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Creating a Legacy for the Team, Management, and Leadership Program

Heather Gollyhorn Team San Diego, Team 1, Quarter 4 Team San Diego is the possibility of “Passionate Partnership and Unstoppable Leadership with an outcome of Ever-Expanding Contribution”. Interviewed and Written by Connie Chow from Team San Francisco – Team 1, Quarter 1 Valerie Paz was also on the call San Diego Center’s TMLP Classroom Leader […]

Climb Any Mountain

Kim Crossman, Team London – T2Q2 Interviewed by Jennifer Douglass (Team PNW – T2Q1) on October 14th, 2013 What is the name of your game? Climb Any Mountain Tell me more about Climb Any Mountain. We are transforming what is available for people with learning disabilities and mental illness in South Africa using global practices. Possibility: […]

Family Matters

Jaime Ramirez Team Pacific Northwest Team 2, Quarter 3 Possibility: Being Unstoppable and Unconditional Love. Outcome:  People have the effectiveness, aliveness and accomplishment that lasts a lifetime. At the San Francisco Weekend, the Global Leaders were talking about the importance of family. It was then that Jaime first realized how important it was share his […]

Humankind: Drawing Parallels

PRESS RELEASE Imagine what the world would be like if everyone had access to education.  This is the inspiration behind the project Humankind: Drawing Parallels by Hackney resident Bernadette Cronin. Humankind: Drawing Parallels is raising money for the global educational charity Room To Read by inviting people around the world to submit a drawing about […]

Back to Living-Peanut Game

Dan Clarke Team Rocky Mountain Region The Possibility of this game is to provide affordable and effective lower back pain relief to the world. Dan was a hockey player and in 2004, he found himself having a lot of back pain and having to spend too much time and money going to a chiropractor. As […]

Good to Green – Healthy People, Happy Planet

Read this article in Spanish. Good to Green is a holistic membership rewards shopping site which features environmentally and socially responsible companies. Consumers come to to learn more about companies that have made a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and creating healthier products. If a customer chooses to purchase something, they receive a cashback […]

Africa Redefined

Zindie Nyirenda – Team Heartland Interviewed by Jennifer Douglass – Team Pacific Northwest – June 2013 Princess Zindaba Nyirenda known as Zindie by her friends, is originally from Zambia, Africa. She was educated in Africa and attended catholic convent boarding schools there; travelling 200 miles away from home to attain a formal high school education. […]


Ashley Kuich, Team Los Angeles, T1Q3 Interviewed by Pamela Heath (Team LA – T2Q3) on May 12th, 2013 What is the Name of your Game? The Beauty Conversation. What is the Possibility of your Game? Being Authentic, Inspiring and Empowering Tell Me More About THE BEAUTY CONVERSATION The Beauty Conversation is a series of online interviews […]