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Eve Turner T1, Q4 Team Newport  Beach

Eve Turner has a vision of everyone on the planet being of service naturally, and in this way, recognizing and accepting their own divinity. By 2040, she sees a world where all people are left happy and content, their basic needs met. With this goal in mind, she and her husband, Paul, created a weekly meditation and healing session called Heal Yourself and the Planet.  The goal of the weekly healing session is to provide energy healing to people in various communities.

By the end of the average day, many people are drained by stresses occurring throughout the day.  They lose themselves in their daily work and are often only able to focus on completing the next task.  Heal Yourself and the Planet gives people the space to recharge themselves. Once they are re-centered, they can shift their attention to their family, their communities, and their world.

Eve, Paul, and the team at Heal Yourself and the Planet want to show the world that healing body, mind, and soul is important and that anyone can take part in the healing of one’s self and others.

Since the creation of Heal Yourself and the Planet, Eve and her team have held 145 meetings and had over 1,300 people attend their sessions.  They have also inspired former attendees to start their own events in new locations around the US.  Now the team is branching off to develop lectures, courses, and a workshop series.

Eve is so proud of how far this program has come and credits Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP) for teaching her how to create teams and teamwork in any situation and cause effective leaders.

Through this process, she has also discovered a purpose for her life–to continue to teach others to heal, her goal that every person in the world is healed.

What’s next for Eve’s Game?   “Creating a bigger space to hold the meditations and continue to offer them as a free service to the community.” “I have been reminded of my gift–knowing that everyone is a cause in our own lives and the healers of our own bodies.” What a gift indeed.

Written by Judi Romaine, Edited by Minling Chuang

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