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"Mexico Movimento" – Get Mexico Moving

Paola Bortoluz from Team Mexico knows how to get a party started. Her “Party” is about celebrating the power and joy of making a difference. Through Mexico Moviemento, Paola has created a way for the entire country of Mexico to get up and DO SOMETHING!

Using her experience from Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program, Paola asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if people who wanted to get involved had an easy way of making a difference? I felt it was hard for organizations to share what they have to offer and for people who want to do good, to know where to go. In Mexico, there is no local news, only National news. In a nation of 20 million citizens, if what you are doing isn’t HUGE, it will not be shown on the news and what you’re doing will go unknown. So Paolo created Mexico Moviemento (Getting Mexico Moving) a newly created national database of all organizations making a difference. Now they can be found by citizens ready to be of service. Paola founded this service with five of her best friends and her husband, and they went straight into action. They shared with such passion and commitment that busy professionals with families were actually signing up for more responsibility! Paola, an economist and co-owner of a business consulting firm, shared “My friends really kept me playing this game when I wanted to quit. They became as passionate to be of service to their communities, country and humanity through this movement as I was. One of my teammates flies three and one-half hours from San Diego to our meetings. These are busy men so involved and committed to Mexico Moviemento that I don’t quit because I cannot let them down.”

Paola has grown her team from 6 to 12 members by SHARING! “I ran into two friends from college and told them what I was up to since they last saw me and asked them to join the team,” she explains. “One of them called me back three months later and told me he’d created a fabulous idea for a Public Relations campaign. Two of the new members are my friends and also the wives of the original six members who make sure their husbands’ promised actions get fulfilled. It’s incredible!”

Mexico Moviemento is partnering with The Center for Philanthropy in Mexico City which is a 2000 member organization. They will launch in September 2010 with a country-wide marketing campaign and website. As a mother of two young boys, Paola is now searching for organizations that get children to be of service in their communities. “I really want my children to know the importance of giving back.” Bravo Paola!

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