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Storytelling and the Magical Creation of Life

As part of his participation at the Team, Management and Leadership Program at Landmark Education, writer Brian Breth created a Game in the World, called “Moving Pictures: Disappearing the Fourth Wall and Creating Magical Aliveness”. With this Game, his Project, taking the storytelling experience to another level for audiences worldwide, was born. Before that Brian relates, “I was not willing to take the necessary risks to go for my dreams. It was all about my point of view and thinking I was not good enough, even worthless. Now I’m living into my possibility and a future I create”.

Listening to Breth certainly inspires a thrilling future. With his partner and great friend, MacEwen Patterson, Brian is creating a production company for managing their writing work, network and film productions. However business as usual as this might sound, is just a façade.

What they are truly committed to through their story-writing is to “create a new form of delivering story telling, where audiences are allowed to play inside contexts and characters, so they become part of the story and take on the experience of creating that story, into the experience of creating the story of their life.” This is certainly imagination out of the known and into creative proportions. For Brian it is the fantastic future he is already living into.

That hasn’t always been how he foresaw the future. His point of view about himself, limited the way he chased his dreams. Now Brian knows a lot about the power of team. First of all, his partnership with MacEwen has gone to another level and it’s expanding in an impressive way. They already have the first pilot’s production of one of their stories programmed to begin in November. Of course, such an outcome has been achieved thanks to the impressive team that Brian, and MacEwen have brought together: Jaime, their business manager; Sam, an experienced producer; Brandy, another supportive producer; Drew, their brand adviser; and Robert, their accountant. They are all inspired by their great project and by taking the experience to another level. Today it is all about meetings with technology, story and character developers. At a firm pace their vision of having a Beta testing in place by 2015 for people to play with in interactive movie theaters seems around the corner.

Brian grew up fascinated with story telling. His creativity and imagination always went one step beyond and, just as a detective’s character does, Brian always looked inside the stories for blanks he could fill in. To be a creator within an already created story has been a lifelong game for him. TMLP opened up a new space for him, allowed him to be present to a new way of listening, and with it, provided the experience of finding new opportunities for creativity and inspiration. And most impressive opportunity for Brian is, “Making a powerful declaration and experiencing that that shows up.”

While writing how his own real story goes, Brian’s quest is to give that power of self-expression and creativity to audiences worldwide, so that they experience a new found inspiration that fosters a new realm of relatedness between people, organizations and cultures. Brian’s quest of creating journeys for audiences, where they become the story tellers, seems to open the possibility of a new world of ignited imagination that might be, just around the corner.

We’ll have to wait to know and see the success Brian and his team have in putting this together. Perhaps we can sign up now to be on the waiting list of being in one of Brians’ stories.

Written by Paola Bortoluz. Edited by Shash Broxson.

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