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Combined resources of millions of people can solve many problems in the world. Charity foundations around the world provide a means for people to contribute monetary donations that can make a profound difference in a vast number of areas.  The causes being promoted include poverty, better education, homelessness, domestic abuse, animal rescue programs, and a myriad of health issues.  Bryan Marks, a participant in Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program from Los Angeles, believes that on a fundamental level, everyone wants to contribute somehow to address these issues. However, he says, the average person believes they cannot afford to contribute.  And even if they could believe that a few pennies a day would make a difference, how do they chose which organization to donate to? How do they know which organization will really use their hard earned money to make a difference?

Bryan Marks has developed an organization to provide an answer to these questions. Marks says, “People have become completely disempowered by believing that the world’s problems are too big to be solved and they personally can’t possibly make a difference.”

Marks has worked in the field of investment marketing. He is currently working on creating socially responsible networking opportunities.  The mission of the organization he has created with Team, is to empower people by providing a tool and a process through which they can make a difference and know the world can be transformed.

The idea sounds simple. Marks says, “If a portion of the people, even just 1% of the developed world would take just one “small” step each month, we can solve the world’s problems.“

How do we do this?

Marks explains that by using this “new paradigm of empowerment system,“ there are small steps anyone can take, by joining a network and donating a minimum of $1.00 a month on a recurring basis.  Marks believes any small amount is realistic for almost anyone in the developed world.

The next step would be to enroll 10 people, friends, family, colleagues, through email and social network media to join this network and donate a $1.00 a month.  Then those 10 people enroll 10 people to do the same. etc.

Marks says it is a network marketing approach that could lead to exponential influx of donations.  The amount of money possible could be as much as $1 billion dollars if there were one billion members.

The network also provides a way to powerfully chose where you want your money to be put to work.  Marks says another disempowering element of donations is the multitude of choices of charities and causes to which one can donate.  Marks states, “People aren’t sure how to decide or figure out what the best charities are, who’s spending poorly, etc.  And even if they did know how to decide they’d never have the time to really analyze things properly”.  

Bryan Mark’s organization is based on the idea that people will donate money based on issues they are passionate about such as ending homelessness, and not into a general fund charity. The organization will use experts in the different areas of charitable giving to analyze the charities through a “best of” approach in the areas that people have expressed they care most about. “By taking a “less is more” approach, the organization will provide members with the option of donating to expertly run fund(s) in the area(s) they are passionate about.“

The experts will analyze several top charities in each of the largest charitable categories such as poverty, homelessness, animals, clean water, etc.  Then the experts will share certain factors with the members, such as a certain percentage must be used for projects over administrative/fundraising costs. Based on this information, the members would be able to break out their $1 a month donation into which area they want the money to be spent. For example, members can split the donation up by percentages such as 50% can be directed to an animal rescue fund and 20% would go to a homeless shelter fund and 30% would be spent on cancer research.

Marks said the organization is in the infant stages of development. His team includes experts in marketing, investment funding, and social network media. A website is currently under construction to provide the data for the charity funds.  Marks also plans to provide a graphic that will chart the contributions on an individual basis so people can see their dollars at work.

To help market the organization, Marks would like to have celebrities endorse funds in the network that they are passionate about.

Marks said it is so simple and affordable that once it takes off, the possibilities we currently can’t imagine, will be fulfilled and the world will be a better place through the use of technology, community and communication.

Written by Belinda Cogburn. Edited by Shash Broxson.

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