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Spreading Financial Literacy

“Credit is more important than a driver’s license.  Bad credit will kill people quicker than smoking.  And if you want to test that theory, go talk to a doctor about how debilitating stress is.”

These assertions — which vividly illustrate the need for financial literacy and personal responsibility — are from a public presentation given at no charge, with no sales pitches, as part of a series of community seminars organized under the auspices of “The Financial Literacy Project”.

Peter Johnson, a 30-year veteran of the investment and financial planning industries, took on the project while enrolled in Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program in the summer of 2008.  Having long recognized an overwhelming lack of public knowledge around the subject of money, Peter began the project as a way to share his passion for financial education and to build community.  Soon after, the global credit crisis and economic recession began mounting fear, anxiety and uncertainty in people from all walks of life.

As the economy continued this unpopular path, Peter experienced the same emotions and fears as many of his clients.  However, he put his knowledge and communication skills to work to help others.   Peter found that by sharing the important message of personal financial literacy, he was brought a substantial measure of joy and comfort. He and his team of presenters were able to touch hundred of lives and expand the possibility of power and freedom for all.

Growing up, most people are taught little or nothing about money.  There is shame, ignorance, few opportunities to learn, and an ever-growing concern about whom to trust.

As a result of the most severe recession in almost 80 years, more people are discovering that their financial security is not always safe in the hands of others.

What this points to is the importance of being responsible for our own financial futures. Greater financial security and peace of mind are within our reach through simple, basic knowledge and a bit of focused discipline.

The Financial Literacy Project has been a hit with consumers, bookstores and libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It has attracted over 35 skilled financial professionals and been host to over 20 educational public programs on a wide variety of aspects of personal finance.

Through Landmark’s Team Management and Leadership Program, Peter’s vision is to expand this important outreach.  His vision is for presentations and coaching to be held throughout the country, and to be made available online through videos and podcasts.  It’s time to shine a light on this neglected — but critical — part of our lives.

Peter is inviting other community-minded professionals around the country who are involved in personal finance, to take on this overwhelming need.  He and his team are also seeking assistance with recording the events and editing videos so they can be posted online to educate a vastly larger audience.

The Financial Literacy Project inspires, and provides knowledge and tools to change lives.  Participants come away with a clear sense of possibility, having gained confidence and knowledge in what to do next.  Spread widely enough, Peter sees the possibility of financial literacy as “lives that work, families that work, and an economy that works”.

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written by Shash Broxson and edited by Sharole Beckman

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