent!

Craig and Marc Kielburger published a book called “Me to We”. I am so clear on what that title means. WE are taking steps in the right direction. WE are making a difference in the world. I truly thank the Team Management and Leadership Program body and Landmark Education for allowing me the opportunity to grow into an individual that chooses to be ALIVE! I got my life out of this program and I got a relationship with my daughter in the most unexpected way! It’s the fulfillment of the reason I signed onto this program.

The time is NOW. Be the difference!

Who I am is a stand in the world for eradicating povertyand suffering in the world, and ensuring that every childhas the basic right to go to school. Making a difference iseasy – you just have to declare that you will be it, do it,and your word will build your world!

Maddie’s family hopes to see the dream of “Maddie’s Village” become a reality. To support Maddie’s wish to Adopt a Village, visit the site which her family has created. Together, we can carry Maddie’s legacy forward and make her dream come true.

Team on the Web

Here is a collection of websites for great games in the world creatd in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.
– Global citizen, Bart Kresa, is a much sought afterlighting designer and graduate of Team 2, Team Los Angeles. Bart created the visuals for the Peace Illuminations Light Project in Los Angeles. The Peace Illuminations team is expanding the game to bring art and light to buildings in all corners of the world. – growing profitable, socially responsible, and sustainable enterprises – traveling photography exhibit of foster children awaiting permanent homes; photographed by volunteer professional photographers – leadership program in Providence, Rhode Island, training youth to become powerful advocates who are transforming their schools, police, and community through partnership with adults – teens in the United States fundraising for children in orphanages around the world – healing families, moving them to communicate, love, create abundance, & peace – Global Green Indigenous Environmental Film Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, bringing Mother Earth healing through the collective efforts of all people on the planet; partnership with the National Tribal Environmental Council – global conversation on breast health awareness – arts and action making a difference for children impacted by HIV/Aids in local and global communities – transformational global leadership organization – putting an internet connected computer in the hands of every child on the planet – make available naturally produced unprocessed milk – transforming healthcare in Minnesota; aging with independence and dignity – providing global veterans and their families acknowledgment, completion, and healing with watergardens – supporting the preservation of wild horses