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From My Way to Team’s way

Ty Lav et ux

Ty Lav (Team SW T1Q4) interviewed by Reeni Samuel (Team SW T1Q3)

“Consider being a cave man and my responsibility ended after I brought food home. To clean and help have food distributed among family members was none of my business.” That was Ty Lav prior to being part of the Team Management and Leadership Program. How haven things changed now? “I see myself more than just getting the food, I participate in all other aspects the family needs.”

Ty and his family members lived in their own little worlds, with minimal interaction. After the family participated in Landmark Worldwide, they go out together as a family, for fishing, hiking or just to hang out. Ty is special, he loves to have his way’ or it is the highway. This wasn’t going anywhere, only heartaches, delays and frustration. With participation in the Team Management and Leadership Program, he contributes to people around him, bringing team and teamwork into all areas of his life.

To a question on how he used the distinctions of the communication curriculum, he said, he does not use them anymore, he is used by the distinctions, which means he does not have to put any effort into listening, re-creating, giving up or acknowledging, they all come naturally to him, he does not know how to be otherwise anymore!

I asked Ty what he wanted to achieve through the game in the world he was working on his fourth quarter. The possibility of Ty’s game is alignment and connection causing effective leadership, more
specifically effectiveness at individual and organizational level, because in effectiveness there is a form of leadership that shows up. Upon completion of the game people will have access to a software (if they buy it) for relationship management, maintaining contacts, project tasks and whatever they chose to. The software would help track activities, measure effectiveness and support things to be completed. For Ty, he wants to make life simple. Presently, life is complex with multiple games being played, lot of puzzle pieces to be moved around. His software will do that.

Ty is part of Team Southwest. Ty’s contribution to his team is a streamline system of effectiveness, managing accountability and promises. Life has been real, not a bed of roses, the way it is, with breakdowns and breakthroughs. Ty has had his share. One was he misjudged the time frame allocated to finish the milestones for his game. Well, he isn’t alone, is he? He did not have a development plan, and he did not have a team in the real sense. He realized he was a difficult person to work with. It was TheTy show all the time. Did he succeed? The breakdown was the gateway to breakthroughs. He is on the road to success.

What is Ty doing differently? Ty is expanding his team, letting others contribute and he also checks into what his team members want to get. He has a team to contribute to the software development plan. He gave up what his team members should look like. He can now set aside his point of view and get connected to what is important to the other person, so now there is alignment, true effectiveness and productivity as opposed to waste of time and resources.

ty's picture
It is a year long commitment promising to develop yourself in the Team Management and Leadership Program. You are not the same person when you complete compared to what you were a year ago. I asked Ty how he saw himself now. After a bit of description Ty hit a bulls eye, Ty sees himself as a creator and a “shifter”. Ty is committed to helping people and companies make shift happen. This is achieved in part by maintaining organizational alignment and transparency of actions, which his software system provides. Everything is possible, nothing is so big that he cannot accomplish, now he is claiming bigger triumphs.

Ty is Chinese and his wife is Hispanic. He and his wife Iranzu are creating miracles for themselves and for people in their lives. They are a pleasure to team up with, powerful, creative, inspiring and caring couple. They make a huge difference.



Author and Interviewer:  Reeni Samuel

Reeni is specialized in Environmental Engineering and Education. She has two children’s iBooks to her credit. Team Management and Leadership Program is unveiling her greatness. Currently she is working on a compilation of random acts of kindness. Reeni loves to spend time with family and do crazy stuff with them.

Reeni Samuel

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  1. Shawn Saulsbury
    Shawn Saulsbury says:

    As a T!Q2 I am honored to count myself among Ty community. Ty is a phenomenal person and this is a great article about him. I am exercising the heck out of the communication distinctions and look forward to living Ty’s leadership in being used by the distinctions.


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