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Sensible Beings Taking Care of the Planet

Agustin Carmona’s commitment to the environment has taken form in the “Sensible Beings Taking Care of the Planet” game. Using what he learned in his participation in the Landmark Education Team Management and Leadership Program, he created a team to spread the message to schools in Puebla and, eventually, all around Mexico. This mission that he has created has the potential to impact the entire planet.

“A new conscience about our responsibility towards our planet and our fellow human beings is needed”, says Carmona. “I used to think that it was only alarmism and media manipulation, but now I realize that we confuse success with having things, and we think that being great means having a lot, and this only leads us to constant frustration”.

Agustin Carmona is committed to a planet where human presence is environmentally responsible and socially fair whilst spiritually fulfilled. He took on being completely responsible for what humanity has done with our planet’s resources. He decided to share his new life vision and the experience of being responsible through education. His vision caused him to powerfully communicate the actions needed to foster an effective change in human behavior toward the planet.

Agustin has already assembled a great team and stated, “This definitely cannot be done by one individual. When you think of a team, then your dream can really be accomplished and it becomes possible to reach 600 persons in only three months”.

Although Augustin’s team is only seven in number, they have already presented the free symposium to audiences in five cities. Amazingly, not only do they all want more, but more than 400 participants have confirmed their interest in assisting with the workshop. Agustin and his team are confronted with the challenge of sharing this global mission with their children. They feel responsible about how the next generations are brought up because responsibility towards the environment in this new level implies drastic changes in their way of living.

Nevertheless, the future looks bright for their children. Agustin and his team envision Puebla, their city, as well as Mexico, as a place where adults and kids alike behave in an intentional and conscientious way; Where indifference towards our environment is part of the past, and a fulfilling peace and co-existence in social justice is present for everyone.

Agustin says he has also received a great gift, “Since involved in this project I value things, resources, and everything that I possess in a different way. I am present to them and their true value, and this has opened a door for me to feel connected, to enjoy more, and to be passionate about my life and its purpose”.

Team Member: Agustin Carmona / Team Mexico
Game: Sensible Beings Taking
Care of the Planet
Written by: Paola Bortoluz
Edited by: Shash Broxson

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