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Note: the article below was written by C.K. Lin as he created a team to launch Opportunity Green as his Team Game in the World in Landmark Education’s TMLP. Since then, Lin and his team made the project a full-fledged reality, creating a Landmark conference, and Opportunity Green is now flourishing (see the website below). Here is Lin’s article from the 10/26/07 TMLP Times.

Opportunity Green 2007

Possibility of being global leadership in sustainable business enterprises

Outcome: Southern California is leading the world in inspiring sustainable business enterprises that has the planet flourishing

Description: With the public’s attention primarily concentrated on the debate over whether or not our lifestyle is destroying the environment, there is little focus on those actively striving to promote change in the way business impacts it.

A number of TMLP graduates looked at this information gap and created a conference called Opportunity Green. Our intention for Opportunity Green is that we transform the business enterprises in Southern California from the zero-sum gain mentality to the triple bottom line mentality—that they make a difference in our community, minimize our impact on the planet, and most importantly produce profit for the enterprises. The founders envisioned a place where those interested in sustainable business could converge to foster further interest in helping the environment and conceive new ways to establish the burgeoning movement towards a world filled with environmentally conscious businesses.

As a result of our efforts, a group of these like-minded people are coming together at the University of California, Los Angeles on November 17th for Opportunity Green, a conference for those on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly business. The event is being headed by a group of collaborators on the forefront of the green movement, including Kevin Wall, the founder of Live Earth, and John Picard, a well-known environmental builder and technologist. Picard also founded the US Green Building Council, which helps to make environmentally unfriendly poor companies with an interest in changing their ways become more sustainable. Those in attendance will include executives, professionals, investors, and bloggers, all hoping to build bonds with people who share similar interests while discussing methods for developing businesses that can be sustainable and environmentally friendly while remaining profitable.

Opportunity Green was conceived just five months ago, and has rapidly grown from a simple idea into something much greater. As the result of what we are causing, OG has evolved into a conference backed by some of the biggest names in the environmental movement, and has the potential to greatly shift the manner in which business operates. As we create a legacy that sustains the momentum of the event, the world shall see Southern California as the model for sustainable business enterprises.

— CK Lin, Team 2, Quarter 3, Team Los Angeles

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