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Freedom, Fun and Beauty to the Planet

Kennerly Clay- Team Philadelphia T1, Q3

As we move further into the 21st century over 75 million baby boomers are becoming middle aged. People are interested in looking young for as long as possible and many are looking to Botox and facelifts, as well as alternative methods to preserve their looks. Kennerly Clay created a game, Freedom, Fun and Beauty to the Planet, to help people look younger and more vibrant with a painless, natural alternative to invasive surgery without any harmful side effects.

When Kennerly was 36, she had her first baby. After the pregnancy, the strain of sleepless nights from nursing her baby, as well as hormonal changes, and years of sun damage showed up on her face. For the first time in her life, she felt self-conscious when she looked in the mirror. Her skin looked so tired, she felt that her days of youth and beauty were over. But when a friend introduced her to NuSkin technology from Europe that dramatically improved her skin condition, her confidence returned. She was inspired to promote the technology and sell the products to others.

Now, four years later, Kennerly went from being an independent sales person to having a sales team to launch this innovative technology in the US marketplace.  “My goal is to build leaders within my team of sales representatives. I train my reps to be accountable for producing the results they say they want.”

While in the Team, Management, and Leadership Program, Kennerly learned to recognize leadership in others, empowering them to build their own teams. As a result, her sales volume reached an all-time high, in spite of a sagging economy. She is now known by NuSkin reps throughout the region and across the country as a leader.  Her vision is that people are delighted and confident in the face they show to the world.

Written by Djuna Wojton/ edited by Wendy Zalles

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