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Well-Being Foundation

Denny Schmidt has shared on the Facebook page of Landmark Education TMLP alumni of the work of The Well Being Foundation, of which Schmidt is Project Develoment Director, a small group dedicated to providing clean water for an isolated village, Esupetai, in the Rift Valley of south-central Kenya.

Their current project is to create a solar-powered well which will drasitcally improve the quality of life of thousands of Maasai villagers. Drought, population growth, and the clear-cutting of trees have all had a severe impact on the availability of clean drinking water.

The Well-Being Foundation works directly with village leaders and the community to make a real difference in people’s lives without being encumbered by red tape. The project is no ordinary well – a 500 ftoot, solar-powered well that produces water for thousands of people is quite expensive – visit the website above of the Well-Being Foundation to learn more.

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