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My Life is No Longer About Me!


Jennifer Douglas, the spirit of TMLP in the Pacific Northwest

In mid-December I took the Power to Create Course, I did an exercise that changed my life, the exercises on stopping the “old” conversations that really pulled me out of my identity.  I returned to work with plans for assisting in the Self Expressed Program as a member of the production team in February 2012 and as a coach in March 2012.

My Power to Create was the turning point in my retired life. It was here that I stopped the “old” conversation and I was committed to take this a step further, and in August 2012, I joined Team.

The first year of Team was one of the most confronting and difficult years in my life. My act, with its negative point of view made it almost impossible to be accountable to others and to my Game…People Connecting With People. I continued to take things personally, and to compensate for what I thought I didn’t have. My facial palsy led the way, as it had done all of my life. With the communication courses and the accountabilities, like Committed Listener Accountable, and being a coach, I found myself, constantly giving up what I thought to be my limitations and taking responsibility for the impact I had on Team and on the people I coached. I put my stand for others having a life they could grow and love ahead of my act. This really took the support and the strong stand of my team mates and constantly giving my limitations up and taking actions I never thought possible!

My third quarter of team I was put to the ultimate test. I was appointed the accountability of Course Manager, for Access to Power, and wouldn’t you just know that my “No one will listen to me!” conversation came to an end!!  I finally got being cause in the matter!  I was constantly giving up this conversation and taking actions without being attached to the results or to what others might think or say.  Team really kept me to my word and stopped me every time I went into my stories.  Helen Hull was my coach and she shared from her heart how important it was for her that I succeeded. She was a firm stand that I step into my own power and that I focus on my intentions for all persons, to come through in the course with Relatedness, Integrity, and Love! This was the point where I saw the true value of Team 2–being cause in the matter of others stepping into powerful and happy lives, the lives they so deserve to have.

Team 2 has been a confronting and also fulfilling time in my life. Because of what Helen and so many others have for me, getting everything there is for me and my impact in the world, I want nothing more than to give back to others.

For my first Team 2 Game, I coached four people to create something that they wanted for themselves and for their community. Today Dick is selling his art, Martha is living a life that includes a church, her spiritual community, as well as connecting with others. She created a whole new world for herself.  Analise is overcoming a mental illness by making her doctor appointments on time (for the first time in many years),  getting out of her house on a daily basis ,and being active in her church and her community.  My friend Amanda has put together a play and has scheduled some performances. All these people have people in their lives who have helped them create, not only something positive for themselves but also a positive impact on the lives of others.

This quarter I’m coaching people to put together Resource Fairs; one in Australia and one locally.  My doctor has the privilege of coaching a woman, once limited because of health problems, prepare for a trip to Australia in 2015. My friends Jaime and Amanda have introduced me to others who are teaching me new computer skills and preparing me for my trip to Australia. Oh, yes my financial advisor has been transforming someone who was reckless with her money to a conservative and happier person, with big plans for Australia. I love enrolling people into something they love to do and my friends have been that opportunity!  Landmark has given me the foundation for my life.  I got relatedness, choice, and forgiveness from the Forum.  I also got that people choose their lives and how they impact others….meaning no one did anything to me personally. They were acting out of their own choice.  I forgave my family and others that hurt me.  I now have a listening for the Greatness of others. When I can see and bring out other’s greatness, I am living a life I love and am proud of!

Through Team, I have stepped into a life of Integrity, Empowerment Graciousness, and Love. It isn’t enough that I acknowledge my possibilities, it is imperative that I actually step into them. Creating teams and team work are really giving others the blessing of sharing in your life, it is really giving them the possibility to be self-expressed and to step into a life with purpose and joy in their lives.  Life is no longer about me.  It is about Touching, Moving, and Inspiring everyone I know! For me to be fulfilled is to actually step into a life of Relatedness Empowerment, Aliveness and Joy!!!!


Author:  JenJen Douglas, T2Q2 , Pacific Northwest Team


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