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Jesse Tale-Team Sydney, Australia, T1, Q4

For his Game in the World in the Team, Management and Leadership Program, Jesse Tale created “Dream Machine – Shout It Out”, an online tool that helps people create and achieve their dreams.

It allows people to share ideas and action plans, and the vision is one of millions of people all around the world helping each other explore their passions, solving their problems creatively and powerfully.  Dream Machine has the potential to seriously impact the world, but Jesse says he can’t go into more detail without getting you to sign an NDA! (nondisclosure agreement).

Jesse and his team have created and presented a working prototype and business plan of the project to groups of potential partners in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and as of today, have a remarkable team of twelve people with amazing skills and diverse experiences, working towards a common goal of a worldwide launch.

Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program has been an enormous benefit in the training, through the program’s coaching and support structure. Jesse declares he never gets stopped any more in creating structures and effective planning, bringing generosity, integrity and responsibility to the project. The team members create inspiring contexts that keep lifting the lid off of what is possible for the project.

Jesse’s and his team’s Dream Machine Game in the World has allowed them to discover partnership, excitement, and working relationships where they can say anything to each other and where they inspire and push each other to be the best.  Jesse feels that in taking on such an amazing project, it has been a source of inspiration for others in his life to take on their own projects. He says he now knows himself as someone creating a project with the potential to change the world.

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