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Here is a collection of websites for great games in the world creatd in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.
– Global citizen, Bart Kresa, is a much sought afterlighting designer and graduate of Team 2, Team Los Angeles. Bart created the visuals for the Peace Illuminations Light Project in Los Angeles. The Peace Illuminations team is expanding the game to bring art and light to buildings in all corners of the world. – growing profitable, socially responsible, and sustainable enterprises – traveling photography exhibit of foster children awaiting permanent homes; photographed by volunteer professional photographers – leadership program in Providence, Rhode Island, training youth to become powerful advocates who are transforming their schools, police, and community through partnership with adults – teens in the United States fundraising for children in orphanages around the world – healing families, moving them to communicate, love, create abundance, & peace – Global Green Indigenous Environmental Film Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, bringing Mother Earth healing through the collective efforts of all people on the planet; partnership with the National Tribal Environmental Council – global conversation on breast health awareness – arts and action making a difference for children impacted by HIV/Aids in local and global communities – transformational global leadership organization – putting an internet connected computer in the hands of every child on the planet – make available naturally produced unprocessed milk – transforming healthcare in Minnesota; aging with independence and dignity – providing global veterans and their families acknowledgment, completion, and healing with watergardens – supporting the preservation of wild horses

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