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Graduate starts progressive school, overcomes fear of flying, and becomes author

My name is Lucy Heavens and I am 36 years old.
I have a company called Juicy Lucy Designs, and I design and
manufacture greetings cards, stationery and gift products which are
sold in the U.K and in other countries around the world.

I did the Landmark Forum in April 96, and have participated in
numerous Landmark programmes since then.
When I did the Landmark Forum I was an unfulfilled,
frustrated primary school teacher. My dream was to set up an Alternative
School, as I was disillusioned with State Education.
I just didn’t believe it was possible to do this as ‘who would take me
seriously? I’d probably have to be over 40, or have done a Ph.d …or
be a MAN!!!’…..When I did the Forum I realised that anything was possible….
and within 18 months of completing it I had set up The Lighthouse Learning Centre
in Brighton. It was the first learning centre of its kind in the U.K.

Also when I did the L.Forum I was in a rather shaky new relationship, the way it was
going, we would have almost definitely split up. After doing the course our relationship
was transformed. We have been together for 11 years, married for 7 and have a 2 and
a half year old son.

I also transformed my fear of flying; before the L.Forum I swore that I wouldn’t
fly again. In the course I got present to all that I was missing out on!!!
Before the course I didn’t mind as ‘I wasn’t an adventurous person…I’ll just be happy
taking the Eurostar to Paris’….After completing the Forum I thought…’I COULD be an
adventurous person!’…For our honeymoon we went around the world for a year long trip,
visited over 20 countries including Central and South America…and took 13 flights.
It was a completely magical year,and it was all made possible out of this work.

I have loads of other miracles I could share with you….

At the moment my Team Game in the World is ‘Fulfilling my childhood dream’.
When I was 6, my dream was to be an authoress and live on a farm.
In January I moved to Wales (a miracle created from the Causing the Miraculous Seminar!)
to a house called ‘The Old Farm’. It seemed fitting to take on fufilling this dream….( I have been
procrastinating for over 30 years and doing so in earnest for 7 years.) Out of this course
I have done something with my writing which I never normally do when I am writing….which is
ASK for HELP and allow myself to be contributed to!
I am just completing my first book and intend to have it printed in time for Christmas.
It really feels like a dream come true….I can’t explain the relief of finally doing something
that I have planned to do for all that time, but have been resisting!!!!
The hardest bit of it all was giving up the resistence…after that it was easy!!!!
I created the possibility of being ‘completely free to play’… pretty useful when you are writing
a fairy story!!!!

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