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Being a Beacon for Peace

On Friday evening November 30th, the Peace Illuminations Light Project was launched. Tens of thousands of Los Angelenos were given the gift of a lighting art installation on a building on La Brea Boulevard. The installation was a stunning and dramatic piece on the concept of Peace – the word. Peace was presented in multiple languages including: English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Chinese, French, German, etc.

The building was lit for a total of 11 nights, broadcasting a message of peace to the cities of West Hollywood and Los Angeles. A billboard donated by ClearChannel was placed on the corner of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights Boulevards letting drivers and passersby know of the lighting project and of the website (

The project launch included a community kickoff event hosted at the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center. With community choirs singing to dancing from little Russian girls dressed in country-western garb to the West Hollywood Master Chorale performing, it was a festive event!

The project stimulates a conversation on the nature of peace in our large and diverse city, Los Angeles, drawing together and causing teams from various walks of life. The Mayor of West Hollywood and the City Manager attended the launch, as did many members of the community. Corporate and private monies and in-kind donations were contributed to sponsor this event including funds from Target, Combined Biz, Clear Channel Outdoors, West Hollywood Gateway and a variety of generous individuals.

Leaders and teams came together to take control of various aspects of this project, such that there is almost no “doing” on my part – I simply had enrollment and registration conversations, then ongoingly maintained enrollment in the various groups involved.

They have been the ones causing the project and miracles to occur. They experience themselves as contributing enthusiastically to making a difference in the community.

What exists in the world is excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment among many individuals.

People are proposing enlarging the scale of this project from lighting one building to lighting multiple buildings to lighting buildings in multiple cities worldwide. We are looking to see how to enroll others in agreeing to take on the project and raise funds for it.
This project can grow larger and brighter each year.
I am building opportunities for communication on the nature of peace through the media of language and art and doing so in a way which is generous and non-threatening to any and all human beings. The intention is to cause a shift in the way human beings interact with one another on a large-scale level. It’s an opportunity for groups of people to come together in a positive way creating a new realm of communication through a magnificent display of art and light.
— Natalie Bergman, Team Los AngelesÂ

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