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The Remarkable Love Letters

The Remarkable Love Letters by James Wong

Love doesn’t have to be epic. I know this, because I’ve tried. In the past, I didn’t do anything unless it was something worth talking about, so cute, or absolutely brilliant. You know what eventually happened? I ended up not doing anything at all. I showed up careless, thoughtless, and too independent.

When I pushed myself to do one small thing every day though, I found the most mundane things I did touched my loved ones the most. I think it’s because I’m just being human everyday. I don’t have to be epic. Being human everyday is epic enough.

My name is James, I’m 19 years old, and I’m a professional writer. If had to explain what I write about in what statement, I’d say, I help you fall in love with yourself and others. How did I get into this work? It all started when I realized in the Communication: Access to Power that love doesn’t have to be epic. I wanted to share that with the world. So I started writing emails to 27 of my friends and family. As I got feedback that my email letters were making a difference, I wanted to expand and reach more people. The only problem was I was an individual artist, I didn’t know how to get the word out, and I played by myself.

A month later, I joined the Team, Management, and Leadership Program and made writing these emails my team game in the world. The game was to have 500 readers subscribed by the end of the quarter. Weeks went by and I kept missing my milestones, I kept coming in ineffective because I was doing it alone. Fed up and resigned, I spoke with my coach and he mentioned something that I never thought was possible. He said,

“Did you know your readers are a part of your team?”

Bam. I popped. I screamed. I ran to my computer and began concocting a letter that would touch, move, and inspire my readers to partner with me in sharing my letters. Inspired by the simple idea that being human everyday is epic enough, we began sharing and forwarding my letters around the world. By the end of the quarter, we hit a home run past our milestone and reached +650 subscribers. Today we now have +1000.

The Remarkable Love Letters and my readers will travel with me as I travel through life. This whole experience taught me something I’ll hold dearly forever: playing alone is endless, having a community to play with is priceless.

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“I want nothing from you except for you to know that you are someone who has impacted me and thank you for your expression. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” –Carole Asswad, certified massage therapist.

“Wow! Very profound and the timing couldn’t be more appropriate for me. Thank you, wise one!” –Cerraeh Laykin, professional photographer,

“Freaking awesome. I love it. Nailed it. Naked. Honest.” –Scott Blevins, product designer,

“Wow! I just have to say. James I have no IDEA what planet you’re from but you are incredible!!! Way beyond your years!!! Thank you for your letters!!” –Jino Cabrera, Keller William’s office leader, Los Feliz