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healthwellnessWith his Game in the World Health and Wellness, Denny Schmidt has designed a training program that teaches people to relate to their physical bodies from an “energetic” point of view. Since energy fields bind and shape physical matter, Denny asserts that all human beings can interact with these energy fields to improve their overall health. “When you gain control over your energy such that they’re under your influence, all physical illness disappears, and you become who you decide to be in the moment. It’s completely unlimited,” says Denny.

As part of his Game, Denny Schmidt is also designing a health and wellness seminar focused on the “body, mind, spirit modality. Denny says, “You’re truly a spiritual being, already whole, perfect, and complete, and the body is just an object you’re living through.”

Denny also feels that “transformational technology” is needed in order to make this more available to participants, in that traditional linear learning is not as effective for mastery of the techniques he teaches. Denny’s training program works experientially and contextually, designed specifically to empower participants to attain sustainable physical health and wellness for themselves.

There is also a second component to the training where Denny teaches individuals to make dietary choices that support their well-being. The ever-increasing number of food products and complexity of nutrition information has created a situation where people are not well-equipped to choose healthy food. Denny stresses the importance of educating oneself about the ingredients in various foods. “The only way to know what’s in your food, is to grow your own food, which is pretty much impossible.” says Denny. He teaches people to use dietary supplements to ensure a consistent intake of critical nutrients.

Most of the people on Denny’s team are “already playing the game on their own.” Team members are already committed to their own health and well-being, and they have taken on “expanding and bringing the technology to the public.”

Denny sees a lot of opportunities for expanding his technology into new and different areas. For example, the basic framework of the Health and Wellness seminar can be adapted to support people in discovering financial abundance. He is also exploring the idea of teaching other people to share the technology and he is excited about the possibility of writing for The Aquarius, a publication that covers energetic modalities.

Denny says if his Game expands beyond his seminars, he envisions the “hundredth monkey effect,” which might bring about a “shift for the entire planet” towards health and well-being.
Denny Schmidt, Team 1 Quarter 4, Team Atlanta

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