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TMLP Participant Causes Global Innovation Conference

C.K. Lin, a participant in Landmark Education’s Team Management Leadership Program and Associate Director of International Research Advancement at University of California, Santa Barbara, has assembled a team of visionary leaders, researchers and educators who are committed to building high-impact enterprises on the cutting edge of Technology and Education.

This team came together earlier this year in Taiwan, thanks to the sponsorship of six universities there, to have the first international Convergence of Global innovators conference–A series of lectures for 300 Taiwanese innovators addressing everything from nanocomposites for photovoltaic devices to synthetic materials for in-vivo diagnosis and treatment of diseases. These subjects may seem esoteric, but they have impacted a variety of key scientific endeavors, including the next generation of computers being made by IBM.

The conference series which began in Taiwan is designed to bring innovators together across oceans, borders and disciplines to discuss the challenges facing the world today. The Convergence of Global Innovators is dedicated to this mission because they believe that researchers can accomplish more by working together and that change happens when ideas are matched with means. Meetings have happened so far in Taiwan, British Columbia and Singapore and a meeting in China is being planned for later this summer. Here are some of the specific objectives of the Convergence of Global Innovators:

  • Transforming international collaboration into a competitive edge
  • Inspiring the next generation of research
  • Fostering the global mindset of higher education
  • Obtaining a deeper understanding of tomorrow’s technology

For more information on these technologies, go to, or join the global innovators at

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