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Wishing on a Wishart

Crissy Adams, T2Q4

When Crissy Adams’ first grandson, Jonathan Wishart, was born, he needed numerous surgeries to save his life. Months later, the family was grateful to have him come home from the hospital for the first time. But Jonathan needed 24-hour nursing care and other medical treatment. Needless to say, the financial strain kept growing as Jonathan continued to fight for his life. Crissy and her family reached out to numerous resources for financial relief. Out of their commitment to Jonathan and his life, the Jonathan’s Wish Foundation was born. And now, four and a half years later, Jonathan is a happy, healthy growing boy. Although Jonathan is better, there are many more families who are dealing with similar circumstances. This is why Crissy’s team continues to grow the foundation. The vision of the Jonathan’s Wish Foundation is to alleviate financial stress, one family at a time.

With the team’s hard work, numerous people have access to funding to help them pay off medical bills. Now, instead of worrying about how to pay off medical expenses and work extra jobs, families can be together and focus on having their loved one get better. This is what motivates the Jonathan’s Wish team to continue to raise money for the foundation.

In total, close to $2,000 has been raised for charitable foundations that give money to people undergoing financial crisis because of medical emergencies. How many people has the foundation helped? Thousands, once you consider a child’s parents, grandparent, siblings, cousins, and extended family members such as employers, neighbors, and godparents. As they saying goes, “It’s a ripple effect” and the benefits of paying a $50 heating bill is always much greater than the fifty-dollars.

Crissy’s two year participation in Landmark Education’s Team, Management, and Leadership program gave her the confidence to be unstoppable in making requests of people to donate or support her non-profit organization. From bake sales, to concerts, and even renovation projects, her team steps up to any fundraising challenge.

Jonathan’s wish is that all wishes come true! His did and thanks to the Jonathan’s  Wish team, other peoples’ wishes will also come true.

If you are interested in finding out more about Jonathan’s Wish Fund, please visit

Written by Djuna Wojton / edited by Wendy Zalles

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