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Bringing Sexy Back

Marghe Carbonaro – Team Philadelphia T1, Q3

Even though the Victorian era with its sexual repression is long past, many people still feel uncomfortable talking about sex. Yet, good communication is necessary for true intimacy.  One needs to feel at ease making requests and giving feedback to one’s partner. Marghe Carbonaro’s game, Bringing Sexy Back, empowers individuals and couples to be comfortable with their bodies and sexuality so that they are free to express themselves. With her team of trained women, they create home parties in the Philadelphia area. Though the party centers around selling innovative adult toys and products to enhance intimacy, sensuality, and romance—party guests leave with much more than expected, such as empowerment and new possibilities for upping their intimacy game.

The party process is all about teamwork, the “golden key” Marghe realized was missing before her participation in the Team, Management, and Leadership Program (TMLP). Now Marghe and her team use techniques she’s learned in TMLP to create teams and teamwork in any situation. For example, using social networking sites to invite guests (who in turn invite more guests) to upcoming events for her business, The Velvet Lily.

Here’s a typical party plan: The hostess of the party invites friends to create a group of four to twenty-five participants who can either be all women, co-eds, or couples.  The guests usually arrive nervous, but all it takes is for one person to share about a personal sexual experience to make the group feel at ease. By sharing their experience, they contribute to each other. When people are authentic and generous with their communication, people feel related. It gives everyone permission to let go of being embarrassed or ashamed.

“Being involved in the Team, Management, and Leadership Program enabled me to really listen to my clients so that I was able to hear what problems women were having in their sex lives. I discovered that during the home parties, I could make a difference by providing a safe space for them to talk about sexual experiences they otherwise would feel uncomfortable bringing up.”

Once the guests start talking about a taboo topic, it’s hard for Marghe to finish the entire presentation in a timely manner because the guests have so much to say. The result is that not only do women buy products that will enhance their love lives, they are left feeling understood and empowered

Marghe and her team are ready to go out and take on the world of intimacy through communication.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Velvet Lily, please visit:

Written by Djuna Wojton / edited by Wendy Zalles

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