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Kelly Taing of Landmark Education’s Team San Diego has created a very interesting community…a community of hot wives. “The Hot Wife Club” is a community of women helping each other to live their dream life while having their own identity after marriage and children.

Ms. Taing was inspired to do this project when she began creating her dream life. While creating herself as a wife and mother, she became present to how other women struggle with their relationships and sometimes even let themselves go physically and emotionally. In her vision of her future self, Kelly chose to create her self as being a ‘hot wife’ and “The Hot Wife Club” was born.

So far, the hot wives club has 80 members on Facebook. The transformation can already be seen in those who have joined her group. Even though she never met team members beforehand, their rising confidence can easily be seen. The possibility of her project is transforming people’s lives and Ms. Taing shares: “ Its inspiring!”

“We teach all Wives, future wives and on the market again’s, how to tap into their inner beauty, create a workable environment around them and design their life the way they want it. When the man in your life sees you being the best YOU, you can be sure that he’ll fall in love with you all over again…But it starts with YOU!” The hot wife club features articles and provides coaching. Kelly insists “not about just looking good” but that it is about being beautiful inside, outside, financially and physically.

Now Kelly has more confidence and is courageous to pursue what works for her and not for others. Seeing women getting what they want has been the most fulfilling part of the adventure for her. She also asserts that she got courageous about her dream by facing her fears. Kelly admitted that all her life she avoided situations where she felt “I’m not good enough” or “I’m leaving you”. Today, as a business owner, she saw that wanting to please everyone did not work at all, and experiencing that was one of the biggest breakthroughs she got from being in the TMLP program.

Also, Kelly admitted that before taking the TMLP training she would have never imagined that someone would take on this project like their life depended on it, and reveals that it is unbelievable to her that she caused such greatness to happen. Today leaders around her are passionately supporting the project. The future of “The Hot Wife Club” ( is to have a community of one thousand members and all of those women will be discovering and getting who they really are for themselves and the world.

In the meantime, this Hot Wife is participating in a figure competition! It requires a tight regime of working out, and eating well, that Kelly will carry on for years to come. The belief that “taking care of self first before taking care of everyone else” and that “the more you have to give to your self the more you have to give others….” is strong for this successful woman who shares her passion with the world.

written by Susannah Pryce. Edited by Jorge Flores Kelly.

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