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Real Estate Agent Negotiates Working 1/2 the Time and Making the Same Income

My name is Catherine Beagley, and when I joined the Team Management and Leadership Program, I was working as a Sales Manager in an real estate agency.

The first thing I did was to resign from my job, where I was working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, with a phone stuck to my ear often having 6 phone numbers ringing at the same time.

With the same company I created working for 3 days a week for the same money which freed me up to create my own business. Within 6 months of starting I have a team of 5 people working for me for free (for now anyway as they are soooo inspired), and have had agreed in principle funding of 3million pounds.

My life works, there are ups and flats but never downs.

Not bad for 9 months training!

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