Arien Van Oosterhout – The Great Cosplay Race – Team Australia & New Zealand – Melbourne, Australia

Author: Arien Van Oosterhout
Title: The Great Cosplay Race
Center: Team Australia & New Zealand – Melbourne, Australia
Keywords: Public Play, Costumes, Fun, Race, Community, Joy, Passion, Excitement

November 2018

The Team Management and Leadership program helped me create a joyuful and audacious game – the Great Cosplay Race – Be Playful – Be Unpredictable! A team of people committed to enabling people to be playful and free in public spaces. On the day 12 people, 3 teams, ran through Melbourne competing against each other roaming the streets being playful in their costumes. I got to see the difference I make in the world when I create an opportunity for people to express their passion and the excitement that creates.