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Being Profitable, Being Green: Green Conference Creates a WIN! for Everyone

Green ConferenceI’ll be brutally honest. The way I’ve lived most of my life is according the point of view “I’m not important, I’m insignificant”. But lately, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that!

My team and I are creating an influential conference about “Green” business for Southern California. This month’s latest tour de force has been securing a major celebrity as our conference keynote (we would love to say who that is, but we’re committed to not gossiping). Not only that, but we are continually receiving acknowledgment from our community partners, sponsors and attendees, who are appreciative of our commitment to create community around sustainable business in Los Angeles. And the list goes on and on.

What shifted was that I got the power of sharing who I am as a possibility every day.  That I am not my “identity”, but rather, who I am is a world leader causing sustainable and profitable business globally.

As a result of this breakthrough, we have been fulfilling on the outcome of our game that everyone experiences the difference they make in nurturing our planet and our lives.

Some key distinctions of what HAS NOT WORKED: making my business partner wrong, being snappy, judgmental and (if you hurt me) vengeful. That last one really does not work!

What HAS WORKED? Sharing from nothing. We shared with hundreds of people about our conference, even before we had a location, a date for the event, before we had a single speaker, before we had a team, or anything else for that matter. Why? Because we had a possibility! That possibility, which wasn’t even fully distinguished, was nurturing sustainable leadership. From there, the rest emerged.

Another thing that worked has been putting together a line-up of world-class speakers. How did we enroll and register them? We created a TEAM that ACKNOWLEDGED them for who they are for the world in sustainability, and SHARED our possibility. They got it.

Oh, and most importantly, INTEGRITY works for us. We have honored our word to make this a world-class event, and we continue to work very hard to ensure that.

This conference will impact the city of Los Angeles and beyond, by uniting business leaders who want to run their companies in such a way that they BENEFIT the environment and the people in our society.

Ultimately, we are building a world that is sustainable! One that is fun, exciting, wise, and prosperous.

— Mike Flynn, completed Team 2 Aug 07, Team Los Angeles

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