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An Awakening for Caring for Children

Under her participation in Team, Management and Leadership Program of Landmark Education, Susana chose to take her not-for-profit to another level, “Niños de Todos”. It was initiated more than six months ago, and since Susana’s participation in TMLP, she has been able to produce long anticipated results.

The inspiration for the non-profit came late Sunday evening at a Convention Center in Mexico City when suddenly, a small girl, around 5 years old, approached Susana Morales and some friends who were having a fantastic heart to heart talk about all the great possibilities life offers. It was in that moment that she realized how indifferent she was about street children. The more she contemplated the situation the harder it was to escape the haunting looks in their eyes. It was as if they were asking her to do something about their situation. This particular night was no different than any other night, but in that moment Susanna suddenly realized how absurd it was that a tiny five year old could be wondering the streets late at night and no one thought a thing of it.

That is how “Niños de Todos” was born. “Niños de Todos” is a not-for–profit created by Susana and some of her friends present that night, who from that day decided to create a public conversation about taking responsibility, as a society in Mexico, of all street

Through the development of Niños de Todos, Susana and her team are determined to answer the question: “What difference can a citizen make right now when seeing a child in the street? Just as the whole world knows how it can make a difference for the world environment with particular actions as home re-cycling; we want to create a Decalogue (a fundamental set of rules having authoritative weight) for citizens to make an educated difference for childhood in extreme situations.” As clear as that! It is a hero’s task, but Susana knows that with team this mission can be accomplished.

In the last two months, they have developed their website, attracted support from other social organizations, and enrolled a group of lawyers in investigating the legal support for that citizen’s Decalogue in favor of children. One exciting outcome is that a theatre writer is designing a children play to educate future generations and transform societies’ view about children.

Susana has experienced leadership, expansion and an intentionality that has brought life to her loving project. Creating a public conversation through a media campaign encouraging all Mexicans’ to take responsibility towards our children is no longer a dream. It is a reality!

Susana and her team envision a country where it is no longer normal to be indifferent about a child’s welfare. The key is public awareness. Everyone knowing the phone number and where to call is some of the structure that Susana is bringing to the table. Soon the entire country will be aligned to assist that child in a proper, effective and loving way. And for Susana:

“In this way, sharing time and purpose with children that have lived such situations has opened for me the opportunity to give unconditional love, and in return, receive so much more”.

México Alive
An awakening for caring for children in street situation

June 2010, Chicago, Action Quarter
Team Member: Susana Morales
Team Mexico
Game: Mexico Alive
Written by Paola Bortoluz
Edited by Sharole Beckman

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