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The Fun House

The very first Fun House experience got underway in Brent with children and adults alike having a fabulous home from home day out.

The fun house aims to create an environment for families to share happiness, positive energy, and achieve a place where families unite and engage in true values. Here family bonding is paramount – all members will be encouraged to participate in various activities with a view to develop greater relationships with each other.

The house was the brainchild of Tamy Finkelstein and Mark Roblett. They both saw the need to put the fun element back into family life in the face of a challenging society and set about gathering a group of volunteers to make fun happen for families. The Brent council offered the use of a venue for the day.

Tamy and mark and their team moved to furnish it fit for family fun.

The fun day included most of the activities the fun house team would like to see in all fun houses – the plan is for a fun house to be available to families in every borough and a special resort built by the coast by 2012. during the fun-day, visiting families have the chance of a family photo session and the timetable continued with drumming, shake and bake fun in the kitchen, storytelling, face painting and even well organized graffiti. Tamy said “Fun houses will be spaces where families can get related and get to know each other for the great people we are. Children will be able to express themselves and parents will be able to re-live their childhood moments.”

— Tamy de Pelayo Team 1, Quarter 4, Team London

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