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CAST Stands for Peace

CAST is an organization created by graduates of the Landmark Forum in Oklahoma through taking the Team Management Leadership program. The organization supports a variety of programs that support peace in different communities. First CAST supported Pinwheels for Peace, where thousands of students across Oklahoman made pinwheels to celebrate peace and cause peace within themselves. Another project undertaken by CAST was to raise awareness and money for Invisible Children, an organization that has been helping refugees and bringing peace to Uganda, where the war between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan Army has displaced an estimated 1.4 million people. The money raised has gone directly to a school in Northern Uganda. Later CAST took on the World Neighbors Hunger Banquet. World Neighbors is an organization working to end hunger, disease and poverty in developing countries. The group has also supported a multi-cultural fair and April’s earth day recyclathon.

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