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Micro Financiamiento para Mujeres Creativas: “FunderWoman”

Escrito por Nathan Bennett, Team NY ¿Qué sucede cuando usted combina los súper poderes de Wonder Woman con la recaudación de fondos y el dinámico liderazgo de Julia Molloy? Usted consigue Funderwoman! Funderwoman es la creación de Julia Molloy y es una posibilidad que permite a las mujeres sean exitosas y creativas, mientras que apoyan […]

The Remarkable Love Letters

The Remarkable Love Letters by James Wong Love doesn’t have to be epic. I know this, because I’ve tried. In the past, I didn’t do anything unless it was something worth talking about, so cute, or absolutely brilliant. You know what eventually happened? I ended up not doing anything at all. I showed up careless, thoughtless, […]

Las Cartas Extraordinarias de Amor

Las Cartas Extraordinarias de Amor de James Wong El amor no tiene que ser épico. Lo sé, porque lo he intentado. En el pasado, yo no hubiera hecho nada a menos que fuera algo que valiera la pena, tan lindo o absolutamente genial. ¿Sabes lo que finalmente sucedió? Terminaba haciendo absolutamente nada. Mostraba ser descuidado, desconsiderado […]

Operating from My Own Agenda

Written by Tammy Stanley Most adults know what it means to have an agenda, and it is not uncommon for us to talk about others who have one. However, at my first Team Management and Leadership Program weekend in November I was introduced to a slightly different concept, namely, operating from my own agenda. As […]

Operando desde mi propia agenda

Escrito por Tammy Stanley La mayoría de los adultos sabemos de lo que significa tener una agenda en nuestras conversaciones, y no es raro de que hablemos de que otras personas la tienen. Sin embargo, en mi primer fin de semana en el Programa de Equipos de Gestión y Liderazgo (TMLP) en Noviembre, fui introducida […]

Green Worker Cooperatives as a Business Model

Tell me about the Green Worker Cooperatives. The Green Worker Cooperatives are a non-profit organization that I founded in 2003 . It’s based in the Bronx, and our focus is to develop a strong local justice. We are out to support and create businesses that empower  their  workers  to improve their health and quality of […]

Leaving Apple, Pursuing a Dream

There are few people who leave a solid, productive career at Apple to start their own company.  Todd Beauchamp is one of the few, leaving Apple to fulfill the dream of starting his own company, In2Technologies.  That company has just come out with a consumer electronics home theater product called Unity, and it has already […]

Creating Happiness for Sick Children

By Dr. Parijat N. Goswami, Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Team India Dr. Parijat N Goswami, Professor and Head of Microbiology has taken up a project for spreading happiness to children suffering with cancer. She is keeping the possibility of love, care and enjoyment alive for these children. She has created leaders around her, and […]