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Back to Living-Peanut Game

Dan Clarke
Team Rocky Mountain Region

The Possibility of this game is to provide affordable and effective lower back pain relief to the world.

Dan was a hockey player and in 2004, he found himself having a lot of back pain and having to spend too much time and money going to a chiropractor. As he says, “I kept my chiropractor in business.” He set out to find something that was affordable and that would eliminate back pain.

He went online and discovered this device called the rubber cylindrical ball. It was made in China and was used on animals. Why couldn’t it work for humans?

This device is a rubber inflatable cylindrical ball. It comes with a pump and when pumped up it takes the shape of a hope chest or a child’s little wagon. You simply lay it on the floor, preferably a carpeted floor, and lay on top of it. You start out by laying on your stomach. You fully extend your body and stretch, then roll on your side, hooking your knees on one side, folding your body over the ball and using your forearms to block the ball, keeping it from rolling away from your body. Then stay in this position for 2 to 3 minutes or as long as you’re comfortable. 2 to 3 minutes is an adequate amount of time to stretch the body, as needed. Unfold your body and come back into compression SLOWLY and GENTLY! You do this as many times as you need to get your desired relief.

This device is inflatable and can travel with you, wherever you go. It is so practical, inexpensive and IT WORKS!!! He gave it his own Brand…Back Blaster. He shared this device with his Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and hundreds of friends and interested people.

It was on August 23rd, in San Francisco, that he declared this possibility of affordable and effective pain relief …His “Back to Living-Peanut Game.”

He set up a website and provided a link to the manufacturer, in China, so others can also order these devices. He shared his Back Blaster link with sports organizations, college sports and hospitals. There are two sizes: Back Blaster Extreme, for men and Back Blaster Petite, for ladies. Portugal and Spain became two of his biggest users.

He is now in the process of setting up a Lifetime Guarantee and determining pricing.

This Game in the World is the only one that he’s played this year that has inspired him. For the first time, in his year in the Team, Management and Leadership Program, he felt like he was offering something to others that was truly valuable and that had a positive impact on their lives. He had discovered the true meaning of enrolling people to play his game. Enrollment was not engagement. He was inspiring people to get involved, not hiring them!

It was the support of his team that gave him the confidence he needed in order to win. He was “Cause in the Matter” of his Game and brought Team to it. Team is “the source that makes everything work!”

What really inspired him was the fact that he never made a dime (and it doesn’t matter to him!!) on something that is such a great benefit to the world!

In his own words, he praises Landmark for the following: “You do the courses, grappling with yourself and it all eventually works out! I have much more compassion for my kids and everyone else in my life. Most importantly, Landmark has given me a life that I love; one of discovery–not experience but adventure!”

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