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Bridging Communities Transforming Poverty in Honduras

honduras-bridge.jpgWhen I took on my project, my intent was to enhance the life of a community outside of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, by putting in a bridge. My project transformed this quarter, to a partnership with the government which is committed to changing a counhonduras-b-june-2007-145.jpgtry with extreme poverty to a country of prosperity – RIGHT NOW!

At the end of June, I went to Honduras for my game and what I saw was a beautiful country that is on the edge of going under. It is a country of 7 million people – 70% are under the age of 14 and 60% live in extreme poverty – and they are demanding a change. The key government people I met with on my trip are looking for a different way of doing things because what has been done in the past hasn’t worked. The money has gone where the votes are and not where it’s needed. They asked me to partner with them in turning around poverty in their country.

My original team was Rafael, a pastor in Honduras, Pastor Don Miller who is head of our international missions here and the University of Wisconsin, Madison chapter of Engineers Without Boarders. I am now in the process of forming 45 teams that will address specific issues such as health, sanitation, disease control, infrastructure, clean water education and many more. I created the possibility and outcome and I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and it is from this, that I get calls and emails from people who I don’t know me but they have the expertise to do what’s needed are want to help. People are contacting me daily. My teams now consist of some of the following groups: Volvo Construction, Rotary International, the Minnesota National Guard, the South African Embassy, a local structural engineering firm, Doctors and Dentists Without Boarders, Dole Fruit, Cargill, Sea Foam and many more. A strong team player that has shown up unexpectedly is the government of South Africa. We have started conversations about what is possible through an alliance between the two governments.

I have watched the growth of Rafael. In just the past month alone, Rafael has been given a new office in the municipality building including admin support, he has been added to the city board, he is working daily with the mayor on the community, weekly meetings with top government officials and today, August 3rd, he met with the President and the First Lady to review our ideas and vision for the country. It’s not what you would expect to see for a pastor in a poverty community. This is only the beginning for him.

Ingiero Cesar Salgado is head of the Fund for Social Inversion in Honduras (FHIS) and second-in-command in Honduras. He knows the information on the extreme poverty in Honduras inside and out. I got to see his heart for the people of his country. Ingiero Salgado is not a bureaucrat, but someone who wants to make a difference in this country before it is too late.
In Honduras I experienced communication at whole new level. It wasn’t the words that were spoken but the love I saw these leaders have for the people of their country. It radiated from their souls. It was the unspoken communication of the children who lived in extreme poverty but their spirits had not been broken. It was in all of the single mothers who despite everything they face, love their children more than I can express in words.

I envision a country that will not be the same in three years. They are demanding it and there is a sense of urgency. It will not be because of what is specifically done but it will be a change in thinking that will push this country to its tipping point that will send a ripple affect across Honduras and through Central America in what’s possible.

Who I am is leadership, love and generosity.
— Kathy Powell-Larson, Team Minneapolis

Bringing 'Nurtured Heart' to Detroit

This story is from the August 2007 Landmark Education TMLP Times, with the story written by course participant Mary Myers.

My possibility is being love and creativity, free to be fully alive and expressed, with the outcome of parents and educators united and excited in creating new ways of communicating powerfully with all children, energizing and supporting success and positive choices.

The main vehicle for change in my game is the Nurtured Heart Approach, developed by Howard Glasser of Tucson, Arizona. His books, “Transforming the Difficult Child” and “The Inner Wealth Initiative, the Nurtured Heart Approach for Educators” form the basis of the information portion of my game. Bringing people together and creating teams for support and expansion form the dynamic network necessary to take it into the world.

A child’s intensity is a gift that needs to be nurtured. Rather than suppressing it with drugs, or treating it as a problem, the Nurtured Heart Approach gives parents and professionals the perspectives and strategies to shift children into using their intense energy in beautiful ways.

I am committed to bringing this information to as many people as possible, in the service of building inner strength, self-esteem and cooperation in all children. They deserve to have transformed lives and the world needs their contributions!

My intention is to bring people from all walks of life together, from all over the Detroit Metropolitan area, in schools, churches, homes, counseling centers, family service organizations, etc. Beyond teaching the basics of the Nurtured Heart Approach, I see a need for ongoing support groups to be formed to keep the growth moving forward in action.

Our plans include utilizing local media to reach people, both as an educational and parenting tool and to bring people together. We have met with teachers, parents, school counselors and social workers, leaders of non-profit organizations, church members, neighbors, and others interested in making this happen. The organizations represent children from nursery school through high school.

Before I took on this game, I was being enthusiastic, committed, caring and alone. Who I am being now is related, powerful and a leader, as well as being enthusiastic, committed and caring. I am no longer alone! And the work is moving forward and outward exponentially. We are connecting with educators in Flint, Kalamazoo, New York and Ohio, among others.

People expect me to be knowledgeable, courageous, bold and unstoppable and I show up that way because this is who I am. This game will continue to grow as I intend to continue it in my next quarter. I intend to create leaders of additional groups, as well as supporting people to learn to deliver the program. It will become self-generating as time goes by.

We are building a world of young people who know their goodness, their power, their ability and their connection with all other life on Earth.

— Mary Myers, Landmark Education TMLP, Team 1, Quarter 2, Team Detroit