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Wave for Peace

The WaveThe Wave for Peace enters the Super Bowl Feb. 3rd, 2008

Who I am is the possibility of peace, love and inspiration.
Hi, my name is Linda Gancitano. I am on Team Florico and this is my Game.

1 year ago:
Who would have thought 3 months after the Landmark Forum that I would be committed to world peace in this lifetime? This possibility arrived in the mountains of Colorado. I was watching the Free Hugs Campaign on YouTube. The inspiration came from that experience and caused me to envision a world of peace. And what that looked like for me was that for one moment in time the entire world be present to peace.
I knew I had only 3 months for my Self Expression and Leadership Program project to get this idea into action. The vision came and I saw the event – The Wave for Peace enters the Super Bowl on Feb. 4th 2007 in Miami, Florida.
In every sporting event, the spectators perform the wave. Well, this particular WAVE would have a purpose and intention. This wave would be the Wave for Peace. Billions of people across the world would be watching this event. What better way to get the message across to the world?
The Wave for Peace didn’t happen last year at the Super Bowl.

We all know that life doesn’t always turn out the way we would like it to but what came from that intention was that three schools in Broward County had a Week of Peace. The Week of Peace brought awareness to our environment, our homes and communities. We had an incredible TEAM of teachers and students that created this event at each of the school. Over 2500 students on Jan. 31,2007 went out to their football fields and participated in the Wave. The Wave for Peace was seen from the air by a helicopter. Other media sources covered the event such as NBC, Telemundo TV, and the Miami Herald.

There was a peace rally 3 months later where one city had people at a stadium standing for peace. We may never know the impact of what that event caused for those students but what we do know is that the fights and suspensions were down for the week at our school The most important question we asked the students daily was “How can each one of us make a difference in our own lives to bring peace?”

Present day: Team Management and Leadership Program Weekend, Denver, CO, November 2007
One year ago this vision for world peace lingers. I joined TMLP in Denver, Co. where over 600 Landmark
Graduates were attending this event. I was informed that I have a Game in the World to put into action. I also was informed that I would create a TEAM of people to play this game. Our TEAM is looking for other people that are up to world peace.
What I hadn’t anticipated was that we are all being confronted with our own greatness, integrity and power. Communication is an access to power in creating the world we want to live. What I am getting from this experience is that peace is a way of being and we get to choose in every moment of our lives. Who are we going to be in the present moment and next moment no matter what? The GAME is still expanding and my request of TEAM Landmark is who can further this game so that on Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3rd, 2008 in Arizona every person in the world is present to world peace as a possibility now!

Future: Global Weekend Los Angeles, CA, February 2008
1.Video of the Wave for Peace is captured during the Super Bowl Feb. 3, 2008, and shown to all TMLP participants at the Global Weekend.
2. People from all over the world were contacting the NFL, TV network and Landmark to say how incredible the event was for them and how it transformed their lives
3.World Transformation is realized. Every country is supporting each other in creating the possibility of peace, health and happiness!!

One Event, One TEAM, One Message for One Moment

The Wave for Peace enters the Super Bowl Feb.3rd, 2008

The Vision
In every sporting event for years, people have been participating in the Wave which usually goes in the clockwise direction. The vision is to have the Wave go in a new direction. This new direction will represent Peace. The Wave for Peace would be the symbol of “What If?” What if we do something different and choose to live in a world of Peace? A wave for change is the wave for peace

How can you further the game?

Our America

This story is by Georgette Duncan, and it tells why she created the ‘Our America’ project in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.


Every year, 1.4 million immigrants come to the United States seeking
a better life. They follow in the footsteps of all Americans who’ve come to this land over millennia to weave a wonderful tapestry of culture and history. This is the chronicle of our journeys, our struggles, our stories:

Our America showcases the individual and community stories that capture the essence of millions of lives today. In each episode, we tell the story of individuals and families from one particular country. By following immigrants and highlighting their home country, we capture the rich and diverse contributions of many cultures to the American experience.


Each week we celebrate the struggles and successes of immigrant families. Regular segments highlight special issues, from immigration
law to workplace diversity, education, and the arts. My name is Georgette Duncan and people call me Juja. I’m a First Generation Immigrant.

Before Landmark one of my stories was – I’m talking broken English, people can’t understand me, or I’m talking funny, I’m not American, my customers will prefer Americans (it is easier to work with them), people do not take me seriously for very bad accent. With one word – not accepted. After I’ve realized my story (even look so real to me); the possibilities of love, acceptance, affinity and unity arise and an idea for the Immigrant show pop up as a bigger picture of the struggles immigrants face to be accepted in their new country.
I intend to create a one hour weekly TV program, the “Our America” Show for Immigrants as a space where immigrants are shown with the
differences in their upbringing, culture, religion, traditions, trades, values and possibilities – they are being accepted, loved and appreciated for who they are.

The Intention of my Game in the World is to produce and emanate 6 TV shows locally, the program to be picked up by a National Network
and, January 2008, to start the first national weekly Immigrant show “Our America”. The Our America show will generate itself. The existence of a new TV program will create a need for Immigrant Magazine an Immigrant’s newspaper.

The Opportunity: Be a part of Our America.
Coming to America is just the beginning…

Opportunity Green

Note: the article below was written by C.K. Lin as he created a team to launch Opportunity Green as his Team Game in the World in Landmark Education’s TMLP. Since then, Lin and his team made the project a full-fledged reality, creating a Landmark conference, and Opportunity Green is now flourishing (see the website below). Here is Lin’s article from the 10/26/07 TMLP Times.

Opportunity Green 2007

Possibility of being global leadership in sustainable business enterprises

Outcome: Southern California is leading the world in inspiring sustainable business enterprises that has the planet flourishing

Description: With the public’s attention primarily concentrated on the debate over whether or not our lifestyle is destroying the environment, there is little focus on those actively striving to promote change in the way business impacts it.

A number of TMLP graduates looked at this information gap and created a conference called Opportunity Green. Our intention for Opportunity Green is that we transform the business enterprises in Southern California from the zero-sum gain mentality to the triple bottom line mentality—that they make a difference in our community, minimize our impact on the planet, and most importantly produce profit for the enterprises. The founders envisioned a place where those interested in sustainable business could converge to foster further interest in helping the environment and conceive new ways to establish the burgeoning movement towards a world filled with environmentally conscious businesses.

As a result of our efforts, a group of these like-minded people are coming together at the University of California, Los Angeles on November 17th for Opportunity Green, a conference for those on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly business. The event is being headed by a group of collaborators on the forefront of the green movement, including Kevin Wall, the founder of Live Earth, and John Picard, a well-known environmental builder and technologist. Picard also founded the US Green Building Council, which helps to make environmentally unfriendly poor companies with an interest in changing their ways become more sustainable. Those in attendance will include executives, professionals, investors, and bloggers, all hoping to build bonds with people who share similar interests while discussing methods for developing businesses that can be sustainable and environmentally friendly while remaining profitable.

Opportunity Green was conceived just five months ago, and has rapidly grown from a simple idea into something much greater. As the result of what we are causing, OG has evolved into a conference backed by some of the biggest names in the environmental movement, and has the potential to greatly shift the manner in which business operates. As we create a legacy that sustains the momentum of the event, the world shall see Southern California as the model for sustainable business enterprises.

— CK Lin, Team 2, Quarter 3, Team Los Angeles