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Our America

This story is by Georgette Duncan, and it tells why she created the ‘Our America’ project in Landmark Education’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.


Every year, 1.4 million immigrants come to the United States seeking
a better life. They follow in the footsteps of all Americans who’ve come to this land over millennia to weave a wonderful tapestry of culture and history. This is the chronicle of our journeys, our struggles, our stories:

Our America showcases the individual and community stories that capture the essence of millions of lives today. In each episode, we tell the story of individuals and families from one particular country. By following immigrants and highlighting their home country, we capture the rich and diverse contributions of many cultures to the American experience.


Each week we celebrate the struggles and successes of immigrant families. Regular segments highlight special issues, from immigration
law to workplace diversity, education, and the arts. My name is Georgette Duncan and people call me Juja. I’m a First Generation Immigrant.

Before Landmark one of my stories was – I’m talking broken English, people can’t understand me, or I’m talking funny, I’m not American, my customers will prefer Americans (it is easier to work with them), people do not take me seriously for very bad accent. With one word – not accepted. After I’ve realized my story (even look so real to me); the possibilities of love, acceptance, affinity and unity arise and an idea for the Immigrant show pop up as a bigger picture of the struggles immigrants face to be accepted in their new country.
I intend to create a one hour weekly TV program, the “Our America” Show for Immigrants as a space where immigrants are shown with the
differences in their upbringing, culture, religion, traditions, trades, values and possibilities – they are being accepted, loved and appreciated for who they are.

The Intention of my Game in the World is to produce and emanate 6 TV shows locally, the program to be picked up by a National Network
and, January 2008, to start the first national weekly Immigrant show “Our America”. The Our America show will generate itself. The existence of a new TV program will create a need for Immigrant Magazine an Immigrant’s newspaper.

The Opportunity: Be a part of Our America.
Coming to America is just the beginning…

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