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The World is my Home

This story is about Javier Rojas, who is creating workshops for orphans out of his participation in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.

Javier Rosas has always been in favor of children’s rights. In searching for a way to contribute, he found a foundation called “Aldeas Infantiles SOS”, (Villages for Infants)  founded in the 50’s, after the 2nd World War. Herman Gmeiner, an Austrian-born man, had been given the task of creating and founding a village for homeless children who lost their parents as a result of the war. Over the years and while being present to his surroundings, Gmeiner realized that there were children on the streets as well as abused children, so these villages were growing and expanding. Currently these children are found in 132 countries.

Javier approached the foundation with the intention of offering various types of workshops targeted to these children, so they can understand and accept without resentment that they are orphans, accept that the world is their home and that they have a world of possibilities to create their future, free of sadness and abandonment.

These workshops are oriented to practice and learn. There is going to be 5 workshops of 2 hours each. There will be yoga, art, dance, storytelling and soccer workshops.

Javier’s team consists of friends and graduates of the Landmark Forum, consequently, each workshop will have the opportunity to open up conversations with the children and they can have the space to get complete with the fact that they are orphans or that they are children who had to be separated from their parents because their lives were in danger or because they were living on the streets.

This institution was so enrolled and pleasantly shocked by Javier’s offerings that they asked Javier and his team not only to take care of 50 children from 3 to 6 years old, but to present a second proposal for another 50 children from 6 to 12.

The village that was assigned to Javier and his team is located in Huehuetoca, Mexico, far from any community center or school where children may be able to learn and grow. Due to the remoteness of the village, the director of the foundation allowed Javier to directly address 16 families and provide them with whatever they required emotionally.

This resulted in an expansion in his game in the world, where 100 children will be impacted to complete their past, accept the present and be able to create their future.

The foundation proposed to Javier that this project should expand to other villages in Mexico, creating a high demand for these workshops and an unconditional acceptance of what Javier and his team want to provide to these new families.

By sharing his game in the world and enrolling his team, Javier gets that he is not alone in the world and that he does not have to do everything by himself. He knows he can count on his great team who is a stand for the transformation of our future youth.

Currently, Javier works for a non-profit organization to end hunger called “The Hunger Project.”  By working and living his game in the world, he realizes that his life purpose is to empower people so they can see their own greatness and that they see what unconditional love can cause in life.

He is present to welfare, family health, home, stopping violence, and eradicating hunger and poverty.

He also gets that by doing this interview and sharing his game in the world with the TMLP Times, others may see the imperative need to share their games and create awareness of Team Management and Leadership Program. Not only does he get the importance of doing this, but he also finds himself very inspired and enrolled in his own game and invites the whole team to share their games.

By sharing all the world games, you can really make a difference.

Javier is very grateful and really touched by what is important in the world. The possibility of taking action and being who he claims to be to carry out this beautiful project is born within him. The expansion of this project may take more than a quarter; however, the door is now open and he wants to take the opportunity to continue.

Written by Lucia Grajales. Edited by Sandra Villacis.

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